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Breaking MobiusNship and aggressive groupies but with his best friend’s constant lure of temptation he struggles to remain focused He has the world at his fingertips until his plans are shattered by deception Fighting depression he’s re routed on a dangerous path of self destruction until by chance he finds a light in the darkness that makes him second guess his vow When Justice is faced with his new reality will he get his life back on track before he loses it allAND INCITE REVENGE One of the hottest video models on the scene Nicole Bunn is the epitome of. TR Horne’s debut novel contains 3 narrators all of whom attend Atlanta University in the early 2000s The only problem I had with the novel was putting it down Horne’s greatest strength is characterization It is obvious that she did not just research and write Instead she did what the great authors do she wrote about things she has experienced in her life Her style is humble and direct with spirituality and the need for virtues at the foundation of the themes and motifs As I dug into the novel I felt like she had written this novel not with Nicole’s purpose of fame and fortune not with JB’s purpose of being the best at something and not even with my favorite character Mali’s purpose of finding herself by looking outside of herself I feel like Horne wrote this novel like I felt after reading some of my favorite novels of all time because she wanted to explore the human condition what it means to be a human being and the conflicts that we endure I look forward to reading of her novels and strongly recommend this novel to anybody who wants to be entertained and amazed

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Breaking Mobius Free download ã E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ ONE GOOD DECISIONLeaving behind an abusive father and emotionally scarred mother Mali Struthers catches a bus to freedom Atlanta University is the perfect place to discover her inner strength and special talents that lead her to a future she never imagined outside herA strong focused business woman Concentrating only on her money and the men that can supply her expensive lifestyle Nicole runs from her own hurts scared to love anyone other than herself Tired of waiting to marry into fortune Nicole turns a chance meeting into a whirlwind of sex lies and obsession that is bound to threaten her livelihood Through a trail of lies and addiction Nicole sees her love of money fracture so many lives including her own When Nicole is forced to choose between her love of money or a chance at true love what will she decid. I received a free copy through Goodreads I would give it 4 starsWhat a roller coaster ride for Mali Justice and Nicole I rather enjoyed this novel so much so that I had to finish it right awayand I did A lot of interesting plot twists most are predictable some not to much The story revolves around the lives of Mali Justice and Nicole and each of them gets to tell their story There was a decent amount of character and story development and we get to hear the background of the main characters and some of the secondary characters that help shape this story The endingyikes Certainly wasn't expecting it to end like that It was interesting to see how things ended for some of the characters a little unexpected and a bit disturbing given how much Nicole has changed so much within a short period of time I would have liked a little backstabbing and twists but there is still a decent amount to keep you entertained and glued for hoursThe only detail I have issue with was the occasional use of certain words like her flower petals and the meat on her rear had me laughing out loud The words just seemed so unexpected that it was a little laughable when I read it Also the description of say their clothing sort of bounces a bit It sometimes goes from vague yellow sundress to too detailed black Timberland boots Levi jeans etc it felt a little unnecessary at times Overall it was a very interesting read and was definitely a hard read to put down without wanting to read of it

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ONE GOOD DECISIONLeaving behind an abusive father and emotionally scarred mother Mali Struthers catches a bus to freedom Atlanta University is the perfect place to discover her inner strength and special talents that lead her to a future she never imagined outside her father’s walls Still learning to love herself Mali must push past her own doubts to realize she deserves everything she’s worked for even the love of a man seemingly out of reachCAN CREATE A BAD DECISION As a star football player Justice Bradford juggles his high profile relatio. TR Horne's recently released contemporary romance title Breaking Mobius flawlessly and intricately weaves the lives of three broken individuals trying to make good Each of her characters seem to be seeking salvation within their separate relationships Justice Bradford University of Atlanta golden boy is well on his way to fame and fortune on the gridiron Constantly surrounded by women attracted to his status as an athlete he wants nothing than to hold as tightly as he can to his relationship with his high school sweetheart Nicole his super sexy security blanket As a model for music videos Nicole Bunn is on her way to her own brand of stardom The security Nicole seeks is of a different kind; having been orphaned at a young age and being separated from her sister when they were adopted into different families Nicole knows that the only thing worth having is money and a lot of it Dazzled by the wealth she's surrounded by within the music industry she begins to uestion whether taking the slow track to financial success with Justice is her best option or if accepting the advances of one of the rappers she works with might better fulfill her desire for a luxurious life For Mali Struthers avoiding anything coming close to even resembling a relationship is he most sure fire way to make her dream of being a professional dancer come true After all she left old life back in Washington State and high tailed it to Georgia as uick as that Greyhound could carry her for a reason; she'd left her abusive father and her mother where they belonged in the past and without even looking over her shoulder There was no way she was going to turn out like themSuccess professionally and financially provides the twist in the mobius on which the three find themselves derailed in their relationship paths and into wholeness