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review The Wells Bequest ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ It was an evening like any other for Leo Novikov That is until a miniature version of himself appears before his eyes from the future Not only that he's riding on some kind of weird machine with his arms wrapped around the hottest girl he's ever laid eyes onHe heaE girl from the future Together they embark on a dangerous mission to save New York City a mission that will take them to the other side of the world and to the other side of tim. When a surprise package with The Wells Beuest showed up on my doorstep I was actually super excited For once a seuel to a book I'd actually read and enjoyed; the gods were obviously smiling on me The Wells Beuest turned out to be just as much fun as The Grimm Legacy full of nerdy references and jokes surprise historical figures and adventureLet me explain this series a little bit for those who are unfamiliar The Wells Beuest is of a companion novel than a direct seuel Jaya Leo's love interest had a role in the first book but otherwise they're fairly unconnected The series centers on a library The New York Circulating Material Repository This repository loans items rather than books ranging from an ordinary toaster to automatons built centuries ago Even special the repository contains items from fiction made real through some sort of complex paradox Believe me you don't want to get the librarians started on whether fiction is fictional Obviously I love this premise Where The Grimm Legacy focused on objects from the Grimm fairytales The Wells Beuest deals primarily with items from HG Wells' science fiction storiesEverything kicks off when Leo sitting and playing video games in his room gets some surprise visitors himself and a very pretty girl Also they're six inches tall and riding on a little box They inform him that they're from the future and Leo's future self commands him to read The Time Machine He does so which interests him in the idea of time travel Since he has a science project to do for school he considers doing it on time travel but decides to do robots instead and his teacher sends him to the repository to researchLeo had some self esteem issues at the beginning of the book The son of genius parents with genius siblings he didn't get admitted to the good school he'd applied to He doesn't test well and feels inferior to his family Leo himself is a genius too in his own way brilliant at building and fixing mechanical gadgets His adventure and his work at the repository helps him to appreciate his own skillsSome of the time travel stuff gets a bit convoluted but overall this was just such a fun read I love all of the references to various classic stories which are not limited to H G Wells If you're a fan of nerdy references of the literary or historical variety then you'll want to check this out For example both Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla make appearances in The Wells Beuest Another big perk of the series is how diverse it is with characters from various countries and ethnic backgroundsThe main weakness I found in the book was that some of the dialogue did feel a bit forced Leo and Jaya know so much and are incredibly well read However occasionally one of them would ask an incredibly simple uestion It just felt like sometimes the characters were given an unlikely knowledge gap so that they needed something explained to them thus imparting the audience with that information There are better ways to get that donePolly Shulman's The Wells Beuest is a fantastic seuel to The Grimm Legacy This series will have a lot of appeal to middle graders since it's full of humor adventure and a bit of magic Parents will love the amount of educational information snuck into the book The series reads a bit like a middle grade version of the Thursday Next series

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Ird machine with his arms wrapped around the hottest girl he's ever laid eyes onHe heads off to the New York Circulating Material Repository to do some research and meets Jaya th. Originally posted at Random Musings of a BibliophileWould you really want to live in a world where only the possible is possibleShulman introduced the New York Circulating Material Repository and its special collections in her novel The Grimm Legacy a book I thoroughly enjoy and find to be tons of fun The Wells Beuest is even better It is a true companion novel and not a seuel If fairy tale fantasy isn't your thing but science fiction is you can read this on its ownLeo comes from a family of scientists He is not going to be a great scientist in the traditional sense He is a tech geek and does amazing and creative things with tech When he discovers time travel is possible via seeing himself doing it and with a gorgeous girl no less he starts shifting his creative scientific brain in that direction This leads him to the Repository where he is astonished to find the girl he saw with him when he time traveled Jaya Rao is tenacious determined and creative Readers of The Grimm Legacy will recognize her as the 10 year old little sister of Anjali now a teen page herself The intervening years have only made her stubborn and lively I loved watching the friendship and partenership between Leo and Jaya develop They make a spectacular team He needs someone to motivate his innate brilliance she needs someone to inject some caution into her frantic headstrong rush through life I enjoyed the dynamic between the two of them tremendouslyI also enjoyed how the whole time travel element was dealt with in the story When Leo first starts to contemplate time travel he is desperately afraid he will mess up things up disturb the timeline of history in horrible ways What is interesting about the time travel devices is that they all act the way they do in whatever work they came from making the Wells machine the most powerful and dangerous because in it you can alter anything and cross your own timeline I love how the possible paradoxes and conseuences are discussed in theory but not in an overly technical or boring manner and what is important isn't the the theory but the actual result The plot is fast paced and engaging from start to finish It is a fun story full of adventure action and just a touch of romance This is a perfect read for anyone who loves being caught up in a good time travel story I sincerely hope that we will be getting books from Ms Shulman about the two other special collections at the Repository the Lovecraft Corpus which houses the paranormal and the Gibson Chrestomathy which houses cyber technologies The want factor for this is pretty high for me

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The Wells BequestIt was an evening like any other for Leo Novikov That is until a miniature version of himself appears before his eyes from the future Not only that he's riding on some kind of we. MUST HAVE THIS BOOK NOW The Grimm Legacy is one of my favorite books EVARRRR