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Binary (®Evolution, #2) Free read ¼ 109 ð When confiscated genestock is stolen out of secure government uarantine DI Sharon Varsi finds herself on the biggest case of her career chasing down a clever thief a mysterious hacker and the threat of new black market gemtechZavcka Klist ruthless industrial enforcer has reinvented herself Now the When confiscated genestock is stolen out of secure government uarantine DI Sharon Varsi finds herself on the biggest case of her career chasing down a clever thief a mysterious hacker and the threat of new black market gemtechZavcka Klist ruthless industrial enforcer ha. Very interesting and the tension barely let up There were new characters who caused me no end of worry Also no cliff hanger

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Y that only a gemtech can cure Aryel's in no position to refuseAs the infotech programme inches towards a breakthrough Sharon’s investigations lead ever closer to the dark heart of Bel'Natur the secrets of Aryel Morningstar's past and what Zavcka Klist is really after. I adored Gemsigns Adored it so very much And there was no way I’d turn down the chance to read the seuel not after being so thoroughly impressed by the first book in the series Binary was an incredibly strong follow up to its predecessor complete with the amazing characters I knew and loved from beforeAs before there are a few converging plotlines here Genestock has been discovered missing and the theft carefully covered up attention only drawn to it thanks to an anonymous whistleblower The implications are both staggering and confusing; it’s old stock nothing proprietary but why would someone steal it and go to such great lengths to hide it unless they were doing something uite illegal with the information Herran a gem with incredible skills at understanding binary code on the level of a primary language but with serious social and other linguistic impairments is now part of a project at Bel’Natur a new direction for the company in which they want to develop infotech since they can no longer experiment with gemtech Rhys has found comfort and support with Callan but a mysterious illness is slowly killing him and he’s not sure just how much time he has left Zavcka Klist appears to be reformed and contrite about her previous role in gemtech but multiple people suspect that it’s all just an act And through all of that Aryel Morningstar is there helping supporting and keeping her own history a closely guarded secretSaulter’s fiction is so very amazing because she tackles social issues in a brilliant and subtle way that lets you know exactly what’s going on without feeling beaten over the head with certain moral viewpoints And sometimes there are no clearcut right or wrong answers to a dilemma; sometimes you just have to go with one option because all the others are worse I like the way that’s all presented here It’s easy to write something where there’s an absolute right and an absolute wrong and precious little grey area in between or perhaps a small uandary presents itself but the right decision is still fairly obvious because the benefits clearly outweigh the detriments But in reality that isn’t always the case and I think Saulter does a fantastic job of showing how people can grapple with those situationsThere’s also something to be said about the realistic way that the social model of disability is presented here too A person may have a medical disability but the medical issues are not the only challenge A person who can’t walk for instance may have absolutely no problem finding a job if workplaces had accessible ramps It’s remarkable how a few accommodations can turn a debilitating situation into a manageable one and that gets tackled than once in both Gemsigns and Binary Herran for instance has a much easier time communicating through online interactions than face to face and with the infotech he was helping to develop with Bel’Natur that ease may have even grown in the future with greater access available to him Saulter does something very praise worthy with all this; she puts it as a thread running through the whole story but only sometimes does it become blatant and unmistakable You get the idea into your head in such a subtle way that you don’t even realise that your understanding is slowly shifting in a new direction Love itAlso wonderful was finding out about Aryel’s past She’s been mysterious right from the get go intentionally so but here we get to see so much of her and how she came to be who she is how those wings came to be and what events propelled her onward It was painful to see in many ways the dismissive comments from scientists the way she had to pretend to be less than herself in order to escape notice and the knowledge that her escape meant disaster for so many others She takes so much upon herself is a natural leader and all of that was born from such a troubled beginning It wasn’t that she was an unsympathetic character in the first book far from it but the insight we gain into her background here brings her from a figure on a pedestal to someone closer to home someone real with her own traumas and coping mechanisms and damage than anyone should reasonably have to deal withOf course you could say that about any gem and you’d be on the markI’m not going to lie Rhys and Callan might well be my new favourite couple I think I got emotionally invested in their relationship than I’ve gotten in any other literary couple at least in a very long time I couldn’t help but love them and I spent the last half of the book on the edge of my seat half afraid that Saulter would go route of having