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Download The Rockers Babies The Rocker #6 Book Ê 326 pages Ù Terri anne browning ✓ NEW COVERMature Content Not Intended for Readers Under the Age of 17The Rockers’ BabiesAfter the nightmares of our childhoods my guys and I have finally found the happiness we deserve Shane is getting maMy own career with Nik’s encouragement It’s taken a lifetime but finally we have moved onI should have known better than to think life was just going to be simple from here on out I knew from firsthand experience that right when you get comfortable and content t The Rockers’ Babies was the sixth book in the Rocker series by Terri Anne BrowningI assumed it was going to be a novella providing uick updates but it was far from it It was a full novel written from all key characters perspectives It did provide updates but it a full novel with a drama filled plot No spoilers so no elaboration but it was action packed and emotionalBrowning also further developed the members of OtherWorld in preparation for the remaining books of the series It has promise to be just as action packed surprise filled and emotional Next up is Axton Cage in The Rocker Who Wants Me

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Hose bitches Fate throw a curve ball into the mix I wasn’t expecting the possible tragedy that we are faced with I’m the strong one the one that has to help the rest of them through the tough times but I don’t know how strong I can be for them through this Emmi It is already known to pretty much everyone that I am the world’s biggest fan of Terri Anne Browning and her The Rocker series So it should come as no surprise that I found The Rockers Babies Book #6 to be ABSOLUTE PERFECTION I mean it This story is the perfect way to wrap up the story of every one of these beautiful amazing Demons’ lives For nowI will say nothing about the plot as I think it’s important for fans of the series to discover everything on their own This story is filled with surprises and believe me you will not be disappointed at all The author does a brilliant job of engaging the reader from the very first line of the book There is so much excitement and emotion and she carries it through the entire story beautifully I felt like I was right there with all the rockers and all the girls like I was along for the ride as they took this next journey For me spending time with these characters is like being reunited with old friends; there is never enough time together and you just want That’s how I felt as I neared the end of the book I think I actually slowed down my reading because I just did not want the story to end Ever But now Terri Anne Browning has set everything up perfectly to move into the world of Exodus End and I cannot wait to get started with them I cannot convey to you how much I love this book and how truly perfect it is I just cannot do it justice I can only tell you that once you open this book be prepared for the emotional roller coaster you will ride have your box of tissues handy the angst you will hate but love come on you know there’s going to be some and the incredibly beautiful story that lies ahead Savor every moment of this book the way I did and I know you will not be disappointed Thank you Terri Anne Browning for your outstanding ability to create and write so perfectly Once again you have given your readers a truly magical gift with The Rockers Babies

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The Rockers Babies The Rocker #6NEW COVERMature Content Not Intended for Readers Under the Age of 17The Rockers’ BabiesAfter the nightmares of our childhoods my guys and I have finally found the happiness we deserve Shane is getting married Drake and Jesse are going to be fathers and I’m making 375 StarsThis was an enjoyable read We got to check in with all the couples of Demon's Wings and then some I especially liked the scenes with Drake and Lana who may or may not be my favorite couple overall and Jesse and Layla who may or may not tie for first place with Drake and Lana We also had scenes with Harper and Shane Nik and his Ember and even Axton and Dallas Seriously though this had everything but the kitchen sink So much so in fact that reading this thing made me feel like a pinball being jacked around in a pinball machine with no clear purpose In other words there was just no clear story line; and while this sometimes left me feelingadriftI still enjoyed it all immenselyThe only thing that bothered me about this book and what might be what keeps me from 45 starring a lot of the books in this series actuallyis Emmie That's right The supposed glue that hold this motley crew rock band Motley Crue pun totally intended together drives me up a wall sometimes Seriously I want to slap her It's like she's everywhere in everyone's business being bitchy and going off on Nik for no reason at all half the time ALL the timeAnd the way that everyone seems to be unable function without her planning and guiding them through everything is annoying as fuck Seriously these are people who are grown adults and have supposedly been through shit and yet they seem unable to complete the simplest of life tasks without Emmie's assistance It's mind boggling to me Everything that happens in this book and most of the books in fact seems to be met with the response Call EmmieCall EmmieCall EmmieCall me annoyed But I digress I felt like this book is almost acting as a bridge between the Demon's Wings books and the beginning of the OtherWorld books which was kind of cool It definitely acted as further fodder for the relationship between Axton and Dallas whose book is up next Overall this series is like a B movie on steroids a guilty pleasure that I love