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Keep Me Grayson Sibling mobi ë Grayson Sibling ¶ faith andrews ¶ Sexy tatted up underwear model Marcus Grayson is every girl’s dream—or likely worst nightmare He’s a player a self proclaimed bachelor for life and he’s got no problem living up to his man whore status But when his older sister’s friD catching up with old friends; the ones she was forced to break ties with because of her controlling husband When she runs into Marcus her friend Riley’s once adorable turned smoking hot little brother she has no idea how he’s about to rock her world This book surprised me With the way the first chapter started I didn't think there was going to be anyway I was going to like underwear model Marcus Grayson He was arrogant cocky and was a complete douche when it came to women He wielded his dick like it was a sword and he used it to cut a very wide path everywhere he went But Faith Andrews made like like Marcus Made me want Marcus to fall and fall hard for the girl Made me jump on the Marcus bandwagon and help him fight to prove his was than the scores of women he slept with before In the end Faith Andrews wove a terrific tale of a manwhore being brought to his knees when he met 'the one'Marcus Grayson defined bad boy The hot underwear model used his tattoos his body and his smile to get him whatever he wantedwomen included He didn't want to settle down and he never was with the same woman twice But that all changed when he ran into his sister's high school best friend Tessa Bradley From the moment he laid eyes on her in line at Starbucks the things he used to enjoy doing didn't The only thing that matter was Tessa and how she saw him Unfortunately for Marcus it's not only his reputation that stands in the way of him finding his HEA with Tessa It's also his sister She's seen him at his worst and she knows exactly what happens when Marcus hooks up with one of her friends She fights his relationship with Tessa making it hard on not only Marcus but Tessa in trying to give this relationship a chanceMarcus isn't the only one with baggage Tessa comes with a boatload of her own After leaving her abusive husband she's trying to forge a new life for herself and her infant son She's determined to make it on her own But that's hard to do when she finds herself longing for Marcus Luckily for Tessa she also discovers that when she's with Marcus she becomes of the person she used to be A person who's not afraid to take risk or have fun As she sheds of the abused Tessa skin she discovers that despite their age difference Marcus' past or even her best friend's objections she can't stay away from Marcus and really doesn't want toThe author created an engaging extremely hot and emotionally connecting story about not letting your past define you and finding happiness despite the odds Marcus and Tessa may seem on paper to be an oddly matched couple but as their story unfolds they are absolutely perfect together

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From the past he may just have the chance to turn some of his adolescent fantasies into reality Tessa Bradley is a self sufficient take no bull single mother well now she is Finally rid of her abusive alcoholic ex she’s making a new life for herself an KEEP ME BY FAITH ANDREWS 1 FEB 2014I'm too mentisental Too firmly rooted in Romancelandia to be okay with my hero being this attracted to the ow Skylar during his relationship with the heroine About 70% into book she tries her feminine wiles on himIn his bedroom After a fight with the hsighExcerpt I turned to walk away but Skylar had me cornered her hands secured to the dresser caging my much larger body with her tiny frameHe DOES try to get out of it I just wish he didn't have to TOUCH her to do it That he didn't have to look into her eyes to get his message across He's a big man our hero but he didn't bodily pick her up and run like hell I'm not sure why he decided to get all meaningful with a woman with whom he simply had a meaningless once off wham bam with ExcerptI pulled the hair at the nape of her neck and tilted her head so she could look at me “Enough I have a girlfriend and this is not happening”He's about to put effort into getting rid of her but then the ow the much smaller owExcerptbeat me to it and forced her fingers in my hair and her mouth over mineTHENExcerptMy brain tried with all it’s might to tell my body not to react—and it was doing a pretty good job—until her leg flung around my waist her core grinding against me as her hand started to creep into my shortsDoes he redeem himself before it’s too late? Nope Right after the above excerpt the heroine walks in on them ExcerptJust then the door swung open and what I saw next made my heart implodeAnd yes he cheated ExcerptWe were done I’d lost everything because of one momentary lapse of sanityThis probably would’ve affected me if I