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Download Book ☆ Captive Captive #1 É 288 pages º Moneyexpresscard À He’s the most dangerous man she’s ever met and she’s falling in love with him Madison Frost is desperate to escape her life Daughter of a prominent businessman she has everything a girl could ask for Except for a familyHe’s the most dangerous man she’s ever met and she’s falling in love with him Madison Frost is desperate to escape her life Daughter of a prominent businessman she has everything a girl could ask for Except for a family who’s present in her life and anyone to talk to outside the four walls of the prison she calls h Captive is a refreshingly different and entirely welcome spin on the captorcaptive romanceMadison Frost has been kidnapped and taken to an isolated cabin by a man known only as Ghost She's a student at Northwestern University He's a professional criminal hired to do the dirty work But what was supposed to be a uick job over in twenty four hours turns into much With a wealthy workaholic father and an alcoholic mother Madison has no real family no friends no confidence and little in the way of life's experience Ghost has never kidnapped a girl before Criminals men as hard and desperate as he is sure These two seemingly dissimilar people find they have a lot in common than they think And a lot time to get to know each other than originally plannedI don’t read captorcaptive contemporaries And I mostly don't read new adult Which this is Let’s face it most of these abductors in these captorcaptive CRs aren't heroes They’re usually lowlife abusive misogynistic rapists But the hero here is a good guy doing a dirty job The heroine is not a dumb chick susceptible to Stockholm syndromeThere’s no insta love The romance builds over the days Madison is held captive There’s a gradual awakening as Ghost realises that there’s to Madison than a spoilt rich princess And Madison realises that Ghost is not the ruthless crim she first imagined The believable dialogue the realism the sensual love scenes the well rounded and really likable main characters all come together for a fantastic read Told in first person from both Ghost and Madison’s points of view I especially enjoyed being inside Ghost’s headThere were a few minor issues some uestions left unanswered Also the hero is only 24 and had been doing this for eight years since he was 16?? He seemed older in both years and experience But these uibbles were minor compared to the overall enjoyment I got from this oneThis is not a long read There are no superfluous or repetitive details And yet nothing felt left out With an economy of words Brighton Walsh tells a convincing story and delivers a believable romance that felt neither like a pathetic case of Stockholm syndrome nor an excuse for a contrived series of sex scenes Recommended for adult as well as new adult readers who like captorcaptive romances but without the offensive treatment usually doled out to the female captive Steam 35 ARC courtesy of St Martin's Griffin via NetGalley

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Ome Madison dreams of one day leaving her life behind She never thought being kidnapped is how it would happenNow she’s being held captive by a man who’s as frightening as he is sinfully gorgeous Enormous muscular and filled with secrets the man they call Ghost is an enigmatic mercenary and Madison is trapped with him 4 45 starsWhen it comes to Brighton Walsh I have no hesitation A book about a captive falling in love with her captor? GIVE IT TO ME Normally I would be nervous and possibly very uncomfortable reading about that type of plot line as a romance but I trust this author I knew she would not only make it work but make it sexy as hell I don't have to tell you if that's the case with Captive right?Told in dual perspective the book is about Madison Frost a college student who lives at home to take care of her alcoholic mother because her absent business obsessed father couldn't be bothered and Ghost a sort of kidnapper for hire who makes money by turning the tables on the crooked haves of the world Kidnapping a girl though? That's a first After spending the first few days together locked in a cabin Madison is not only making him reevaluate his choices but bringing out a gentleness he normally keeps locked tight Madison is not at all the spoiled rich girl he expected She's miserable and as much a captive at home as she is with him Ghost helps Madison realize she needs to save herself but who will save them when the danger increases and truths start coming to light?I completely understand if you're worried about a captivecaptor relationship That imbalance of power can be problematic and sueamish Ghost clearly holds all of the cards in this situation not only is he much physically stronger but he has answers too that he doesn't reveal until later But what helps is that we are given his point of view in addition to Madison's and though he is the first one to develop feelings he never takes advantage of her It's not until we're about a third into the book that Madison is even attracted to Ghost but in the meantime a door to friendship has been opened I think this is a love story that has to be well developed to work in any capacity I have to believe that Madison is not falling in love with Ghost because of the situation And I have to believe that despite Ghost kidnapping her he is a good man underneath Both of those ring true I completely bought into the deeper connection developing between them Plus the romance doesn't even heat up until Madison's knows about what's going on and what Ghost's true motivations are The stakes have changed drastically by the time they first kiss and most importantly it's 100% consensual Bottom line I didn't feel like they rushed into a romance at all nor was I ever uncomfortable Madison and Ghost both experience a significant amount of growth through this ordeal It's one reason why their romance works so well Madison has always known