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D in time trapped by poverty superstitions and century old traditionsBut as Christy struggles to find acceptance in her new home some see her and her one room school as a threat to their way of life Her faith For anyone who says that reading fiction is not as edifying and worthwhile as reading a non fiction book I say Have you read ChristyI mourn that Catherine Marshall wasn't around in my lifetime but I feel so utterly blessed that she poured her heart and soul and love into this eternal story There are moments of true wisdom tucked away in this biographical novel than in any other book I've read outside of The Book and it's all nestled effortlessly in a touching gripping fascinating and beautiful storyEach time I read it I'm reminded of the beauty and awesome power of God's love I remember and drink in the eternal wisdom in all Miss Alice says and does I am fascinated by the impetuous passionate and immature character of Christy that every woman with a kindred spirit can identify with I am given hope for a world in which God's love can be allowed to workWhat A Classic

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Christy Author Catherine MarshaIs challenged and her heart is torn between two strong men with conflicting views about how to care for the families of the CoveYearning to make a difference will Christy’s determination and devotion be enough Full review now postedThis book is billed as the first Christian fiction novel Before this point an author’s faith might be woven through their work but that didn’t put it in a different genre Thanks to Marshall’s novel an entirely new genre was born and has now split into multiple subgenres The biggest awards for Christian fiction remains the Christy Awards in honor of this book If there is any classic of the genre it would obviously have to be this book which meant it was something that I really needed to readI honestly expected fluff because a lot of Christian historical fiction tends to veer in that direction That was definitely not the case here There was faith yes and it was an incredibly important element of the story Faith was the binding force But there was also a level of brutal honesty that was often uncomfortable to read The lifestyle of the mountain people whose children Christy goes off to teach was appalling They were in a way trapped in the past unaware or untrusting of modernity and how life was changing as the country entered the 20th century As a whole they are maudlin and superstitious to the point of actually adversely affecting their own health Christy is only 19 but she is desperate to make a difference Not just with the children she teaches but with the Cutter Gap area as a whole Her parents are understandably upset by her choice to leave her well to do home for the sualor of the backwards mountain community to which she feels called But Christy wants than anything for her life to matter and so she goes anyway Through her deep emotional involvement in the lives of the Cutter Gap people and the guidance of Miss Alice the woman who helped start the missions in Cutter Gap and surrounding areas Christy’s faith becomes truly real to her for the first time in her life Before this church was what she and her family attended on Sunday But as she is faced with uestions from the people of the area she has to start figuring out for herself what she actually believes and who God is to her Her spiritual growth was the most real and genuine such growth I’ve ever come across in fictionBesides Christy my favorite character was Miss Alice the uaker woman who helps run three missions scattered over the area She takes Christy under her wing and her own approach to faith was a beautiful thing She didn’t believe in putting any conditions on love or in trying to change the people of the area as soon as possible Yes she sees the need for change but than that she sees a need for a truer understanding of God and His unconditional love So that’s what she offers love Miss Alice views God as a Friend and Comforter and Good Father who cares deeply about His people The mountain people tend to see God as vengeful and His favor as fickle and that’s what Miss Alice sets out to change She was such a real character with a real faith that defines her entire life Her openness was incredibly refreshingWhat amazes me most about this book is the fact that it’s based on reality Marshall wrote this book as a moderately fictionalized account of her own mother’s experiences teaching in a one room school deep in the Smoky Mountains That knowledge made everything I read poignant and disturbing in turn The bitter element of realism in this book while compelling is the reason this book was four stars for me instead of a full five It made me incredibly sad and was hard to read in places because of that sadness However I have a deep and profound respect for both the book and the author and for how it helped develop an entire genre For of my reviews as well as my own fiction and thoughts on life check out my blog Celestial Musings

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Download Christy Author Catherine Marshall Book í 512 pages ´ The train taking nineteen year old teacher Christy Huddleston from her home in Asheville North Carolina might as well be transporting her to another world The Smoky Mountain community of Cutter Gap feels suspended in time trapped by poverty superstitions and The train taking nineteen year old teacher Christy Huddleston from her home in Asheville North Carolina might as well be transporting her to another world The Smoky Mountain community of Cutter Gap feels suspende This warm and heartfelt novel is Catherine Marshall's loving tribute to her mother Lenora Woods' journey to Cutter Gap in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee to teach its children shortly after the turn of the century The effect it had on her mother's life and faith is captured with warmth and beauty in this fine audio book It is made all the special because it is read by Kellie Martin who starred in the two hour television adaptation and the series that followedIt is rare when an audio book is this good Though nothing is ever a substitute for reading the book having both read this fine novel in the traditional manner and listened to this audio reading I can honestly say that if you loved the television series you will love this Just as she did in the series Kellie Martin perfectly captures the great beauty of these mountains and the poverty of its people Occasional and brief interludes of banjo music frame this heartwarming — and sometimes heartbreaking — thinly disguised biography of a young and exuberant 19 year old girl who falls in love with the children of Cutter gapThis seems like a telling of a story than a reading and that in itself separates it from many other audio books Martin captures the joy and humor of Christy's time in Cutter Gap as well as the conflict and resentment as the school and church butted heads over moonshine She captures the romance that begins to blossom and her divided heart as her inner emotions are torn between two very different menThis may be warm family entertainment but it has substance as well Those who are fans of the beloved bestseller andor the fine television series it spawned will not be disappointed The emotions of Christy and her resolve to stay in this place and teach are lovingly brought to life in Kellie Martin’s voice as she reads the wonderful words of Catherine Marshall Particularly moving is the relationship between Christy and Fairlight Spencer a strong but delicate woman who offers her friendship The sadness these mountains could bring upon such a fine and delicate soul is movingly rendered by Kellie Martin As Fairlight's inner flame begins to grow dim from the blowing winds of hardship and shadows of poverty we are deeply movedI highly recommend this one even if like me you've read it already It is a loving tribute to Catherine Marshall's mother and the life she chose to live Filled with love and joy this is one audio book read by Kellie Martin that you'll savor and enjoy over and over