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The perfect blend of bondage dominance submission and love Have you ever been dangerously attracted to your professorJake Ballard He is smug and mocking but. Ever do something that makes you cringe and wish you could rewind back time Emily wishes for a redo when she accidentally swaps her kindle filled with kinky smutty erotica with her professor Jake Jake picks up the kindle and is filled with disgust Another posser girl who thinks she wants to be a submissive is his attitudeThe first half of this book was difficult for me I couldn't stand Jake He was a BDSM snob asshole How he introduces Emily to the lifestyle is not what I'd recommend He has a total chip on his shoulder and behaves as an asshat With this kind of introduction I'd have kicked him in the nuts and left He totally misrepresents a dominant As I'm reading this I'm wondering what the hell is going on with Ms Crescent Showcasing BDSM in a negative light in a romance is pretty much a guarantee to a 1 star for me Fortunately the story turns around and Jake shows how he's human and owns up to it When the kinky scenes kick in the story gets better Emily is a bit of an odd duck Her super power is interesting Her magic 8 ball inner dialogue at first was amusing After a bit it becomes tedious Still Emily represents a young inexperienced college student well Having a crush on a professor is also realistic I have fond memories of crushes on a couple of professors so I can totally relate This kinky erotica is recommended to those who enjoy Teacher to student relations

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The Professors PetFessor Ballard be my instructor in this world of bondage dominance and submission And eight weeks later when my class is at an end can I walk away from Jake. This book was given to me by the author for my honest review through the BDSM Groups TPE BarSETTINGThis book takes place in both Boston and San Francisco Our couple meets when Emily is a Grad student and Jake is a tenured professor They've known of each other for awhile but never really spoken until a mix up with their kindles After one hot night the story moves to San Francisco several months later where Emily works for a company who Jake is consulting for on a weekly basisCHARACTERSEmily is a young professional wanting to discover her submissive side She has had a crush on Jake for sometime and knows any involvement with him is only going to lead to heartache However even her magic 8 ball can't stop her from kneeling for Jake every chance she gets Emily is not a weak character She is portrayed as a strong woman who knows what she wants and she isn't afraid to take a chance and ask for itJake is the ultimate Dom and I have to tell you even when he was being a bit of a jerk I'd have still gone for it He redeems himself by realizing he let Emily down with her introduction to Ds He approaches Emily's offer to be his submissive as way to redeem himself as well as a bit of stress relief and helping a young woman discover her submissive side For all his insight and awesomeness he is a bit blind to his own feelings and some self discovery was neededPLOTThis is an excellent Ds love story One that starts with the kindle misunderstanding and then grows to friendship and unexpectedly love It is about being true to oneself and discovering who you really are The Ds is written well and is realistic The premise of the story is that he is helping to train her as a submissive and that progresses in a believable way The plot isn't deep but well drawn out No insta love It lets the relationship develop at a healthy pace over the better part of a year with the usual ups and downsOVERALLI loved this story It had all my favorite parts of Ds was funny had a plot yet was hot and steamy Magic 8 ball should other Ds lovers read this book Most definitely 4 stars

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free read The Professors Pet ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ú The perfect blend of bondage dominance submission and love Have you ever been dangerously attracted to your professorJake Ballard He is smug and mocking but his body is the stuff of epic fantasy Now through an unfortunate twist of fate he holds my smut filled Kindle His body is the stuff of epic fantasy Now through an unfortunate twist of fate he holds my smut filled Kindle in his handsI have a decision to make Can Pro. An enjoyable story from Tara Crescent and I have yet to be disappointed with her storiesProfessor Jake Ballard good looking nice physiue arrogant male Emily who has worked at the university as one of the Professor's students and subseuently gained her doctorate but as many of his students do has had an unreuited crush on himThen and this is something that has happened to me sadly not with a handsome intelligent man but an elderly lady whilst sitting over coffee Jake picks up Emily's kindle by mistake She as do many of us has her own personal library of BDSM and smut reads she panics and races to retrieve it She naturally doesn't want to lose the Professor's respect He in turn has seen her index of 'bodice rippers' and teases Emily However Jake is a Dominant and had past relationshipshe is surprised by Emily's response as he tease tests her He is arrogant and annoys Emily by calling her pet but gives her a directive and she complies What he sees in her at this moment stimulates his interest in herbut then Emily moves to the other side of the US to work Looks like a no hoperThat is the intro and I am not here to spoil the story Suffice to say it is an attempt at introducing a newbie to ds experiences Some planned experiences designed to be off putting others to humiliateThe story is told turn and turn about from each persons viewpoint Had there not been one for Jake I would have thought him an arrogant male and wondered why an intelligent woman was even looking at him His inner voice and reasoning plus his failings and insecurities makes him real likeable but still definitely a Sir Emily has to keep referring to a 'Magic 8 Ball' for her inner conscience decisions now I have been employed in a totally time consuming profession in my past and missed these Had no idea what one was so found it bemusing then found it on t'internet and couldn't think why an intelligent doctor should keep referring to superstitions to guide her decision makingthen I thought why not others pray to the heavens and get less back than an 8 ball decision Could start a new craze or religion hereThere comes a moment when the world is a small overcrowded place and I wanted to shake Emily and another when I wanted to shake JakeWhat comes over to me most and the best part in my opinionthe way these BDSM experiences pan out it could be real The realism of the spankings or flogging was combined with erotic sensuality was delightful and i could see myself relishing Emily's realistic experiences instead of the intense over the top reads towards BDSM graphic violence we often get for shock value One thing i think I would like to see Tara write a long varied list for speaker attributes for choice as she can over rely on the same ones a little too often drawled Jake ;To me this is a solid 4 star read and I would classify it as BDSM lighterotica