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The Time Shifters are in danger Someone wants what they have and are willing to kill if necessary to get itAkalya couldn’t hide in the past forever The time has come to untangle the threads of a conspiracy so sinister that her very life hangs in the balance as well as. Thank you to the author Shanna Lauffey for gifting me with a copy of Children of the Morning All opinions expressed are my ownI read the first book in this series a little while ago and I enjoyed this one a little I'm just really getting into this series There's still some vagueness like what I mentioned in my first review but it's remarkably better and everything is distinct1 The characters We keep the same cast of characters as in the first book and there aren't any significant one's added which allowed the author to really dig into the existing character's personalities In the first book they were just barely shaped but in this next installment they're so much clearer I finally began to really understand the main character Akalya and her frame of mind I find it's best to get to know characters through simply immersing with them in their own story and the author did a fantastic job of doing that with her There are passages before the start of each chapter that are in Akalya's voice first person which really emphasized her time traveling abilities they are written as though it's all in the past while currently in the future if that makes any sense and her personality and also offsets the rest of the book which is in third person omniscient There still remains a bit of shadow and murkiness around the two villain's though and their personal motivations2 The plot This installment is probably my favorite so far because of much we get to know about Akalya's time shifting abilities and we get to watch her shift through time and distance repeatedly and in uick succession The plot is mainly about neutralizingdelaying the threat that the two villain's pose for the Time Shifters they are capturing them and experimenting on them to gain a better understanding of their abilities and whether it can be taught or transferred to other people Once you get used to the constant shifts in time and wrap your brain around what's happening it's really enjoyable and slightly addicting Personally I haven't read that many books about time or time travel and honestly it doesn't seem like there are many out there Suffice to say this series is a good addition to the small subgenre3 The romance This is one of my favorite parts of the whole book Yes there is romance but Akalya has lived with suspicion her whole life so conseuently there is no instalove in sight It's of a slow burn romance; one where Akalya wants to learn about Marcus before getting involved with him even if she was attracted to him from the very start This serves as such a testament to both their character's and speaks to their motivations which I really enjoyedThe Final VerdictWhile there is still some murkiness present that transferred from the first installment the romance character development of the MC and the plot are all brilliantly executed4 stars

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Children of the MorningKnow about and the mysterious researcher working behind the scenes who already came too close to dissecting her best friendAkalya cannot leave but she cannot stay Most of all she must see that no of her kind breed mutants like Marcus who could become a danger to them all. Bell Book Candle | Children of the Morning ReviewThankfully this book was longer than its predecessor so we get to see of the characters and story The writing is pretty good as well however I wish there was dialogue between the characters The story progresses very nicely and we get to see of the antagonists and their true intentions I was glad to see of Marcus and learn a little about him The introduction of new characters was well done and kind of cool I envy Akalya's ability to time travelSpeaking of which the further explanation of this story's time travel is becoming intriguing; I'm looking forward to learning The story is seriously demonstrating how people would condemn and defile those who have abilities On another note this novella series reminds me of The Tomorrow People and Jumper And as a native to the Bay Area the scenes in SF were cool

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SUMMARY Children of the Morning 107 Î The Time Shifters are in danger Someone wants what they have and are willing to kill if necessary to get itAkalya couldn’t hide in the past forever The time has come to untangle the threads of a conspiracy so sinister that her very life hangs in the balance as well as the lives of all of her kindCompelled by her proThe lives of all of her kindCompelled by her promise to help Marcus the half breed to learn to control his abilities Akalya is conflicted by the need to go underground to elude the rich entrepreneur who continues to seek out others of her kind that even Akalya doesn’t. I'm definitely hooked on this series The second book continues soon after where the first book left off The author has said on her blog that she looks at the episodes like television episodes and I can see that Each episode ties up the immediate situation neatly but there is a larger continuing story You don't get left on cliffhangers but you can see there is going to be to tellThis one even gave hints about what the third story will be about and I'm really looking forward to it as it sounds like we're going to get to know Marcus better and get some extensive time travel information about how it all works and why there can be exceptions to some of the rulesThat's one thing that was introduced in this episode a couple of exceptions to what had appeared to be solid rules but they are done in a believable way It all makes perfectly good sense It starts out with Akalya realizing that she's been too far in the past for too long but she has a few things to do before she returns to her own time Like in the first book we get a real feel for times and places where she travels including 1969 San Francisco I really enjoyed that part Some of the convolutions of time travel come up and we get to know a few characters from the first book better as well as meeting a couple of new people How important any of them will be over the course of the full series is hard to tell at this point but there are a few definite main characters that I expect will keep showing upMost important besides Akalya herself is Marcus I don't want to write spoilers for those who haven't read the first book yet but Marcus is the strong uiet type and the dynamics between him and Akalya has been a real tease We learn why she has an Arabic name and some of the culture of the time shifters and I thought that the information about where some of the strange terms that were in the first book came from was artfully worked inThe story like Time Shifters strikes a balance between Akalya's relaxed attitude towards crisis and some fast action when she needs to escape a situation As she says somewhere in the book time is her playground Only now some limitations are being put on her movements because those who want what the time shifters have are closing in and learning from their own mistakes It is up to the time shifters to stay a step ahead as the enemy begins to learn too much about their habits and to set trapsI'm not going to hesitate to give this one the 5 stars I should have given the first one As the second book in a 10 book series it's sort of transitional expanding on the information from book one and setting up book 3 but the writing is well done and the feeling of visiting the places and living through the time periods is mesmerizing A fully enjoyable experience