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Building Microservices kindle ´ Paperback read Í moneyexpresscard ´ Distributed systems have become fine grained in the past 10 years shifting from code heavy monolithic applications to smaller self contained microservices But developing these systems brings its own set of headaches With lots of examplesCroservice technologies are moving uickly Author Sam Newman provides you with a firm grounding in the concepts while diving into current solutions for modeling integrating testing deploying and monitoring your own autonomous services You'll follow a fictional company throughout the book to learn how building a microservice architecture affects a single domainDiscover how microservices allow you to align your system design The Pragmatic Programmer of the microservices age So many lessons learned the hard way are documented here A uick and information packed read

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With your organization's goalsLearn options for integrating a service with the rest of your systemTake an incremental approach when splitting monolithic codebasesDeploy individual microservices through continuous integrationExamine the complexities of testing and monitoring distributed servicesManage security with user to service and service to service modelsUnderstand the challenges of scaling microservice architectures A good introduction to the microservices World for the automatization defenders

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Building MicroservicesDistributed systems have become fine grained in the past 10 years shifting from code heavy monolithic applications to smaller self contained microservices But developing these systems brings its own set of headaches With lots of examples and practical advice this book takes a holistic view of the topics that system architects and administrators must consider when building managing and evolving microservice architecturesMi A book that is about ideas behind microservices and fine grained systems than technology specificsThe key principles for microservice architectures You want services that are loosely coupled and highly cohesive so find boundaries that help ensure that related behaviour is in one place and that communicate with other boundaries as loosely as possible Avoid database integration Understand the trade offs of REST and RPC but strongly consider REST as a good starting point for reuestresponse integration Prefer choreography over orchestration Avoid breaking changes and the need to version by understanding Postel's Law and using tolerant readers Think of user interfaces as compositional layers Focus on maintaining the ability to release one service independently from another you need one CI build per microservice If possible move to a single service per hostcontainer Automate everything Optimize for fast feedback and separate types of tests accordingly Avoid the need for end to end tests whenever possible by using consumer driven contracts Use consumer driven contacts to provide focus points for conversation between teams Understand the trade off between putting effort into testing and detecting issues faster in production optimizing MTBF vs MTTR It is preferable that teams aligned along bounded contexts An essential part of building a resilient system is the ability to safely degrade functionality Prepare for the sorts of failure that can happen with distributed architectures Handle failure by using timeouts circuit breakers bulkheads and isolation Consider using bluegreen or canary release techniues to separate deployment from release Use semantic monitoring to see if your system is behaving correctly by injecting synthetic transactions into your system to simulate real user behavior Aggregate your logs and aggregate your stats so that when you see a problem you can drill down to the source I liked the cautionary tales and examples as well as the idea of embracing the concept of evolutionary architecture where your system bends and flexes and changes over time as you learn new things Change is inevitable Embrace itAlso funny side remark The main thing I noticed though was that the hard drives were attached by velcro I asked one of the Googlers why that was “Oh” he said “the hard drives fail so much we don’t want them screwed in We just rip them out throw them in the bin and velcro in a new one”