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Free read ¶ My Secret Life µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ From his precocious childhood to the end of what he calls his “amatory career” an adventurous Victorian known only as “Walter” records a breathtaking carnal epic through hundreds of sexual encounters with one or nursemaids prostitutes cousins actresses workHing is “proper” or forbidden First published in London around 1900 this landmark work freshly illuminates the complex sexual dynamics of a society strictly divided between rich and poor male and female sexual and chaste In James Kincaid’s abridgment Walter and his world come to vivid life in new and often surprising ways Edited and with an Introduction by James Kincaid and with an Afterword by Paul Sawye. Finally My secret life is not such a secret any I know it all If you haven’t read it it’s perfectly fine You can jolly well do without it in your life I was so exited to start it and I swear the words I said just before staring it was “ah let’s read some Victorian soft porn” Alas I was mistaken there was nothing soft about it It was horrendous outrageous and as raw as it can get Basically this can be named as the “19th century porn hub for readers” The 11 volumes were a journey Thankfully Mr Dominic Crawford Collins decided to release the first 4 volumes as audio books which was absolutely hilarious What a joy it was to listen to him I listened to it while working out cooking going to work etc I finished the other 6 volumes by reading one chapter a day; not necessarily sticking to it though not spending a day with ‘Walter’ felt right on some days spending a bit time than usual with him felt right some days and I just sucked it up and thrashed the last 20% during the last two days If I finished it in one go I would’ve seriously uestioned my sanity Finally after 145 days I parted with Walter I didn’t know whether to like it or to despise it I don’t know what to think of it It’s utter chaos and I don’t think Walter will ever leave my memories It’s a fucking diary of 1969 pages with elaborated encounters that amounts to thousands simply because the guy thought he should write down his leisure time activities for the reference of future generations Fancy that By far it’s the most outrageous book I’ve ever read in my life Even the number of pages sounds perversive Walter wrote a clean cut memoir of his adventures Basically he was THE most active sexual predator in Europe at the time he went on conducting his activities in and out of London the countryside of England France Italy Germany Netherlands Switzerland Turkey Denmark and few other countries he hasn’t mentioned directly Talking about the nationalities of the women he had or less painted uite a big potion of the world map in a transparent white His rampage was just unbelievable I lost count of his Bessies Kitty’s Camiles Charlottes Sarah’s Nells and and and Basically he was the master of the game No one was safe around him I mean no one; Cousins servants chamber maids washer women neighbors unhappy wives young widows peasant girls unknown females whom he happened to meet in travels factory girls the ‘working girls on the streets’ and It didn’t really matter where either Stairs dining rooms lounges parlors bedrooms boundary walls hay bales attics barns fields cemeteries abandoned houses hotel rooms violently rocking ships even the church The man had talent He knew every single Public House in London knew almost all the ‘working girls’ in the area The guy was on a mission and he accomplished it with flying colors And he did it as a prominent gentleman in the London upper class and as the king of seduction The funny thing was he never saw anything wrong if he had to force himself on someone He always thought the women ‘wanted it’ He always thought he’s doing both the parties a favor when he forced himself on many women he had the pleasure of conducting business with I couldn’t really understand his mindset when he genuinely had that thought embedded in his brain all the bloody time he was just looking for an opportunity to empty his bollocks A peculiar guy indeed but I won’t call him a rapist no that’s not Walter On the other hand the women in this book aren’t the saints uite a big number of them were ready to lose their skirts in a jiffy for a penny wine a luncheon or just for the pure pleasure of few hours of drillingNow Walter was a character I would not want to meet in my life Still he struck me as a tragedy created by many events and social norms He was sexually abused by his governess as a very young boy coming from a dysfunctional family bullied and humiliated at school because of certain features of his privates was pushed to find out everything about sexuality on his own with another bunch of eually eager kids Unfortunately from a peeping Tom he grew up to be the son of the mistress any servant wouldn’t want to have Then Walter was pushed into a loveless miserable marriage The posh Victorian settings of separate bed chambers must’ve added fuel to the fire He hardly had any contact with the wife always out and just like all the upper class gentlemen in that era he didn’t have to work for a living Even when he was broke he had enough to live by So What does he do He acuires his duties as a full time satyriasist He was clearly a sex addict and There was no help no shrinks to talk to the guy goes on doing what he thinks is the best He himself admits how uneasy he felt if he went on without ‘getting any’ for than two days What is that if not a serious addiction If he lived today things would’ve been different He may have ended up behind bars or in a psychiatric hospital getting help for his addiction most likely the latter He also showed very less emotions His thoughts always generated from one part of his body and I assure you that is NOT his brain There were lot of blunders where he thought he was in love but there were two instances I felt some genuine feelings He wrote about his servant Mary with pure passion and pain I thought “bloody hell This guy is actually capable of emotions other than what’s felt on his crotch” Second time with an unnamed female whom he swears he will love and cherish as long as long as he live He made an honest attempt to keep his doodle for this woman for 15 months which got him totally cranky even if he seriously loved her From these I realized it’s not h

