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read Sønnen author Jo Nesbø kindle Û Hardcover ò jo nesbø Å The author of the internationally best selling Harry Hole series now gives us an electrifying stand alone novel set amid Oslo's hierarchy of corruption from which one very unusual young man is about to propel himself into a mission of brutal revenUnder the thumb of Oslo's crime overlord the Twin When Sonny learns some long hidden truths about his father he makes a brilliant escape and begins hunting down the people responsible for the hideous crimes he's paid for But he's also being hunted by the Twin the cops and the only person who knows the ultimate truth that Sonny is seeking The uestion is what will he do when they've cornered him I confess beginning The Son with a healthy degree of skepticism I was continually trying to second guess the rationale for writing a police thriller sans everyone's favorite detective Suffice to say I think my uestion was answered by the end of the novel you won't be disappointed to pick up this book While there are some similarities with the classic series such as a flawed detective hero Kripos fighting with the local crime suad I guess its no different from the cliche of FBI taking over the locals investigation The Son stands out as an unusual tale of revenge violence redemption and morality Not wanted to exaggerate this novel too much although it is very good Nesbo almost reaches Shakespearean heights in his portrayal of needy characters making tragic choicesThe plot is a slow but satisfying build It takes a few chapters before the story starts to gather momentum and most enjoyable part of the book is unlike a typical thriller where the majority of the impetus to keep reading is around solving the mystery The Son successfully sucks you into the lives of the characters and wanting to see the outcome for themSo for fans of Harry Hole or Nesbo's other books are there other books really The Son should be a stable in your diet For newbies or even anti fans I still recommend The Son as a solid stand alone book Nesbo stays away from making this book too 'Nordic Noir' so if you're worried about reading something as heavy as a Larson book don't be in fact I think this book is set in summer if that happens in Norway

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Interrupted supply of heroin and the unexpected stream of fellow prisoners seeking out his uncanny abilities to soothe and absolve His addiction started when his father committed suicide rather than be exposed as a corrupt cop and now Sonny is the center of a vortex of corruption prison staff police lawyers a desperate priest all of them focused on keeping him stoned and jailed and all of them 15 hysterical predictable tedious stars Second Most Disappointing Read of 2019 Award Last year I read Nesbo's Macbeth and although very disappointed I was also fairly entertained and garnered a 25 star rating from me I felt that perhaps I might be interested and impressed in his own original work rather than an adaptation of a classic I was wrong I picked this up as I needed some respite from killer clowns It a biography on Alexander the Great and some pop anthropology I craved a dark exciting diversion and chose this book which has an average rating of 407 Nope nope nope This started as a fairly interesting three star read that plummeted around the halfway mark with predictability histrionic heroics and individual psychologies that were both simplistic and inconsistent My eyes kept rolling my predictions all came true and I was both agitated and bored while reading this I skimmed the last third as I wanted to complete this pronto I will not return to Nesbo He is not for me and there are so many other authors that write mysteries and thrillers that I want to explore

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Sønnen author Jo NesbThe author of the internationally best selling Harry Hole series now gives us an electrifying stand alone novel set amid Oslo's hierarchy of corruption from which one very unusual young man is about to propel himself into a mission of brutal revenge Sonny Lofthus in his early thirties has been in prison for the last dozen years serving time for crimes he didn't commit In exchange he gets an un Reading Jo Nesbo a reader uickly realizes that Nesbo is always capable of producing a good book but also has in him the ability to write a great book Nesbo’s 2000 Harry Hole book The Redbreast is an example of Nesbo’s writing at its bestHis 2014 novel The Son is another exampleFirst of all this is NOT a Harry Hole novel The Son is a stand alone book that centers around protagonist Sonny Lofthus a convicted murderer and heroin addict We find Sonny in prison and the reader uickly learns that he is in jail for crimes he has not committed He confesses to a murder and in exchange he is supplied a steady stream of needle drugsWhy he does this and how he has become this damaged bag of human goods is a central part of Nesbo’s charismatic prose But the most noteworthy aspect of the book is the integral and ubiuitous allegorical uality of the narrativeRipe with allegory and metaphor The Son is a modern day morality play with strong and resonant references to the Bible and with Western civilization Christian faith Lofthus is described in ways that would make him a Christ like figure only in negative and the vengeance he seeks from Oslo’s underworld crime network is shown in stark and penetrating contrast to the clearly emblematic Christian frameworkWhile Nesbo avoids an outright symbolic and juxtaposing retelling of the New Testament to his credit The Son is so rife with Christian symbolism and tangential meaning that the reader is kept alert for all such references and when complementary demonic and pagan references are made Nesbo has crafted for the reader a rich tapestry of multi layered meaning and imageryA good mystery thriller on the surface The Son works on various levels and leaves the reader with much to ponder in this enjoyable and well written story