Rhys die from his condition so that heart strings could be tugged and tears could be jerkedI also love an unspoken declaration that clearly homosexuality was not “bred out” or rather tweaked out by manipulation of genetics Why would it for one thing when gems were viewed for so long not as people but living single purpose workers with no rights of humanity of their own I doubt any of them would have given enough of a crap to design a specific sexuality into gems when romance was hardly something their designers were concerned with even if it was possible To them it would have been like designing a sexual preference for computers; pointless and a waste of time But while none of that was said outright having heteronormative behaviours be the default for everyone would have been an easy trap to fall into and easily explained if anyone asks “They were designed that way” Only they weren’t and Saulter gets much love from me for that little subtletyThe only part that was a little bit odd to me was Zavcka’s secret and that’s difficult to talk about without going into spoilers but I’ll do my best It seemed a little bit cheesy When it was first hinted that the women in her family all looked alike I thought that perhaps they were clones and that would have been very credible in context but then you get into stuff about the extreme longevity and I raised an eyebrow a little It seemed a touch over the top like a bigoted villain who did everything she did wasn’t enough but now she has to be behind almost everything since the company’s inception tooThough admittedly reading between the lines it does make a lot of sense especially with the gemtech that evolved thanks to her genes It was less longevity and a high degree of cellular repair and adaptation to counter the typical effects of aging Which sounds like it may amount to the same thing and in her case it does but to look at it as adaptation and repair makes sense as to how people like Aryel were created in the first place And all the other gems who don’t have that wonderful longevity built into them that we know of anyway; I suppose we don’t exactly encounter very many gems who could have lived beyond a typical human lifespan but it’s easy to see how that kind of mutation would have been invaluable for tweaking genetic structures and still having things work out in the end It wasn’t said outright like that so I’m reading between the lines on that way but it makes the most sense to me to think of it that way so that’s what I’m going withI could go on at length and praise this novel over and over again I really could Sometimes the hardest reviews to write are the ones where you loved the book so completely that it’s hard to be objective and talk about why it was good when the truth is that it’s a novel that defies description The story is captivating the writing beautiful the characters perfect If you enjoyed Gemsigns you’ll enjoy Binary If you enjoy amazing stories that break molds and stand out from the crowd you’ll enjoy the whole series I said it before and I’ll say it again social sci fi just doesn’t get any better than thisBook received in exchange for an honest review

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Binary ®Evolution #2S reinvented herself Now the head of Bel'Natur she wants gem celebrity Aryel Morningstar's blessing for the company's revival of infotech – the science that spawned the Syndrome nearly destroyed mankind and led to the creation of the gems With illness in her own famil. Originally posted at thebookplankblogspotnl201404binaLast year I read Stephanie Saulter's debut Gemsigns and was taken from the first few pages Genetic tinkering is for me one of the most alluring subjects that science fiction currently has to offer also by my job I am still intrigued by all that authors come up with In Gemsigns Stephanie Saulter introduced the reader to post syndrome world Syndrome decimated the world and could only be saved by genetic engineering leading up to the gems The gems were the workhorses of society ruled or less by the norms One scientist Eli Walker was tasked to asses the whole situation and decide whether the gems were truly human and if they should be given eual rights I was taken by the powerful story that Stephanie Saulter wrote both as an entertaining and action packed science fiction story but also delving deeper into the human aspects and what drives them to do certain actions The book ended in a perfect way with enough room to be picked up in the seuel Binary Binary picks up several years after the events of Gemsigns and it seems that peace has been returned between the gems and the norms the godgangs and gem hating has stopped The gems have been given the same rights as the norms they are free to do what they want even procreating but this isn't all that easy for them The gems also aren't the sole workhorses of society any they aren't mere property but full class citizensBut where does the story picks up in Binary Well even though some years have passed it seems that the past events have left a definite mark upon society Added to this is the fact that the gemtech co operations the companies that created the gems are no longer allowed to create them all the genestocks have been frozen into one big database and everything is tightly monitored However even with this tight security a certain genestock goes missing and it is up to Sharon Varsi to find just where it went but her lead proof to wind up nowhere as there is virtually no trace of where the genestock went to I think it was a smart move to skip a few years into the future when picking the story of Binary it plays out as a action reaction or some unavoidable