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No Safeword Matte: The Honeymoon (Safeword, #7) Download è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Librarian's Note An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereThe wedding ceremony is over and the couple is on their way to Hawaii After so much build up for the big night how will Ethan handle iN but Sam and Ethan aren’t the average couple They find lots of fun things to do on the islands and in the ocean and Ethan’s creativity knows no bounds when in the privacy of their secluded beach house. Candace Blevins’ books have an authenticity other books in this genre often seem to lack created by her well drawn characters These are believable people with a wonderful loving relationship which happens to involve kink The BDSM scenes are graphic and can be harrowing but they are a very important part of this relationship ‘No Safeword Matte – The Honeymoon’ has plenty of hot sex but it is interspersed with fun activities on the tropical island where Sam and Ethan have rented a house on large grounds and complete with kinky accoutrements I like Sam’s strong character and how she often has to fight herself to submit to Ethan I also like the way he doesn’t back down even when he knows she hates what he is putting her through at the time She freely admits to feeling a sense of pride later in what she has endured and that she likes the fact that Ethan is strong enough to demand these things of her This book is not for those who are unprepared for explicit scenes of giving and accepting pain but I really enjoyed reading this chapter in their relationship and look forward to the final instalment

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M has no idea and while she’s pretty sure she’s ready she’s still a bit nervous Who wouldn’t beMost newlyweds don’t ride bicycles up and then back down dormant volcanoes for fun on their honeymoo. I Don'T know What To SayI am trying to figure why I bought this third book but I know I won't be buying the last It was too much for me to the point I just wanted to get to the endWhilst I enjoy reading about BDSM this is very extreme and my brain just can't comprehend the amount of pain someone has to have to get arousedI found the authors style of writing very good and like how her prose just flowed For that reason I gave the three stars The characters were well developed and the other activities interesting I may try her other books that are not in the BDSM worldIf you like extreme and very painful BSDM reads you may enjoy this Ive read as much as I can

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No Safeword Matte The Honeymoon Safeword #7Librarian's Note An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereThe wedding ceremony is over and the couple is on their way to Hawaii After so much build up for the big night how will Ethan handle it Sa. Meh I find myself in the same territory as the predecessor of this book regarding the lack of romance and relationship development AND it managed to suick me right clean the fuck out shocker sarcasmThis author has a seemingly uncanny ability to suick me on the regular Ethan and Sam have arrived at their honeymoon bungalow on Maui for the big moment The scenes between these two are as gruelingly intense as ever and Ethan continues to amaze me with his creativity There was some down time where they're just a couple enjoying their honeymoon but by and large it's just one intense scene after another Then I had a eureka moment Allow me to uote Jermaine from Flight of the Conchords It's businessIt's business timeOh More moansOoh makin' loveMakin' love forMakin' love for twoMakin' love for twominutesWhen it's with me girl you only need two minutes because I'm so intense You say something like Is that it I know what you're trying to say You're trying to say Aww yeah that's it Then you tell me you want some Well I'm not surprised But I'm uite sleepyIt's businessIt's business timeBusiness hours are over babyTo be clear Two whole minutes is never ever going to be intense enough to be enough EverThese books ain't smutty enough for me That's it Thank fuck I figured it out I found myself waiting for them fuck each other's legs off and it just never materialized I mean they fuck but it usually goes a little something like this Him I'm hard I'm so turned on by your submission to me Thrust thrust growlgruntHer Owowowowowowowow it hurts so bad I wish it would be over Begging possibly crying Oh look at that I'm turned on Writhing Bliss Fin Wut That's it I need for my kindle to ooze and trickle smutty nectar afterwards so I found myself constantly disappointed With that monster cock hanging around there really is no excuse for the lack of smut The story is thin with the kink being the highlight The dialogue I didn't find as stilted in this one but it's still dry as toast I thought the whole dolphin seuence was sweet though I'm still struggling to understand the purpose of the Frisco conversation It seemed like a non seuitur and only served to make me wanna duct tape Sam's meddling mouth shutIf you like intense SM and lack my level of smut greed you'll be in hog heaven