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Hing is for sure with all the magic and shape shifting happening only the all knowing grandfather and her grandmother's wisdom can guide her through the Evil Beyond Bridalveil FallBOOK 2 BEYOND ORIA FALLSOria is the Golden ueen of the Ahwahneechees and a Dweller of Ahwahnee Together with her friends she travels back to find out why the Village of Lost Souls cannot find their way home to the West The Ale is back in this second book full of action packed magic and shapeshifting Will Oria finally find love and happiness with Grey Wolf or will a new evil threaten her magical world Beyond Oria Falls? Join the Dwellers as they try to keep evil out of the world of manBOOK 3 BEYOND THE WORLD OF MANThis is the third installm “Dwellers of Ahwahnee The Beyond Collection” by Sheryl Seal consists of three wonderful and uniue novels“Beyond Bridalveil Falls” is a beautiful fantasy and coming of age story about 18 year old Oria who in modern day Yosemite National Park enters a new world of shapeshifters fairies and an ancient tribe – all of which fight evil togetherOria herself has special powers and as she and her companions learn to use these powers she learns other lessons about life and love tooSeal has created a wonderful world which she describes with a great talent for amazing detail In Oria she has chosen a reluctant heroine who is charming in her often helpless and humane and likeable ways supported by a colourful supporting castCombining tribal concepts of the Great Spirit magic and fantasy this book makes for an entertaining read that distinguishes itself pleasantly from many of its peers in the genre by a thoughtful and lower key which makes it a good read for a younger audience as wellIn Beyond Oria Falls the story follows Oria the Golden ueen of the Ahwahneechees and their battle with the Ala who recently have been driven back to their realm by Oria and her helpersDespite the looming threat from the Ala the feel of this book is much peaceful and it has less suspense than its predecessor Much time is spent with wonderful descriptions of the magic of nature animals and the culture of the Native Indian tribes Who doesn't love an ever blooming flower meadow?Full with fantastic creatures such as shapeshifter and a male woodland spirit the setting for the novel is beautifully put togetherThe storyline follows the discovery of runes and drawings which leads to an excursion into the past Heritage and tribe culture are important themes in the book introduced by the snippets of wisdom coming from Oriah's grandmother and grandfather and by the Great Spirit Oriah also has visions and premonitions that tell her the futureThis is a very enjoyable read for young and old Besides the fantasy aspects of the book there is a lot to appreciate the tribal wisdom the idea of living in unison with nature and the innocence of the main character There is an ongoing love story here but it is only part of the big picture and never takes over the story of the tribeIn Beyond the World of Man” every bit as beautiful as its predecessors once again Oria takes centre stage in her wonderful and magical world This story begins with Spirit Walker listening to her grandmother about her legacy She also receives her mother's journal to read She learns to see things from her mother's point of view a little about the history of her tribe and also about the destruction of the world of manOria is a beautiful main character with her goodness and the wonderful fantasy world that Seal has created is simply adorableHighly recommended

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Dwellers of Ahwahnee Ent in the Dwellers of Ahwahnee series and with the destruction of the world of man the Dwellers traveled to other worlds and survived for twenty yearsWith Oria's magic the 'Beyond' has grown and they can now come homeThere is a different kind of evil in the world now Who will survive in the 'Beyond'? This generationof shapeshifters are different and will lead the Dwellers into a new ageSpirit Walker is rebellious and has often been called a Wildcat She has been sheltered in The Village of Lost Souls for her entire life Now she is to become the Golden ueen of the AhwahneecheesHer choices for the future involve adult decisions and with only her mother's journal to guide her she must rely on the magic within the pages Beautifully written series A great tribute to the Native American culture

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doc ¹ Dwellers of Ahwahnee ´ ebook read ¼ moneyexpresscard Ç The Dwellers of Ahwahnee The Beyond Collection is finally here 3 Great paranormal books that follow the generation of shifters from the Ahwahneechee These books are found on Goodreads lists and are #1 in many categoriesCome to the Beyond fThe Dwellers of Ahwahnee The Beyond Collection is finally here 3 Great paranormal books that follow the generation of shifters from the Ahwahneechee These books are found on Goodreads lists and are #1 in many categoriesCome to the Beyond for a supernatural uniue readBOOK 1 BEYOND BRIDALVEIL FALLOria is celebrating her eighteenth birthday in Yosemite National Park when she goes into the pool at the bottom of Bridalveil Fall only to come out beyond itIn another world she learns she is The Golden ueen of the Ahwahneechee tribe and that she is a shape shifter Here the Dwellers of Ahwahnee fight the Evil that tries to get into the world of man Will she find her soul mate in Grey Wolf or is he than he appears to be? One t A Beautiful Coming of Age StoryDwellers of Ahwahnee Book One Beyond Bridalveil FallSheryl SealOria believes she just going on a family trip to Yosemite with her grandmother but is surprised to learn her grandmother has bigger plans for the trip than eating campfires and storytelling Once they arrive Oria learns some unexpected things about herself and this new knowledge will change her life and future completely The readers have the pleasure of joining Oria on her journey into this special world of shape shifters and fairies I loved Ms Seal’s characters They felt so real to me It takes talent to create a fantasy world and make it feel like it could be an actual placeMs Seal creates a really beautiful coming of age story with the Dwellers of Ahwahnee There’s nothing like a great combination of good vs evil and a tantalizing sweet romance to make you wish for your very own grey wolf So far I have only read book one but I’ll be back to review books two and three I can’t wait to read them