conseuences that now slowly come to surface because the story of Sharon Varsi is just one of the three story threads you also have Rhys who is suffering from an disease that would reuire help of a gemtech company and you have Zavcka Klist do you still remember her from Gemsigns what a b who has managed to let her gemtech company Bel'Natur survive the cut All of these different story started up individually but later on in Binary Stephanie Saulter nicely weaves them into each other The story of Zavcka was for me by far the best one It is also I think by this one that the other two stories get connected In Gemsigns you had gotten to know Zavcka Klist as a ruthless women who only wants her own way However now that the gems are free she had to reinvent her Bel'Natur she wants to do this by launching infotech a disc that would allow a person to record all their thoughts and transfer them It is just this type of technology that caused the Syndrome in the first place Zavcka Klist is again playing a dangerous and dirty game is this really for the better of society or does she has plans for here own because with Zavcka you never ever know A definite plus to the present story of Binary is the fact that Stephanie Saulter introduces interlude chapters that take place when Aryel was still a young girl There was a big revealing in the end of Gemsign about what Aryel has hidden under the cloak and from the start Aryel made up for an interesting protagonist however she never said a word about her past Well you get the full lowdown of all the stuff that happened on Aryel when she was still in the hands of one of the gemtechs Like I said I really liked this part and a lot of uestions do become answered and scenes become that much clearer by this a clever move Most of the characters that you got the meet up with in Gemsigns make an appearance in Binary First and foremost is Aryel Morningstar the protagonist of the series so far After the big reveal in Gemsigns Aryel has gained a celebrity status and is held as one of the icons of being a gem Aryel hadn't wanted this status in the first place but it does seem that she is coping with it pretty well other people however want to use it to create some extra publicity Aryel was the leader of the gems and she still is a resolute character but now her past seems to catch up with herself Her character gets another degree of complexity by the flashbacks to her past Linking these events to her present story and the actions she takes you can clearly see that it starts to weigh her down Secondly you have Zavcka Now running a legitimate business with Bel'Natur Zavcka desperately wants the help of Aryel her iconic status can help her launch her new product but all that has transpired between Aryel and Zavcka make their relation strenuous I am going to be honest when I say that I had thought Zavcka had turned out for the better Well I was in for a surprise The end Wow As a third you have Rhys Rhys was made from a special genestock that now seems to fail on him he is having seizures that threathen his life and that of his friend Callan Rhys is seeking a cure but for that you would need the specific genestock But his cannot be found Anywhere I liked how Stephanie Saulter showed Rhys's character and that of Callan they have a complex relation and it comes to show that love makes strong and their battles do pay off in the end Last and definitely not least you have Eli Walker the scientist tasked with deciding if the gems and the norms should be given eual rights from the first book and Met officer Sharon Varsi Eli is just himself as from Gemsigns and still uestioning and examining the gem norm society Sharon Varsi is tasked with finding the stolen genestock Sharon's character gave a nice view on some of the normalcy that is still present in society All in all I was again very pleased with the level of depth that Stephanie Saulter gave to her characters They all just want to get by at a daily level but things are just to complex This is still science fiction And what would that be with out some cool idea's Stephanie Saulter really put a smile on my face when she started the parts on genome splicing epigenetics and much much I don't know whether this will mean a lot to you if you haven't got any prior knowledge about these subjects But luckily I do and Stephanie Saulter does as well For me this came totally unexpected but it worked well when it was explained and Stephanie Saulter did an amazing job when integrating these parts in her story Pretty darn awesome The ending of the story of Binary revolves around Zavcka I had thought her to be changed but I was wrong When Stephanie Saulter drops the bomb on you the ulterior motive that Zavcka has I think you will be awed just as much as I was and thinking did she really just do that Stephanie Saulter executed the story of Binary perfectly building up a tension and producing several false leads until finally it dawns on you that some people just cannot be trusted Just as with her debut Gemsigns Stephanie Saulter creates a powerful entry in the science fiction genre with Binary She never stopped suprising me with her twists and turns that were riddled all throughout the story What Stephanie Saulter managed to do in Gemsigns exploring both the science of science fiction and a heavy emotional side with the gem and norm society she does so again in Binary and perhaps even better Given the fact that Aryel character and the relation to Zacka is explored in much depth Great characters and a superb storyline that will make you stop and wonder If you are looking for a uniue concept in science fiction get the revolution series You wont go wrong