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Fleabag AUTHOR Phoebe Waller-Bridge Read ✓ 104 ✓ ‘I sit on the loo and think about all the people I can have sex with now I'm not obsessed with sex I just can't stop thinking about it’ The Fleabag bites back A rip roaring account of some sort of female living her sort of lifePhoebe Waller Bridge’s debut play is an outrageo‘I sit on the loo and think about all the people I can have sex with now I'm not obsessed with sex I just can't stop thinking about it’ The Fleabag bites back A rip roaring account of some sort of female living her sort of lifePhoebe Waller Bridge’s debut play is an outrageously funny monologue for a female performer It premiered at the 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe performed by Phoebe herself before transferring to Soho Theatre London for several succ. The monologue that started it all Almost exhaustingly funny and refreshingly debauched It cannot be denied that the television adaptation of Fleabag has helped define an era so it's interesting to see how it began The monologue is essentially the first series of the show but incredibly pared down to roughly an hour of dialogue Fleabag's approach to life is chaotic but also wincingly relatable Waller Bridge really read us all for filth

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A wildly successful and ‘utterly riveting’ Guardian BBC television seriesThis edition also features an introduction by the author‘Believe the hype Waller Bridge’s raw writing really is as good as everyone says’ The Stage'Sucker punch funny I've never seen a play uite like it' Scotsman'frank and sometimes brutally funny devastatingly good' The Times'blessed with a rare and compelling life force deliciously dirty and scabrously funny' Evening Standard. Okay this is an intense review so be forewarned and it is mainly about fleabag season 2 Ok Fleabag season two came to my house took out a cartoon sized mallet chased me around and cornered me and hammered me until I disintegrated into a mist of meat bone and eyeball pulp Or it stabbed me like when you pry open an oyster and pulled out the center meat which in this case is like a helpless baby panda with every single thought and feeling on the outside in neon I have since been recklessly reading anything on twitter about it rewatching it endlessly and joined Reddit for the first time in desperation to discuss it to a depth that I’ll be honest is 70% the level I would like I want someone to write a 12 lb book I do not understand my reaction but it is confusing and caused the kind of bizarre overwhelming vulnerability that I could not stop myself from having my true reaction to my dearest friend telling me over the phone to “engage in some self care” Which is burst into frustration rage tears in front of 6 confused adults in the Charlotte airport Normally I could understand what she meant beneath her words the baseline relationship “I love you” background But all self care in my opinion boils down to “buy something and be alone” Fleabag season 2 is a six episode nuclear bomb to the lie that that’s all you need That we can all just jerk it and uip away on social media basically and I mean this sincerely that life is a meaningless carousel of input and output gestalt free living mechanical feces production As it stands this fucking show is the single most moving piece of art I have ever seen in my entire life Thank Christ I have watched it enough times that I can have some distance and pick out continuity errors and maybe in a year it will bore me lie Whatever pain you have buried no matter how deep she will rip it out Anyway today I read the pilot script and it’s great and then got the play which is miles better than season one on Darker sadder funnier braver and scarier in many ways and beautifully structured and honest Hats off phoebe She deserves every single good thing coming her way because she’s doing extremely meaningful work and not being some automaton vomiting out “best day ever” or “fuck trump” And other bullshit to make it clear they’re likeable fuckable approved worthwhile and fine but are ultimately hiding L I K E M EThis is a capper in a year that includes the incredible Beyoncé’s Homecoming and pen15 I don’t know what’s happening but it’s incredibleAlso I hadn’t seen Sherlock or killing eve before this tidal wave emotional disintegration shitshow

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Fleabag AUTHOR Phoebe Waller-BridEssful runs followed by a UK tour It won a Fringe First Award in Edinburgh the Most Promising New Playwright and Best Female Performance at the Off West End Theatre Awards The Stage Award for Best Solo Performer and the Critics’ Circle Award for Most Promising Playwright It received a Special Commendation in the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize and was nominated for the Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement in an Affiliate Theatre In 2016 it was turned into. I wasn’t able to catch the play at a theatre obviously because I live in faraway lands There were no screenings near me either but I managed to find a copy somewhere; and fortunately a bookshop near me sold the play in print Other than visiting another country for vacation last May I‌ think watching Fleabag is the only other good decision I made this year And this year has been rough I saw the series twice but the play itself is still an experience Whilst it only covers the first season with parts rearranged and altered to fit the theatrical structure in minimalist fashion it also hits very hard It made me laugh and cry that afterwards I knew I just have to read it again It would be an understatement to say Phoebe Waller Bridge is brilliant both as a writer and an artist We all know that She created perhaps one of the most complex and resonating female characters out there We all know that too What makes Fleabag unforgettably exceptional and wonderfully painful is how it does not brush off female angst which it vividly captures as mere mood swings nor as a “millennial post hysteria syndrome” Indeed it is a persistent condition that ails women—accompanied by delightful period jokes brought by Fleabag—that stems from a lot of societal norms and expectations smeared with bias and bigotryWith all the passive aggressive exchange draining stoicism and emotional restraint all done in delightful British accents Fleabag portrays trauma and guilt at its most bare levelled by humour raw enough it stings like teuila without a chaser down your throat and you’ll take another shot then another and another But most of all here is a flawed character that doubts herself does not really value herself but also has confidence Here is someone who does not allow herself to swing through the crutches of bereavement nor create meaningful relationships with people but also has empathy and kindness And someone who deflects and copes shuts down and walls up through momentary pleasures in this instance the use of sex and masturbation either without a flick of an emotion or to numb an emotion I masturbate a lot these days especially when I'm bored Or angry Or upset Or happy She then is further embraced by a dysfunctional family kept together mostly for show each with their own personal issues And a dead best friend her only friend who intermittently shows herself in dreams and memories It is deliciously catastrophic yet surprisingly loving But most of all there is a desperate plea for validation and attention; Fleabag our protagonist accepts them in any form to alleviate a certain kind of loneliness And I think for most of us who also feel like this do it like this we end up trying to get that from the wrong people We think we only deserve that when we deserve betterDespite this write up making it sound like a house haunted with miseries Fleabag is ingenious without preventing itself to have fun At the end of both the play and the first season hope is glimpsed through admittance and willing one’s self to finally feel A theme much explored in season two where a particular human connection appears without being searched for Fleabag The Play together with the series will definitely be something I will revisit from time to time as life goes on; not only because I see myself out there but it can somehow be a source of comfort as well It makes you want to keep going and makes you less frightened of being vulnerable Sometimes it's all that mattersPeople make mistakesYes they doThat's why they put rubbers on the ends of pencilsIs that a joke“I don’t know”I believe there is a Fleabag in all of us And at the end of the day we all just want to be loved There’s nothing wrong with that It’s the most logical inclination in fact