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From his precocious childhood to the end of what he calls his “amatory career” an adventurous Victorian known only as “Walter” records a breathtaking carnal epic through hundreds of sexual encounters with one or nursemaids prostitutes cousins actresses workingmen and other men’s wives In ruling everything sexual within the realm of possibility Walter reveals “varied delightswhims and fancies normal a. Popsugar challenge 2020 A banned bookThis isn't just a book it's a project and at 1969 pages probably the biggest book project I'll ever take on I started this back in January and therefore its taken me 6 months to get through so it's really hard to review as there's a lot that hasn't stuck in my mindThere was no middle ground for me with this book either I was loving it or absolutely hating on itThis is the secret life of Walter his memoir which he left with a friend to be released after his death Walter is a sex addict and this is his diary of his sexual experiences from an early age through his teens and into much later life during the Victorian eraIf you are thinking of taking this book on just beware this focuses purely on Walter's sex life he doesn't write about popping to the shops etc etc each chapter is his memory of a particular sexual experience I love a book like this but almost 2000 pages on sex felt like wading through treacle at times This book is problematic in today's society not being around in the Victorian era myself I've no idea how his adventures would have been perceived then but certainly now he would have been locked up for some of his experiences My favourite part of this book were the volumes featuring Sarah a prostitute who was with Walter for many years and I just adored their relationship The sexual journey they encouraged in each other the mental hurdles they overcome I felt this was the period of time when Walter really stepped outside his comfort zone and grew as a sexual being After Sarah I felt he really leap from that platform and threw caution to the wind Walter for me is going to be extremely memorable his adoration of vaginas is incredible there are whole chapters dedicated to the finest details of the vaginas he had seen and his love of them His frankness of STI's was really interesting to read about in many ways I feel society has gone backwards in the topics we tiptoe around and the shame we carry if we have experienced them Walter had his fair share of STI's and no shame or bravado radiated from him he was very grounded and factual in his handling of them There's so many things to talk about with regards to this book but as a side note I am currently listening to The Happy Vagina podcasts on Spotify which centres around women's sexuality their body's orgasms and I really feel that this is something Walter would have championed I don't think there's a man who walked the planet that worshipped the vagina the way he did and all these centuries on we are still not talking to females about masturbation or encouraging self exploration In many ways the world needs Walter's not in all ways as he encouraged everyone he encountered in his secret life to explore their limits I found a lot of humour in his expressions revving his engine his love pole the love trap uncunting in these 2000 pages the C word is probably used around 4000 times however it is used in the way it was originally intended to name a few The experimentations with feet shillings and peas will always make me laugh along with some of the women he met along his journey Mollie Amelia Sarah Helen and the Great Eastern To sum up if you enjoy Marues De Sade but feel it's a shame that people generally die after their orgasm then Walter is your man Three stars

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My Secret LifeNd abnormal” sexual violence fetishes and sometimes surprisingly love From his many escapades he learns an invaluable lesson “One can never know too much concerning human nature” Portraying an era of notorious repression in which the appearance of propriety had to be strictly maintained My Secret Life provides a rare look at the hidden side of Victorian life the upstairs and downstairs encounters where not. Sort of hard to form an opinion of this book On one hand it it is at first disturbing because the writer begins with recollections of being abused as a child and then moves on to his harassing exploiting raping purchasing and seducing women At times he seems almost delusional in his belief that every woman wants it so i suspect that some of what he believes are seductions are really not as consenting as he thinks On the other hand here is a rare insight into the sexual psychology of the Victorian man and also some of unsavory particulars of the time Bathroom habits and lack of undergarments for one thing access to abortions for another I wrote a paper on gender and sexual anxieties as portrayed in Victorian fiction and that was how i heard about this book and I wish I would have had this for that paper It's fascinating to watch the narrator as he cycles through immature to worldly powerful to powerless confident to sheepish and lewd to ashamedThere are some issues with knowing how much we can trust this narrator but important than the truth of each incident I think is getting a glimpse at the way language and desires are put together I have lost track of all the slang and nicknames for body parts and functions It is always interesting to see that the things we assumed were so repressed at this time had multiple descriptive phrases Something about his accumulators rogering to frig a wench's motte with his pego So randyBasically if you are looking for a sexy sexy book this might disappoint you Every page has sex and bawdy talk but some of it is sort of depressing andor morally sickening I don't mean that in a depraved acts sort of way but that for me it was hard to read these true stories about Walter's mistreatment of so many of these girls and servants and yet at times I also felt sorry for him His beliefs about his body and illness and his overpowering need for women are honest and almost pitiful i wish i could know about his non secret lifeTo sum up my review This is a gold mine for anyone researching Victorian literature sexual psychology or sociology But if you're looking for a jolly good time this won't hit the right note with everyone