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Pack of LiesVacious visitor is happy to offer Matthew her allAs they indulge their lust they must clear their names and convince their neighbours that they aren’t also letting their baser instincts out to playInside Scoop This book contains sizzling scenes of both MM and MF s What an intriguing story about two werewolf brothers who have lived for 400 years and have been a welcome part of the Eyam village life for so long But when sheeps start getting killed during the full moon tension rises and Matthew and Isaac know they have to solve it before they become the scapegoatsHistory places a big part in this story and I don't just mean the characters' histories but also factual history And of course when you've lived for 400 years then the probability of trouble finding you increases exponentiallyI enjoyed this story although I won't class it as a romance There is some romance or should I say hot action but the story is overshadowed by the mystery and suspense relating to paranormal activities Also there isn't a 'happy ever after' ending although the ending is happyOne of the things I enjoy about this author's writing is her ability to bring the everyday actions of the characters to life We witness the characters going about their daily activities as if in some soap opera or TV drama If you didn't understand British village life before you certainly would after reading thisMy verdict This is a solid read Yes it's not a traditional romance but there's enough mystery and sizzle to keep you turning the pages

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Free ePub ð mobi Pack of Lies ñ 9781419993022 ↠ moneyexpresscard ↠ Werewolf brothers Matthew and Isaac have lived in the peaceful village of Eyam all their lives The villagers know what happens every full moon and are happy to keep their secret But their privacy comes at a cost—neither brotWerewolf brothers Matthew and Isaac have lived in the peaceful village of Eyam all their lives The villagers know what happens every full moon and are happy to keep their secret But their privacy comes at a cost neither brother has taken a lover in almost four hundr 45 stars for a paranormal mysteryMatthew and Issac Adams are 400 year old werewolves They live in Eyam a tiny town in Derbyshire where they have spent their entire lives Hundreds of years ago the residents of Eyam had experienced Plague and Matthew and Issac had helped to protect the town and its inhabitants during the outbreak by nursing the sick and burying the dead To this day they protect the current residents and their livestock from harm They change into wolves once monthly on the full moon but remain trapped in caves underground in order to protect themselves and the villagers from harmBeing that Eyam is a remote village filled mainly with generations of families who had survived the Plague there are many resident who know Matthew and Issac are werewolves Both men live in harmony with the villagers; Matthew works at the local pub and Issac is a doctor Neither man will engage in a long term relationship knowing that they have a secret to keep and their longevity is troublesome in that they do not wish to watch their partner age and die while they do not Matthew is heterosexual and Issac is gay though he is not outAt the point of the beginning Matthew and Issac are emerging from their cave night and learn that someone has slaughtered a sheep This is a big problem in that it was made to look as if a vicious animal had torn the sheep apart and eyes begin to turn towards Matthew and Issac They have allies on their sides but they know that they are under scrutiny and attempt to determine who had committed the crime with little success The next month's full moon some villagers attempt to follow the brothers into the caves and witness their change It is a foolish and dangerous enterprise and still there is a gutted sheep and no proof it wasn't Matthew and IssacDuring the next month supporters plan out how to 1 verify Matthew and Issac's innocence and 2 capture the culprit This is imperative because both men know if the slaughters continue to recur soon the town will turn against them and they will be outed to the world at large The wait and the plan is too nerve wracking for the brothers and they argue with themselves a bit until they FINALLY begin to blow off steam in some very sexy ways Matthew finds a vacationer who appeals greatly while Issac admits his interest in a newcomer to town Nathaniel There are some deliciously sensual interludes of the Het and Homo variety that bridge the mystery When we finally learn who the sheep gutter is well I picked up on the WHO right away it's unfortunate that the WHY was unsatisfying And when I say unsatisfying I mean I didn't want it to be for the reasons explained I had also thought there might be a bit of a paranormal turn in the motive but no because dammit I wanted both Adams brothers to have a happy ending and it WASN'T for one of them Well that is it wasn't a happy ending THEN Because as it turned out both men end up finding their best partner not too long after It was a fun tale with some steamy scenes and emotional connections Both Matthew and Issac take turns telling this story and there was a lot of well considered characterization that surpassed the whole Alpha wolf dynamic of most shifter novels The loneliness the men experience of watching generation after generation pass making friends they will later bury was palpable I was so glad to watch them really connect with lovers beyond the one night stand The book is chock full of Eyam history and I loved the collouial speech

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Ed yearsThen at the full moon a sheep is slaughtered on Eyam Moor by what could only be an animal A large vicious animal Even the brothers’ staunchest supporters begin to have their doubts Meanwhile Isaac is smitten by a handsome newcomer to the village while a vi Pack of Lies is not your typical shifter novel Brothers Matthew and Issac are werewolves who have lived in the village of Eyam since their birth four hundred years ago They have lived amongst the villagers with a select few knowing their secret Each full moon the brothers retreat into the caves where they cannot get out until their wolves fade away and their bodies become human again One such moon a sheep turns up dead on the moor There is a lot of speculation as to what happened but the brothers decide it had to have been an animal that killed the sheep According to the vicar the neighbors are restless Another full moon and another dead sheep later the boys fear their neighbors will come with torch and pitchforkIssac meets the handsome stranger Nathaniel and falls for him love at first sight Matthew falls in with a weekender And among their kinky foray they have to figure out who is killing the sheep and whyMinus The writing style is not my cup of tea I prefer books that envelop me in the writing and let me fall into the story with description and emotion and dialogue This book explains the actions letting you sit in as a third viewer The author gives each individual action the characters make instead of letting the reader infer actions The plot meandered I felt no sense of urgency save for one scene when villagers follow the boys into their cave I didn't see any hints to who the killer was until close to the end of the book I think the story could have been much stronger with slightly different pacingPlus I loved the non traditional shifter role Neither of the boys were the overbearing alpha male role I had a very good feel for Issac and Matthew's personalities I liked the relationship between the boys and the vicar Mrs Smithers was adorable And I liked that one of the boys wasn't straight The way the author worked the history of the town into the backstory was interesting