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The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State review Ü eBook or Kindle ePUB ¿ يتساءل المؤلف لماذا حين تسقط الأيدولوجيات والدول القائمة عليها علي مر التاريخ فإنها لا تعود لتنهض مرة أخرى بإستثناء أيدولوجيا الدولنية القطرية المستبدة ، ولكنها عادت مجددا للنهوض في العقدين الأخيرين ، وبتسارع أكبر بعد الربيع العربي. The author managed to provide great clarity about the current political landscape in Arab and Muslim states which is dominated by Islamist parties clamoring for a return to an Islamic state free from unfettered executive power The book traces the development of the classical Islamic state especially the role of scholars and their exclusive role in interpreting shari’a and documents its subseuent fall in the Ottoman Empire following the tanzimat reforms The analysis on the decline of the class of scholars is insightful by highlighting the gradual erosion of their power over the years through the creation of muftis and the use of other laws to supplement and expand on the few rules encompassed by the shari’a Eventually the scholars were in no position to prevent the codification of law and the setup of an elected legislature which was a death knell to a class which has played a crucial role in checking the power of the caliph and whose preserve of interpreting shari’a has meant that the rule of law was uphold Careful distinction was made between the current field of Islamist parties and their envisioned Islamic state and the classical Islamic state by pointing out that Islamist parties are looking to democratized the shari’a instead and hence do not support the resurgence of the scholars By using examples of Saudi Arabia Iran and to a lesser extent Somali Pakistan Afghanistan and Ira the author highlights the challenges and problems of a modern Islamic state and also the legitimacy of Islamist parties’ claim of an Islamic state The author was honest in his opinion of the unlikelihood of a successful Islamic state given that the institutions reuired are absent in many countries and the process of building one and maintaining it long enough without external interference is difficult

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ة أخرى بإستثناء أيدولوجيا الدولة الإسلامية التي إنتهت مع سقوط الخلافة العثمانية وبروز الدولة العلما. The best thing I've read on what an Islamic state looks like Beginning with a historic view it concisely explains in terms of political theory and separation of powers how the original system during the Islamic caliphate worked with shari'a acting as an unwritten constitution and the scholarly class being an informal check on the powers of the executive from whom the judiciary were appointed The second part then delves into precisely how this went wrong leading to the downfall of the Ottoman empire In the final part he analyzes the shape of the state which modern Islamist movements advocate how it would function and the reasons for its lasting appeal in the Islamic world It's a refreshing and nuanced analysis lacking in prejudice or fear mongering well researched historically and avoiding the pitfalls most contemporary commentators make when discussing Islamic political movements I recommend it to anyone who's interested in the convergence of Islam and politics and its aim for the future

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The Fall and Rise of the Islamic Stateيتساءل المؤلف لماذا حين تسقط الأيدولوجيات والدول القائمة عليها علي مر التاريخ فإنها لا تعود لتنهض مر. A thoroughly researched piece of work which presents the topic in an understandable and accessible way for someone not familiar with the issues it raises Excellent presentation of the historical background Well worth a read I myself as currently training in a common law jurisdiction definitely found many differences which made an interesting contrast to how Western legal orders function