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Twelve Years a SlaveBondage for 12 years in Louisiana He provided details of slave markets in Washington DC and New Orleans as well as describing at length cotton and sugar cultivation on major plantations in Louisiana. I appreciated this excellent book some of its scenes still haunt me but compared to other non fiction slave narratives such as Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl there was a bit distance of perspective here The facts are still searing; the antidotes still filled me with horror But sometimes the narrator feels a step removed I read much of the account before I realized why I felt that way and then I got to Northup's description of the Christmas celebrations among the slaves He writes Marriage is freuently contracted during the holidays if such an institution may be said to exist among them He wasn't one of them He was a Northerner Not only does he not consider himself one of them he wonders here if their marriages are even fully real That comment struck me immediately as odd; looking back I remember many of themSolomon Northup was an exceptionally intelligent man Southern culture wasn't his and at times he almost seems to take the tone of an anthropological study Perhaps that's why he includes long tracts on various customs and planting methods The planting methods are eye opening in giving a true depiction of the slaves' grueling labor but he goes beyond this to describe the methods in great detail the irrigation the plowing process the sort of mounding for each crop In the end I think his objective is much larger than telling his and his fellow slaves' human stories Much as an anthropologist studying a foreign tribe he tries to give full picture of the Southern life and culture in that area of the SouthThis focus and his striking intellect make for a uniue experience Yes sometimes the human story is slowed down a bit by the seeming diversions but the fuller picture he provides is fascinating as well as searing If being moved by a human story's raw power is primary I would recommend Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl first that book is unforgettable in its immediacy; the reader is pulled directly down into the dark pit of horrors that was slavery If instead one wants a fuller historical and cultural study of the period I would highly recommend this excellent book In the end though the distinction is a bit artificial The world could be improved much if every American were to read both books and many other stories besides from other periods books that describe periods of history in enough detail that they can be understood not only with the mind but also even importantly with the heart

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Memoir by Solomon Northup as told to and edited by David Wilson It is a slave narrative of a black man who was born free in New York state but kidnapped in Washington DC sold into slavery and kept in. I cannot fathom this book Everything that happens in this autobiography is so distant from anything that I have experienced that I cannot even conceive of the injustice in any sort of measurable or reasonable amount I feel angry and heartbroken that this sort of crime ever took place in our country disgusted to the point of choking so horrified that human trafficking through America is still so present and strong so helpless because I don’t even know how to help because I want to help because I would want to kill the person that took my freedom from me and forced me to work in any capacity that treated me like chattelThere were times that I felt Northrup was being too forgiving or wasn’t being hard enough on the people he encountered in the South but having read substantially from this time period this lack of emotion seems to be due in part to stylistic choices effusive emotion never really comes through writings from this period I don’t know if it just wasn’t distinguished to write with unbridled passion but you don’t see it in literature from this time and so I assume that Northrup was just writing in the style of his day There were other times where you could feel his rage and dismay but it was all bundled up in what I am sure was the editorial process And maybe I willfully distanced myself from some of it because it was just so hard to force myself to confront the beatings the whippings and the separation and sorrow he was writing aboutIn fact there are times that its dry matter of fact portrayal of this tragedy not just of Northrup but the tragedy of slavery was its strong point He is a reliable narrator it never feels that he is embellishing and hearing about the forced desertion of a child as the mother is sold separately in such dry tones makes it harder to turn away from You are just faced with the bare starkness of it all This IS what happened and simply put It is powerful in its relation How this isn’t mandatory reading is beyond me I feel that even excerpts from this work would have substantially and radically changed my perception of my history lessons The truth can never come too early for children while sugar coating history has the same effect as sugar coating teeth you are left with decay holes and false teeth and tales Perhaps it would be too hard and too brutal but most of the world is too hard and too brutal and if we never force ourselves to confront it in our comfortable castles in America then it will also inevitably never change

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FREE DOWNLOAD á Twelve Years a Slave à Twelve Years a Slave sub title Narrative of Solomon Northup citizen of New York kidnapped in Washington city in 1841 and rescued in 1853 from a cotton plantation near the Red River in Louisiana is a memoir by Solomon Northup as told to and edited by David Wilson It is a slave narrative of a black man who wTwelve Years a Slave sub title Narrative of Solomon Northup citizen of New York kidnapped in Washington city in 1841 and rescued in 1853 from a cotton plantation near the Red River in Louisiana is a. Old books get a bad rapbut do they deserve it Check out my latest BooktTube Video all about the fabulous and not so fabulous Olde Boies The Written Review What difference is there in the color of the soul Solomon Northup born a free man during slavery times in America is tricked and subseuently sold into slavery He goes from respectable carpenter clever violinist father of two to Platt a slave from Georgia in only a few days At first he tries to resist but soon learns that any sign of rebellion would result in his death This book chronicles his twelve years as Platt through the working conditions the harsh overseers the inhumane cruelty this book provides an unflinching account of what it was like to be a slave in AmericaUpon release he wrote and published his account as propaganda against slavery There may be humane masters as there certainly are inhuman ones there may be slaves well clothed well fed and happy as there surely are those half clad half starved and miserable; nevertheless the institution that tolerates such wrong and inhumanity as I have witnessed is a cruel unjust and barbarous one Now while this was used as propaganda it was not a work of fiction Everything that could be verified through documents has been thus this is a true account And because of that it is absolutely heartbreaking I don't want to survive I want to live You can learn about slavery in history class but reading bland facts does not compare to first hand accounts This sheds a complete new light on this shameful part of history I regret not reading this book earlier Audiobook Comments I listened to the Blackstone Audioversion read by Louis Gossett Jr He read it rather well There's another version that gives Solomon a posh almost English accent That threw me off too much so I went with this oneYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading