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Lost Moon: The Perilous Voyage of Apollo 13 Summary ✓ 8 Ó In April of 1970 during NASA's fifth mission to the moon Jim Lovell and his fellow Apollo 13 astronauts found their craft crippled by a mysterious explosion The authors detail the harrowing and heroic four day rescue Now a major motion picture from Universal PicturR craft crippled by a mysterious explosion The authors detail the harrowing and heroic four day rescue Now a major. This book upon which the film Apollo 13 is based provides a lot details and background information about the accident I’m guessing that science journalist Jeffrey Kluger had a major role in shaping the narrative which was expertly told and whose chapters alternated between flashbacks and current dramas The book highlights things missed in the movie the vast amount of flight experience Lovell already had having flown twice around the moon the personal connection Lovell had with ill fated Apollo 1 tragedy the social protocol NASA astronauts had including that of Lovell’s wife who had to keep one wife “busy” while NASA prepared to deliver the news of her husband’s death the nitty gritty detail of the necessary burn operations they had to take how the “venting” of oxygen surrounded the ship during most of the return home and interfered with visibility The book certainly captures the exciting and heroic efforts of the astronauts and crew; strangely the whole story is told in first person which papers over the fact that inside the spaceship at least the perspective is entirely Lovell’s Recommended

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In April of 1970 during NASA's fifth mission to the moon Jim Lovell and his fellow Apollo 13 astronauts found thei. GUIDO EECOM Flight CAPCOM FIDO TELMU LEM CONTROL Simsups RETRO Roger Copythat GoI love NASA speak don't you It all takes me back to the days when I was glued to the television set watching as much as I could of the space flights in the 60's and 70'sThis book tells the story of one of the scariest of all journeys Apollo 13 And Houston they sure had problems The unraveling of the mission is a fascinating story as are the details of the way it was patched back together in order to get the crew back to EarthWe get to travel not only to the moon with the crew they got there in an orbit they just were not able to get to the surface but back in time to become familiar with Lovell as a person and pilot We spend hours now and then with his family as they wait along with the rest of the world for events to unfold And we spend days with the team at Mission Control which was at one time in my life one of the places I most wanted to see in real life not just on the small screenThere was something poignant about reading how bored the nation had become with the space program by the time Apollo 13 was ready for liftoff According to the book the entire process had become routine Until the accident reminded everyone just how risky it was I thought of theChallenger disaster in January 1986 The identical mindset had infected everyone by then too The command to 'Go at throttle up' never sounded the same to me after that day But back to Apollo This book is uite readable even with the NASA terms which are all explained the first time they appear The pages go flying by because the story flows from the beginning and is suspenseful even though we know that the crew arrives home safely After all how else could the Mission Commander be author of the book He did have help in the form of Jeffrey Kluger and the book is not told in first person style but I would say that the team worked smoothly together whoever did the actual writing

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Lost Moon The Perilous Voyage of Apollo 13Motion picture from Universal Pictures coming June 30 directed by Ron Howard and starring Tom Hanks and Kevin Bac. This work is a recounting of Mr Lovell’s experience as a NASA astronaut particularly his fateful Apollo 13 mission sauced up to emphasize the human interest theme to engender mass appetites meaning Mr Kluger has taken some grating liberties with his uotations The result is a readable accounting of a harrowing experience which as we all know ended without loss of life My mom gave me this book autographed by Mr Lovell who lived in her subdivision for a while After gathering dust on the bookshelf for a couple decades I figured it had aged sufficiently to be readA tale like this leads me to wonder why we’re sending humans into orbit today a point I remember raised from a delightful college astronomy professor nearly 40 years ago In recent decades manned space flight has been to low earth orbit altitudes approximating the distance from London to Paris I remember my good professor making a couple of salient points 1 all of the ‘science’ being conducted on these missions can be accomplished with robotic technologies 2 adding humans to a mission significantly increases the cost due to the environmental and safety factors that now must be considered and 3 absent the human interest element funding would become much difficult; the agency’s success depends on robust funding secured through an appealing public relations effortNow there’s talk of sending humans to Mars or back to the Moon Why Can’t our resources be put to better use here given our incessant social concerns especially our nation wide mental health crisis Just what sacrifices has our society made to fund these past space missions anyway We seem committed to running high school science projects while risking human lives at extravagant costs for reasons I can’t understand Who knows maybe we’ll see our first case of murder or assault when one of these crew members goes off the rail pursuing one of these ill conceived voyages Is that what we want I’m guessing the media would welcome the drama Stay tuned