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Embracing Trouble Trouble #1Discontented with her mundane existence and a father who is no longer interested in being one Ava wants a taste of the wild life She meets Zac a tattooed bad boy who lives with no rules nameless sex drugs and dark secrets Everything about him is trouble and she 5 starsI wanna rate it with 4 stars but I'm adding 1 star for Zac's whoreness is that even a word Why do I like it coz the girl gets hurt then I get hurt then i love the story because it made me feel something I love Zac he's a manwhore I kinda hated him for that I mean he 'Effed' girls to forget her and I kind of wanted Ava to do the same just to piss Zac I would have loved that What I like in this novel is I feel like I'm always on edge kind of giddy to know what happens next What I didn't like about this novel is Ava Yes gawwd she's so needy I'm all for the damsel in distress shit but gawwd He effin left her and she kept on following him around like a friggin leech She did drugs for goodness sake but she's still too soft I mean she should have left him suffer for awhile Anyways I looooooooove the story Though they didn't have much happy moments together and on pain and shit I still love it I hope there's book 2 I want to read about their story about Zac's work how they'd move on with their lives having childrenetc This book is a page turner like I said it kept me on edge not knowing what he's gonna do next it's so worth my time and I hope the author already wrote tons of novels Just saw the author's page this is her debut novel dafu oops sorry I mean I want to read from her now I have to wait for months

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T trouble can be found where you least expect it Zac will not only need to open his darkened heart but do everything he can to protect her from the harsh reality of life Note This book contains mature and sensitive content and is not suitable for readers under 1 This is a really good read I fell in love with the main characters through out the book I loved Zach right away but it took me a long time to like Ava It just seems like she's the biggest pushover in the beginning just letting her best friend Sophie dictact her life Speaking of Sophie she's didn't deserve a friend like Ava She's always been there for her through the whole book and Sophie just did stupid shit repeatedly It really pissed me off that when Ava came running to Sophie rescue when the sex tape went out to comfort her Ava took her out and Sophie proposition Zach Anyways it frustrated me that Zach kept pushing Ava away when it was clear that his feelings for her weren't going to change I was really happy when they finally got to together in the end They both deserve a happily ever after All in all I really recommend this book

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read Embracing Trouble Trouble #1 kindle ó î dee bridle Ü Discontented with her mundane existence and a father who is no longer interested in being one Ava wants a taste of the wild life She meets Zac a tattooed bad boy who lives with no rules nameless sex drugs and dark secrets Everything about him is trouble aSuddenly wants Zac has to stay away from the innocent beauty knowing she deserves better than someone like him His life is full of darkness and the he tries to keep his distance the closer he actually gets As Ava tastes the wild life she craves she discovers tha Ava is a sweet innocent good girl until she meets tall tattooed bad boy Zac at a party When jealous Shara drugs Ava Zac comes to her rescue and although attracted to Ava feels she is not only too innocent for him but would want than he is willing to give When Ava calls Zac drunk from another party in which she plans to be a “bad girl” Zac again comes to her rescue to ensure she doesn’t do anything stupid with the guy that’s hitting on her When Ava tries to leave a party after seeing Zac making out with some other girl the two finally come clean about their attraction to one another yet Zac still tells her that she should stay away from him Ava persists and Zac continues to convince her that he is not right for her At a birthday party for their friend Tyler scumbag Antony tries to rape her and both Tyler and her best friend Sophie believe that she wanted to have sex with Antony Distraught Ava begins to walk home but Zac finds her and takes her to his friend Noah’s house where they learn what happened and decide to take action against Antony for Ava’s sake Ava begins to bond with Zac his friends and Zac’s sister Laney and strays further away from what was normal for her starting with changing her hair color then further on by trying drugs and sex After Ava’s friend Sophie goes through an experience similar to Ava’s with Antony Zac and his friends again decide to step in against Antony and Nathan even though Sophie is undeserving When Ava decides to profess her love for Zac he decides to end their relationship Weeks go by with Ava self destructing with drugs and alcohol after learning that the mother that abandoned her is actually dead She spends a large part of her time with Janey Zac’s sister and after a traumatizing event causes Zac and Ava together again Zac finally comes to his senses and realizes that Ava is the only drug that he will ever need Although at its core I like the love story between Ava and Zac two people clearly in pain I find all the excessive drug and alcohol use by the majority if not all of the characters within the story a little off putting I initially found it disconcerting that Ava still pursued Zac considering all his blatant attempts to thwart her that include him at one point telling her that he had sex with the girl next to him albeit using a bit stronger words Yet despite all the initial misgivings about those issues Zac and his friends are actually endearing than the “supposedly good” characters that believe the worst of Ava That being said Zac’s protectiveness of Ava is a little volatile including threatening bodily harm to anyone that seems to want to get anywhere near her A lot of the main characters are flawed though it is because those flaws that you end up caring about these characters and actually hoping that they realize that what they actually need is one another rather than all the dangerous vices they partake in This book is definitely not the most conventional of love stories and might not appeal to all readers but I found it was truly satisfying to witness all it took to get these two characters together in the end