could feel a deep bond between the Hxh Or even if they had that one of a kind intense sexual chemistryUnfortunately I've had to add a new shelf especially for this book because it’s the first book I’ve read where the sexual heat between the hero and the ow is exactly the same if not intense than between him and the heroine I'm also impractically unrealistic hence my love of escapist romance reads to the extent that I prefer my hero to connect on a deep level with the heroine's child At least by 89% into their story anyway But this is where he admits he has an emotional attachment but not a truly deep one yet ExcerptOne day I would feel thatHe proves himself true to his feelings or lack of deep feelings anyway when at 2 different times further into the story his concern for the baby’s wellbeing is secondary and not instinctive There IS an epilogue where things are neatly wrapped up though

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Keep Me Grayson Sibling #1 Sexy tatted up underwear model Marcus Grayson is every girl’s dream or likely worst nightmare He’s a player a self proclaimed bachelor for life and he’s got no problem living up to his man whore status But when his older sister’s friend comes back My Review ARC RECEIVED FOR HONEST REVIEWNow if this isnt an opening line I dont know what isI Marcus Grayson am a man whore How did I know this?“Marcus M Grayson you’re a man whore”See what I mean? Set in a dual POV this book tells of Tessa and Marcus in an amazing friends to lovers story Tessa has recently come back to her home town after the breakdown of her marriage With her she brings her adorable little baby boy Luca and she is determined to make a fresh start away from her controlling abusive ex husband The restraining order is is place and he's finally gone to rehab to battle his demons with the drink and Tessa is ready to go back to her old life Luckily her good friend Riley who is also Marcus' sister is willing to look over the fact that once Tessa met her hubby and got married she stopped making contact She saw Tessa's husband for exactly what he was and knew that he was stopping Tessa being the person she was Life is looking good for Tessa she has got herself a lovely new little house for her and Luca she has her friend back and best of all she has managed to find herself an amazing job And on the morning of her first day she happens to run into Marcus in the coffee shop She hasnt seen Marcus for years and with him being Rileys younger brother she never really noticed him beforetill now Marcus is now a hot as hell tatted up model Marcus has always had a crush on Tessa even as a 13 year old kid he would look forward to her visiting his sister just so he could see her and have a little perve Only now he's in his 20'sand a bit of a tart He has never been in a relationship He jumps from woman to woman never sticking around till morning and certainly no going back for seconds He takes the piss out of his friends who settle down and brags about all the tail he's chasing and catching He will openly admit he has only ever loved 2 women in his lifehis sister and his late Mom But theres something about Tessahe wants her But since he has a way of working his way through this sisters friends which eventually leads to them never speaking to Riley again he has promised not to go there with any of her friends again But the attraction is mutualTessa knows that she should stay away she needs to think about getting back on her feet without a man and securing a life for her and Lucas and Marcus knows he should stay away too as he cant cope with the shit he'll receive if Riley loses another one of her friends through Marcus' whoring ways But with one kiss she blows his mind he starts imagining a relationship with her he wants He's thinking stuff he has never thought beforehe's willing to become Daddy to little Luca he's willing to be in it for the long haul “I can give you what you need And youyou’re everything I never knew I wanted”The only thing is they need to deal with their 3 major issues before they can have their happily ever after The sisterThe past The exMy thoughts I loved this book I picked it up one evening after work and didn't put it down till I finished it Even held my kindle in my right hand while I ate my tea with my left It was a fantastic story that kept me hooked all the way through everything from the friends to lover scenario to the dramas they encountered The characters were so real and enjoyable Tessa was an amazing lead female character she was down on her luck had endured hell at the hands of her ex husband but yet she wasn't a broken victim She was feisty and fierce and so protective of her son Marcus was laugh out loud funny at times and his point of view was brilliant And the best part was the story although a complete story for Marcus and Tessa was left open for Riley I'll be buying it on release day 5 stars