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For her exciting debut in hardcover New York Times bestselling author Karen Rose delivers a heart stopping suspense novel that picks up where DIE FOR ME left off with a detective determined to track down a brutal murdererSpecial Agent Daniel Vartanian has sworn to find the perpetrator of multiple killings that mimic a 13 year old murder linked to a collection of photographs that belonged to hi Oh this is going to be difficult describing this book because there are so many characters to keep straight and so many twists and turns that sometimes it was downright confusing But if you can hang in there for about the first 100 pages things start to make sense everything falls into place and things get rolling and by then this book was un put downableThis is a story about disfunctional families betrayal guilt and regrets It seems that every character in this story had regrets or guilt about something they had done or had failed to doThe chief 'regretter' was Special Agent Daniel Vartanian of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation who was first introduced in Karen Rose's previous book Die For Me Daniel was the brother of the villain of that book serial killer Simon Vartanian who met his demise one week before this story beginsDaniel is still getting over the drama suurounding Simon's death and is barely back at work when he starts investigating what appears to be copycat murders of a crime that took place 13 years ago in his hometown of Dutton Georgia Daniel is still feeling guilty over what he knew about his brother Simon and how his father a prominent judge helped cover up Simon's past crimes He regrets that he didn't come forward sooner to the authorities and tell all he knew about Simon But now there is a new murderer on the loose and these murders are linked to something sinister that Simon was involved with in his youth Daniel vows to find the culprit and nothing will stop him even if he has to face the demons of the past that continue to haunt himWhile investigating the crimes he falls for Alex Fallon a beautiful nurse with a link to one of the victims from 13 years ago Alex has a dark past filled with regrets not unlike Daniel Alex is in Georgia because her step sister Bailey has gone missing and she's looking after Hope her traumatized 4 yr old niece Has Hope witnessed something that led to her mother's disappearance? Is Bailey a victim of this new copycat murderer? And how do the prominent citizens of this small Georgia town factor in to the murders? How many secrets and lies can Daniel uncover before it's too late and his and Alex's life are threatened?As I was reading this book I kept thinking 'Oh this would make a good movie' it had so many twists and turns and would make a great thriller If you like a good suspense book that really makes you think with a touch of hot steamy romance thrown in then this is your book My only complaint was that there wasn't enough of the romantic scenes between Daniel and Alex But when Karen Rose put them together they were steamy She can really steam up the pages she just needs to give you I had no problems with the plot or the suspense aspect of the book both were first rate She dropped just enough hints to keep you guessing but not uite enough for you to figure out who the ultimate villain was there actually was than one And she left the door wide open for a continuation of the story which looks to be about Daniel's sister Susannah and his fellow agent Luke That is a book I will be looking forward to reading All in all another top notch effort by Karen Rose

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Scream for MeRealm of a mind sinister than he could ever imagine But his uest will also draw him to Alex Fallon a beautiful nurse whose troubled past reflects his own As Daniel becomes attached to Alex he discovers that she is also the object of the obsessed murderer Soon he will not only be racing to discover the identity of this macabre criminal but also to save the life of the woman he has begun to love Scream For Me was another great book by Karen Rose There was plenty of suspense along with a satisfying romance The suspense portion of the novel was complicated and involved than one villain I didn't feel that this novel was uite as graphic as some others by Rose but it was just as intense I enjoyed the characters and the storyline and I am anxiously awaiting the release of the next book in the series Alex Fallon returns to her hometown Dutton Georgia after a thirteen year absence when her stepsister Bailey goes missing Alex steps in to care for Bailey's obviously traumitized four year old Hope While she searches for Bailey Alex has to deal with traumatic memories that being in Dutton triggers One day thirteen years ago her twin sister was murdered in Dutton and later the same day her mother committed suicide by shooting herself Alex's response to the situation caused her to be hospitalized and she hasn't been back in town since her aunt and uncle took her to Ohio after her release Daniel Vartanian is still trying to deal with the knowledge that his brother Simon whom he believed to be dead has killed numerous people including their parents A week ago Daniel was present when Simon was finally killed by a Philadelphia policeman When a young woman is found murdered in rural Georgia Daniel is called back early from a leave of absence As he begins to investigate Daniel finds eerie similarities to the murder of Alicia Tremaine in Dutton thirteen years ago Daniel soon meets Alex Fallon Alicia's twin sister Daniel and Alex are immediately attracted and they uickly find that they genuinely like one another As murders continue to happen and to copycat Alicia's murder Daniel must find how the events happening now are connected to the past as well as to Simon He is determined to keep Alex safe and their relationship continues to develop Both Alex and Daniel must learn to deal with events in their pasts so that they can overcome the dangerous situation they are facingI loved this romantic suspense novel The story was very compelling and kept me intrigued I liked the interaction between the hero and heroine and enjoyed the ways in which they provided emotional support for one another I look forward to reading about Daniel's sister Susannah and his colleague Luke in the next book This series has uickly become one of my favorites

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Download Book ☆ Scream for Me Å 436 pages à For her exciting debut in hardcover New York Times bestselling author Karen Rose delivers a heart stopping suspense novel that picks up where DIE FOR ME left off with a detective determined to track down a brutal murdererSpecial Agent Daniel Vartanian has sworn to find the perpetratS brother Simon the ruthless serial killer who met his demise in DIE FOR ME Daniel is certain that someone even depraved than his brother committed these crimes and he's determined to bring the current murderer to justice and solve the mysterious crime from years ago With only a handful of images as a lead Daniel's search will lead him back through the dark past of his own family and into the First offgreat book Loved it Secondlydamnit it I don't want to wait almost a year for the continuation of the seriesOnce I started reading Scream For Me I couldn't put it down From the first page I was hooked on the story It doesn't have the pulse pounding dark intensity and creepiness that Die For Me had but the storyline is very engaging I spent the whole book sorting through the details trying to put the pieces together and figure out who did what and when and why Rose kept me into the story for the entire book When the end rolled around I was still just as interested as I was in the beginning and even though I'd figured out a lot of the plot there were still a few surprises Scream For Me isn't meant for a uick or casual read though It's got a lot of characters a lot of bit and pieces If you're not paying attention not fully engaged in reading it I can imagine it would be easy to get confused or lost There's just so much going on You have to be into the story for it to make senseAnd though the book can pretty much stand alone it is better if Die For Me is read first because there are a lot of references to the previous book Simon's evilness can't be fully appreciated unless you read Die For MeOne of my favorite parts of the book was the character of Alex She's a fantastic strong tough heroine But she doesn't let that strong control allow her act stupid I can't count the number of books I've read where the heroine's need to be strong and independent lets her act super stupid But Alex doesn't She's a strong spunky heroine but still smart enough to know when to listen to what Daniel is telling herOverall I have not a single complaint for the book I loved the characters loved the romance loved the plot Everything made sense and was interesting And I'm dying to read the next book in the series I really want to know the full story of Susannah and I think a potential romance between her and Luke would be good to read I'll be anxiously waiting for Kill For Me