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The Untold Tales of Ozman Droom review ò 0 ↠ “Spriggs evokes terror and awe in this dazzling anti story a love letter to the weird” Publishers Weekly A hallucinatory exploration of the strange work and even stranger life of Ozman F Droom by Bram Stoker Award nominated author Robin SpriggsMetafiction or monograph biography or balderdaMan F Droom by Bram Stoker Award nominated author Robin SpriggsMetafiction or monograph biography or balderdash demonic revelation or divine obfuscation The Untold Tales of Ozman Droom. This is the third book by Spriggs that I’ve read Wondrous Strange is excellent and Diary of a Gentleman Diabolist is even better but The Untold Tales of Ozman Droom is far and away the best of the three It’s a hard to classify book—a slipstreamish composite novel disguised as a collection of weird tales dreamlike prose poems and cryptic footnotes Stylistically it’s even harder to pin down To go the lazy comparison route I’d call it a heady and unpredicatable blend of Borges Robert Walser and Flannery O’Connor with dashes of Lovecraft De uincey and Alejandro Jodorowsky thrown in for good measure I’m not sure if that’s much help but it’s the best I can do on the flySuffice it to say The Untold Tales of Ozman Droom is an exceptionally fine offering—foreboding lyrical lapidary and unlike anything else I’ve ever come across

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Is at times deeply disturbing at others weirdly sublime yet ever enigmatic and profoundly haunting throughout an ouroboric shadow play of strange wonder mad prophecy and inescapable dre. I’ve been following Robin Spriggs’s work for uite a while now and at some point along the way I began to suspect there was an underlying connectivity to it a deep but only faintly hinted at mythology awaiting further mining The Untold Tales of Ozman Droom a hybrid novelshort story collection confirms that suspicion There’s a definite mythos here but one that remains both subtle and elusive inviting if not daring the reader to put the pieces together for herselfSpriggs has a way of sneaking up on a story beginning in the mode of an essayist or casual observer but then reaching some alchemical moment along the way when what seems like a simple anecdote or offhand observation transforms into pure story bearing the reader away into a dreamy irreality where light and darkness mingle in surprising and unsettling waysIt’s a safe bet that this book won’t appeal to mainstream readers looking for an easy breezy beach read or to run of the mill horror buffs on the prowl for blood and guts or Romeroesue zombies But for readers in the market for moody multilayered strangeness of a high literary caliber here it is in spadesOf the thirty three novelettes stories etc in this book I’m hard pressed to pick a favorite The titular novelette and the longish short story “If Thine Eye Be Single” are minor masterpieces of melancholy weirdness as is the shorter but even stranger “The Writing on the Wall” And the arch little prose poem “Eldritch Writes” is a gem of satirical hilarity Other standouts are “The Sigil” “Trivial Pursuits” and “Something to Remember You By” I’m probably forgetting two or three other favorites but you get the picture I’m a fanIn short to read The Untold Tales of Ozman Droom is to go down a rabbit hole of supernatural psychodrama and deliciously unreliable narration The book might be a tad experimental for some readers’ tastes but it offers some of the most vibrant prose I’ve come across from a contemporary writer in any genre in a very long time and I found it absolutely spellbinding

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The Untold Tales of Ozman Droom“Spriggs evokes terror and awe in this dazzling anti story a love letter to the weird” Publishers Weekly A hallucinatory exploration of the strange work and even stranger life of Oz. Like some rare grimoire lying on a dusty shelf in a Montmartre backstreet books by Robin Spriggs have proven hard to locate yet richly rewarding to those that have sought them out In this collection thankfully available to enlightened members of the reading public as well as tenacious occult scholars Spriggs collates an eerie concoction of work old and new all bound together by a mischievous mythos that of Ozman Droom an enigmatic personage who may be part alter ego part avatar both or none of the above As with Spriggs' other protean works one finds oneself drawn into an otherworldly realm of mists and shadows wherein lurks an intoxicating mix of short stories prose poems unsettling incantations delightful observations and other pieces that defy definition Each segment is accompanied by a playful footnote that links the piece to the eponymous Droom Footnotes are often a rather laborious encumbrance These always raise a smile albeit sometimes a nervous oneAs with all Spriggs' work the language is rich and expansive It's possible to linger on a sentence enjoying its skilful construction and vivid imagery whilst simultaneously enjoying the wider narrative of which it's a part These are words of power rhythmic and beguiling so much so that you often find yourself cut adrift from your surroundings and wandering the curious and compelling highways and byways contained within As a Spriggs acolyte I wasn't disappointed If you're already familiar with his Stoker nominated works you’ll enjoy this too If you've yet to encounter him this is as good a place as any to start Enter without preconceptions Abandon all hope of familiar structures or clichéd narratives This is another worthy addition to the Spriggs canon Hopefully he's conjuring up another one as we speak