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read & download ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB Û Laurence Gonzales Merikanische Wissenschaftlerin Jenny sie und nimmt sie mit nach Amerika Lucy ist hübsch und sehr begabt Was niemand ahnt Sie ist das Ergebnis eines unglaublichen Experiments ihr Erbgut eine. Entertainment Weekly gave this an A so I thought I'd post my review I read an ARC of this in April 2010 As the killing and attacks heat up in a Congolese civil war scientist Jenny Lowe studying bonobos a type of chimpanzee is forced to abandon her research post Along the way she stops by a fellow scientist's camp and discovers he is dead but his teenage daughter is alive The leave together and Jenny takes the girl Lucy home to Chicago with her until something can be sorted out After a bit and through the dead scientists notebooks we discover that Lucy is half ape half human This isn't a spoiler it's revealed pretty soon I read about 200 pages and put it aside It's an interesting concept and explores what it means to be human Bonobos share 98 percent of their genetic make up with humans After having grown up in the jungle among her bonobo mother and half siblings Lucy has a lot to adjust to as she settles into suburban life Sometimes the commentary feels heavy handed and as if it is coming from the author's political and philosophical leanings instead of coming about in a authentic way One character refers to the US as a police state and there are blows against the TSA Twilight the media and evangelical Christians Characters tend be be either all good or all evil The writing is fine but nothing special

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Lucy author Laurence Gonzales review ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Das Mädchen Lucy wächst im afrikanischen Dschungel bei ihrem Vater einem englischen Naturforscher in völliger Abgeschiedenheit auf Sie ist vierzehn als er stirbt Durch Zufall findet die amerikanische Wissenschaftlerin Jenny sie und nimmt sie mit nach Am Kreuzung zwischen dem von Mensch und Menschenaffe Irgendwann lässt sich das nicht mehr geheimhalten woraufhin Medien Militär und Wissenschaftler eine erbarmungslose Jagd auf Lucy beginnen. I know a lot of reviewers on com panned this novel I still decided to go ahead with it based on the reviews on NPR last fall Even with a master's degree in anthropology I still enjoyed this novel The gene splicing technology is similar to that proposed for bringing back the Woolly Mammoth Whether or not science is there yet is another uestion altogether and I suspended my disbelief for the purpose of the novel I also suspended my disbelief that a hybrid would exhibit suprahuman intelligence In human evolution and its forks in the road homo sapiens have the second largest brain capacity at about 1200 ccs to a homo neanderthalensis' approx 1400 ccs We have far greater capacity for abstract thought language and tool making than our great ape counterparts No one myself included would contend that brain size is the only correlate to intelligence and humanness; we have physiology that makes our complex spoken language and tool making possible but impossible for great apes Yes great apes have been shown to use tools but experiments in teaching them to create tools on even an early humanoid level haven't been promising Again because the science is outlined in a rather sketchy manner even a reader well versed in primate evolution can be allowed to suspend disbelief because I don't really know what Lucy's brain configuration looks likeThe real part of the novel is the ethical considerations No one uestioned that it was wrong to create a pan paniscus homo sapiens hybrid but we're left to grapple with the conseuences and how things would play out in the media and legal arenas once knowledge escaped Here the one area I think Gonzales overlooked would be the resulting explicit bans on similar gene splicing experimentation I found the ultimate resolution to be a smart choice if not somewhat predictable

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Lucy author Laurence GonzalDas Mädchen Lucy wächst im afrikanischen Dschungel bei ihrem Vater einem englischen Naturforscher in völliger Abgeschiedenheit auf Sie ist vierzehn als er stirbt Durch Zufall findet die a. Horrible horrible book Why did the reviews not mention the descriptions of lesbian makeouts and the hatred for human kind that seep from this book A warning would have been niceHad to read for book club but couldn't force myself to read past page 126 when Lucy the apehuman hybrid begins making out with her high school friend AmandaThe theme of the book seems to be that humans have no inherant dignity and are the exact same as apes except that we are also evil The only way to save the human race is to cross breed with peaceful and loving apes Radical anti war and pro enviromental views expressed You know the type of people who would happily sign a dealth warrant for all humans to make the world safe for natureSexual lines are also blurred using nature to prove we are also bi sexual in our natural state and would be better off returning to the ways of the wild Sex is just mating or enjoying anothers company and additional significance is silly and unhealthyThere are few references to religion and then it is to mention crazy fundimental religious zealots who oppose science And later religion is mentionsed as the cause of wars No specific religion is mentioned they are all grouped together and treated dismissively as something negative There is no God only The Stream a way animals communicate with each other And apparently crickets talk about their memories of dinosaurs at nightAlso the author is so full of his big liberating ideas that he doesn't bother with details A million little impossibilites trip up the story Like since when was wrestling a sport that made you cool in high school And what public high school has the funds to provide troubled students with a full medical exam and intensive counceling after a first incident involving a new student And how can a person simply claim a child and enroll them in public school without any government or foster care involvement And is it believable that a diplomat would freely disregard his own countries laws and obtain a fake passport as a favor to a friend The list goes on and on