that the life she's been living hasn't been her own but for the first time she's actually resolved to do something about it She's tougher than anyone has ever giving her credit for until Ghost He's never had an easy home life either so he's done what he has to do to survive and raise his younger brother While Madison's chapters always kept me engaged I just loved being in Ghost's head I wanted to know his story and I liked seeing his walls being broken down He may be kinda scary at first and trust me he's a complete badass but he has these moments where he's gentle and caring too Watching him and Madison fall in love really had me swooning I was all for it With the kidnapping there's going on beyond the romance I have to admit that I didn't see the main twist coming; it completely shocked me in a good way I like the direction the plot took giving Ghost a chance to become a protector rather than a captor as well My only wish is that the reuisite separation hadn't been so drawn out I don't know if this book will be for everyone I want to say yes because I obviously loved it and found it super sexy and romantic and I want everyone to read Brighton's books I hope romance and New Adult lovers will give it a try I think you'll be hard pressed not to fall for Ghost and want the best for Madison Thanks to Netgallely and the publisher for approving my reuest in exchange for an honest reviewThis review can also be found at Love at First Page

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Captive Captive #1She doesn’t know who hired him or why but the time she spends at his mercy the she realizes he’s not what he seems Beneath his rough exterior lies an unexpected gentleness and a heart as broken and battered as her ownBut as Madison lets down her walls Ghost holds tight to his hiding secrets that could destroy everythin 3 ‘Falling for my captor’ stars20 year old Madison has lived a privileged yet sad and lonely life Her father is a wealthy and prominent businessman who ignores his family and her mother is in a constant alcoholic daze Too shy and embarrassed by her life to make friends she is completely alone except for the housekeeper that practically raised her So trapped by the need to care for her mother she endures but she is desperate to escape and live her own life She never expected that that escape would come with a kidnapping Taken by a stranger to a remote cabin in the snowy wilderness she is terrified for her life with no idea who orchestrated her capture and why All she knows is that she is trapped with her dark dangerous and enigmatic captor with little chance of escape Outrunning him was laughable I’d run a total of ten minutes my whole life and it looked like he lived his life bench pressing cars for funHe was too much Too large too tall too muscled Even completely silent he screamed The man who calls himself “Ghost” is not a violent criminal but is a mercenary for hire He is the best at what he does and he does it for the money and kidnapping Madison is his highest paying job yet I love that we get Ghost’s POV so we can see from the very beginning that he is not all that he seems Empathy was an emotion that never came into play while I was on the job and yet I couldn’t deny I was feeling it now She didn’t deserve to be terrorized like this Worse than her being terrorized was that the terror came at my hands and that disgusted me Ghost has no intention of hurting Madison and as his considerate and gentle side starts to come out she starts to trust him and open up to him and he opens up to her They discover that they have things in common and drawn to each other’s strength and vulnerability things between them very uickly start to shift He’d shown me consideration in four days while being held here than my own family had my entire lifeI’d be safe with him He wouldn’t allow anything to happen to me Somehow at some point I’d gone from looking at him as my captor to looking at him as something so much I really like this kind of story It’s a uniue situation and emotions are already running high and I love watching that translate into lust and or love But in this case it felt like it happened too fastI get that being with somebody for every minute of every day creates an intensity that isn’t there in the beginning of a ‘normal’ relationship but I didn’t feel that four days is enough time for Madison to overcome her terror of her situation start falling for Ghost and practically throw herself at him – despite how gorgeous he is and all of that tormented broodiness Against his mouth I whispered “Keep going”He shook his head dropped a kiss on my lips “We don’t have to I’ll still make you feel good like this I can make you feel so good like this”I nodded closed my eyes and took a deep breath “I know you can You are But I want you to keep going I want I want everything”The girl is clearly desperate for a connection and that obviously plays a part in the fast moving nature of things between them but it still felt a little bit unbelievable And it goes both ways Ghost’s life has also been a lonely one and he finds himself drawn to Madison in a way he hasn’t felt before and oh so uickly they can’t get enough of each other She’d worked her way under my skin and I wanted to be consumed by her Their hook up is hot steamy and actually really romantic and I liked Madison and Ghost together but it just happened too fast for me I did like the way the story unfolded from this point though The ‘big reveal’ wasn’t exactly a surprise but I liked the direction of the book after that point and thought it was a great way of finishing off the story This is my first book by Brighton Walsh and I really like her writing It’s emotive yet light when it needs to be and she tells the story well getting us right into the mind and hearts of Madison and Ghost There is a follow up book featuring Ghost’s bad boy brother Riley and I am looking forward to checking it out 3 stars An Advanced Reader Copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review