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Download Severed Angel Severed MC #1 Book Ö 270 pages Ë Eve could never have imagined that her trip to Australia where she is set to be maid of honor for her best friend's wedding could turn from exciting to deadly so uickly Her sheltered and boring vanilla life comes to a screeching halt when she arrives in Australia and witE Just when it seems her nightmare fate is sealed Eve is rescued by the Severed MC and uickly falls for the club's Vice President Gabe aka Angel This could be just the diversion she needs With her new protectors Eve faces a whole new life she never could have imaginedGabe never wanted an old lady One look at the beautiful Eve cowering at the hands of the enemy changes all that Starting a war with the Carnal MC and having Eve in his bed is just t 35 starsSevered Angel is the story of Eve and the Severed MC We meet Eve as she arrives in Australia for her best friend Teresa's wedding to the President of Severed MC Teresa moved back to Australia 6 years ago leaving with her father Elvis following the death of her Mother This is Eve's 1st visit and she is excited to reconnect with both Teresa and Elvis; whom she views as a father due to the lack of one growing up Eve has been unable to bring along her daughter Elizabeth who she has left with her mother awful mother to Eve growing up but has stepped up to be a good Grandma to Eve's daughter Eve is so excited to catch up with her family that she doesn't follow Teresa's strict instruction to stay at BB overnight before then coming to Severed Off she goes without a care in the world until she loses her map and finds herself well and truly lost Having left a message her phone dies so she stops at a convenience store hoping to get some directions What she witnesses will change the course of both her holiday and her life if she manages to stay alive that isI liked this book Eve was a pretty nice character that is obviously pretty damaged and na├»ve to the life of a MC AngelGabe is the hero I have to say I loved his character he is the VP of the club and initially saves Eve from meeting a grizzly end at the hands of Satan on him in a minuteEve hasn't had the best start in life and lacks in my opinion any love Angel on the other hand has known love but is unable to get over dreadful memories to give that love to any one any and hatred and the need for vengeance as taken control They have a instant attraction to each other but Angel defiantly fights the lust he has for Eve to protect her both from himself and his nemesis SatanOk Satan what a character I loved him he really is the ultimate evil crazy SOB that you want and need in this type of story for me he is the star of the book you then have other characters like Elvis Teresa Prez Dragon and Ink They were great additions to the story however some were underdeveloped and could have been used to add depth to the story in my opinionAs I have already said I did like this book I just didn't love it For me there was something lacking I like grit angst and emotionalsexual intimacy between my Hh in a MC book and I just didn't get enough of it sadly The storyline is great and it definatly draws you in but at about 40% it just lost my full attention The middle just didn't build for me and I can't put my finger on why However come 85% it sucked me back in again and wow what an ending Genius So having said that you will guess that being a 2 book series we have a dreaded cliffhanger what a cliffy it was though in all honesty it saved the book for me and now has me really eager to read book 2A good but not great MC book saved by a brilliant ending and perfect baddie I just hope KT makes it a little gritty increases the angst factor and creates a story where you are routing for Angel and Eve

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He beginningWhen Gabe stakes his claim he goes all in War with Carnal MC is just the price of making Eve his and only his But love invites blood and tragedy in an MC's lifeJust when it's looking up for his MC and his new woman a savage attack blows the lid off everything Revenge possessed and determined can the hot tattooed biker save her from the danger that lies aheadBook one of a two part story CONTAINS ADULT THEMES AND MATERIAL OVER 18's ONL Didn't expect to like this but I really really liked this to all biker fans this is book you need to readimageneed 3

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Severed Angel Severed MC #1Eve could never have imagined that her trip to Australia where she is set to be maid of honor for her best friend's wedding could turn from exciting to deadly so uickly Her sheltered and boring vanilla life comes to a screeching halt when she arrives in Australia and witnesses a shocking MC murder putting her life in extreme danger The Carnal MC are a dangerous and savage motorcycle gang who want Eve and will stop at nothing to seek their reveng 35 Severed Stars Well my MC cherry is now POPPED Yep going into this book I was a total MC virgin I have about 3 or 4 other big MC series on my TBR but just haven't gotten to them yet So I was a little worried that I wouldn't be the right audience for this book but SWEET BABY JESUS was I wrong By 4% in I was totally and completely hooked The action starts right away and does not let up until the end Eve is on her way to Australia to see her best friend get married Just upon arriving she has some very bad timing at a local convenience store and witnesses a gruesome murder at the hands of the Carnal MC group the VP of which is the very aptly named Satan But Eve luckily gets rescued by a group from the good MC group in town Severed And the VP of this group is none other than the very sexy very alpha male Angelwho is unfortunately Satan's twin brother But there is no love loss between these two Satan never leaves a witness so Eve immediately becomes his primary focus She becomes the very same for Angel as well but for very different reasons What follows is a story of good versus evil with a touch of forbidden love that had me biting my nails until the last word Angel is a self professed man whore who doesn't do relationships any but can't keep his eyes off of Eve The chemistry between them is there and the sex scenes are HOT I step closer to stop her ranting She glares up her face softening when she sees my smile What's going on Angel I lean my forehead on hers breathing her in I don't know I love going into a book with zero expectations or before hand knowledge and being blown away And that is what happened here I hadn't read any of the work of either KT Fisher or Ava Manello before but I can tell you now that these are two authors to watch The writing flowed from one scene to the next seamlessly keeping me engaged that whole time Definitely a couple of authors to remember with big time potentialThere were a couple of things that kept this from being a 5 star book for me First there were a couple of times where scenes were flashed back to instead of the reader getting to experience them in detail For example view spoiler when Eve calls her daughter while with Angel and she puts her on speaker phone for him to hear her That was their first big moment of intimacy in the book and I felt like they skirted passed it That was also the same night that Eve says that they made love in addition to their usual scorching hot fuck sessions As the reader I just wanted all that yummy detail instead of just a flash back hide spoiler