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review à Miss Lonelyhearts ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ê As described by Atkinson in the NY Times A scornful feature editor of a newspaper picks an ambitious young reporter to conduct the advice of the lovelorn column Ambitious opportunistic 'Miss Lonelyhearts' as the conductor of the column is inevitably dubbed begins' as the conductor of the column is inevitably dubbed begins with contempt of the correspondents and confidence in his own cleverness As time goes on the genuineness of the agony in the letters that come. Book Circle Reads 100Rating 475 of fiveThe Publisher Says Praised by great writers from Flannery O'Conner to Jonathan Lethem Miss Lonelyhearts is an American classic A newspaper reporter assigned to write the agony column in the depths of the Great Depression seeks respite from the poor souls who send in their sad letters only to be further tormented by his viciously cynical editor Shrike This single volume of Miss Lonelyhearts features its original Alvin Lustig jacket design as well as a new introduction by Harold Bloom who calls it my favorite work of modern American fictionMy Review Totally with Harold Bloom here this is one of the USA's cultural treasures In just under 100pp anomie and alienation and the Problem of Evil theodicy are examined thoroughly and from several viewpoints While telling a louche little tale of drinking fucking and cheating West also manages to incorporate an acid bath of gallows humor into the proceedings His nudges and winks at the audience are almost post modern Shrike who is the otherwise unnamed Miss Lonelyhearts' editor is named for a particularly nasty bird of prey and the man we call Miss Lonelyhearts is both emasculated and depersonalized by his ycleptureIt's hard to imagine a complete telling of the tale of man's bitter fate than this one Trudge along in your path you dumb oxen and this is what will overtake you; lift your heads look at the sky and dare to yearn This is what will overtake you West knew it felt it and ultimately lived it by dying early as he drove drunk Fitting isn't it

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In gets under the skin of the columnist He is distressed to find himself presiding over a monstrous swindle For he is an idealist in collision with humanity as his diabolical managing editor expresses i. While reading my last book The Man in the High Castle a character was asked if he read Miss LonelyheartsML by Nathanael West which he replied he never read that story so he could not tell the Asian couple the meaning of it After having read this I bet the Asian couple were in a kind of culture shock I googled ML it was a real book published during the Depression 1933 so of course I had to read this short story to find out what made Philip K Dick mention it in his works I love reading finding another book that looks interesting is like finding a buried treasure I know that there was a 1958 movie with Montgomery Clift called Miss Lonelyhearts which I plan on seeing someday I have a feeling the movie is going to be kid's play compared to this dark book ML is classified as a black comedy but there was nothing funny about this book He is a satirist which is what I would say his intent in ML Society religion are the brunt of this jabs Nathanael West was a author screenwriter for Hollywood One film he collaborated on was Frank Capra's You Can't Take it with You You get a feeling right off how dark perverse this book is right away with the extremely sad letters written to the Dear Abby of this story Miss Lonelyhearts The letters are desperate pleas for advice in difficult heart wrenching situations You find out right away that ML is a man who is not know as such During his time writing the column he becomes cynical helpless to give the advice needed for these people It is uite strange throughout the book that this male is called Miss which gives a bizarre feeling I kept having to tell myself the facts about his sexuality His father is a preacher which brings many issues about God Christ that he has not resolved Some reviews state that he wanted to be Christ but what I interpreted is his wanting to help be as good as Christ which his temperament kept thwarting He was uite mean abusive at times throughout the book kept trying to walk the straight path It starts with ML feeling uite depressed about what to do with all these sad souls that his efforts are useless His newspaper editor is continually ridiculing ML uest for his want of Christian behavior How can he give advice when his life is messed up he keeps making the wrong decision One of these transgressions comes back to haunt him The main theme is finding your way to a life that gives one peace with man God whatever the difficulties are in life When I was reading this early on I thought of John Steinbeck Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange Steinbeck for his juvenile thoughts about sex in his writings yet Steinbeck's characters a uplifting crowd Burgess for the brutality meanness sexual assault pleasure for the act of violence I thought it interesting that when reading some reviews they paralleled Steinbeck West in their preoccupation with sex West died in a car crash with his young wife in 1940 He was 37 she was 26 years old His friend F Scott Fitzgerald died unexpectedly a day prior They were waked in the same funeral home in adjoining rooms After finishing reading this kind of seedy story I was happy to say in the end that it did have a deep meaning even though it was unsettling at times almost like a modern book with less graphics no foul language but I am glad I read it One thing I love about older books you get an idea of the times in a sense on what is written read by the public

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Miss LonelyheartsAs described by Atkinson in the NY Times A scornful feature editor of a newspaper picks an ambitious young reporter to conduct the advice of the lovelorn column Ambitious opportunistic 'Miss Lonelyhearts. Choosing Your PoisonA story of relentless universal even cosmic failure Every character is a failure as writer poet husband wife journalist and most importantly follower of Jesus Christ All are stamped with the dough of suffering demonstrate a sort of extreme frustration neurosis and are demoralised Failure provokes cruelty and hatefulness men dislike each other; men despise women and gay men only slightly less; women manipulate men when they can; they ignore them when they can't The world is essentially madYou are plunging into a world of misery and suffering peopled by creatures who are strangers to everything but disease and policemen Harried by one they are hurried by the otherThe letters to the editor largely illiterate describing the personal misery and failures of the public at large pour on to the desk of the advice columnist Miss Lonelyhearts He often feels compelled to recommend suicide as the only effective remedy for the pain that is recounted to him And not just to reduce their pain Christ may be the answer he says but if he did not want to get sick he had to stay away from this Christ business Christ had become merely decorative not only in the protagonist's shabby room where the human figure had been removed from his cross but also in society at largeViolence by the stronger against the weaker is normal and expected The slightest mis step or ill considered phrase results in rage and instant retaliation Prohibition the Great Experiment is in force but unenforced; alcohol is the universal drug of choice to dull the tedium of life Oblivion is the normal state of being for the protagonist Social contracts from marriage to employment are meaningless formalities and breached in spirit if not in fact The daily headlines testify to the general barbarity of existence Racism and suspicion of blacks Jews foreigners is typical in everyday encountersWhat are the alternatives Back to the land is a boor Escape to the South Seas is a worn out cliche Hedonism is too expensive Art is an illusion Treating the world as a joke is generally what the world does but Miss Lonelyhearts simply can't do that Shrike his editor suggests the only available path The church is our only hope the First Church of Christ Dentist where He is worshiped as Preventer of DecayOne has to remind oneself repeatedly while reading it that Miss Lonelyhearts was written in 1933 Nothing about it is dated It anticipates the culture of sex drugs social disintegration and national narcissism that was only temporarily interrupted by WWII but that re emerged with force in the 1960's and thereafter Miss Lonelyhearts could easily be mistaken for the novelistic manifesto of existentialism 'Suicide is always a live option' is a theme presented persistently a decade before Camus's The Myth of Sisyphus and two decades before its translation hit New York CityThat West was able to detect the fundamental deterioration occurring below the apparent economic ills of the Great Depression is remarkable His perception is poeticAmericans have dissipated their radical energy in an orgy of stone breaking In their few years they have broken stones than did centuries of Egyptians And they have done their work hysterically desperately almost as if they knew that the stones would some day break themAnd not even if Christ gets back on his cross does it make any difference to the fate of anyone involved