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Calmly Carefully Completely The Reed Brothers #3 Reader ✓ 182 pages Download Ì She’s been locked upeven longer than he hasPeter Reed is fresh out of jail fresh out of excuses and ready for a brand new startReagan Caster needs to thank Pete for an act of kindness but he wants than just her thanksReE wants than just her thanksReagan knows how to protect her body but not her heart And her traitorous body responds to Pete in a way it hasn't with anyone elseWhen Pete's innocent flirtation I have thought about you almost every day sine I met you princess and I don't want to get you off my mind But when I kiss you it's going to be because you have a thing for me that's as big as the thing I have for youI love reading about the REED BROTHERS Regan and Pete's story was emotional sweet and funny I can't wait to read Matt's story Because I want you Regan I want every piece of youEven the shattered pieces? she asksI'll be the glue that puts you back together I breathe I've been locked up a long time Regan I sayI've been locked up even longer that you have Pete

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Becomes Reagan's ready to accept what he has to offerPete assumes Reagan needs to be loved carefully and calmly But Reagan knows she needs to be loved completely Can he give her what she need 45 stars Tammy Falkner has done it again She made me laugh swoon tingle and have a blast I always can count on her sexy loveable characters to make me speechless Reagan and Pete’s relationship was out of this world Beautiful intense powerful and real Just ideal blend of romance commitment love and sensuality I was captivated and mesmerized by those two I want to share the same they had with someone in the future ;It’s not only entertaining and sexy new adult read nope this time Falkner’s wrote a beautiful enchanting and captivating novel about redemption second chance and true raw love I swooned I cried I had thousands of butterflies in my stomach I loved this story It had everything I admired in previous Falkner’s books and a little bit It’s complex sexy funny and incredibly swoon worthy From the first page to the last Pete and Reagan’s relationship is like perfect romantic tale about not exactly perfect people I was in seven heaven while reading it and I highly recommend it to every fan of new adult romance book If you have not read Tall Tatted and Tempting check it out first and dive into the world of Reed’s brothers More reviews on Smokin' Hot Book Blog and my Facebook Page

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Calmly Carefully Completely The Reed Brothers #3She’s been locked upeven longer than he hasPeter Reed is fresh out of jail fresh out of excuses and ready for a brand new startReagan Caster needs to thank Pete for an act of kindness but h FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED 45 STARS I absolutely LOVED this book It was pure romantic escapism Sexy swoony and so well written with a gorgeous tattooed hero who is guaranteed to melt your heartPete Reed is big covered in tattoos and fresh out of jail You'd think he was a bad boy but he's really a good man with a good heart who made a bad decision and then paid his dues Now he's been signed up to work at a camp for kids with special needs his ability to sign because of his deaf brother being a plus and that's where he meets her Again Raegan is the daughter of the couple running the camp Two and a half years ago Pete saved her from her worst nightmare and she's been wanting to thank him ever since You do remember me she whispers I think about you all the time wondering what happened that night after you left You can totally read this book as a standalone Technically it's #3 in the Reed Brothers series see bottom of post for all the books but you can either read it on it's own or even start the series with this book then go back and read the first 2 books after Totally up to you You don't even need to know anything going into this book but just to make things even clear just know that basically Pete's brother Matt had cancer and as a way to try and get the money for his treatment Pete got involved with a dealer but was caught and paid the price behind bars So this book starts with him getting out of jailI seriously LOVE these brothers Their unuestionable loyalty camaraderie and deep rooted bonds give so much heart to the story What I love about this series is that it's not just the main couple that is the highlight all the other relationships between the friends brothers girlfriends kids etc are just pure gold in their own right All the side characters matter and everyone has a story that you're made to care about And while they're often very deep and heart felt they can also just be totally hilarious Like this You need a lesson on the birds and the bees? Paul asks You put tab A into slot B He makes a crude gesture with his fingers Ot tab A into slot C He grins Ot tab A into slot D But some girls don't like that so don't start there You might even save that for a birthday or special occasion Yours Not hers Teehee But back to Raegan and Pete they were absolutely adorable Ever since that night in college where Pete saved her she'd kept her distance from men but even though they hadn't seen each other since that night they'd never forgotten each other He was the only guy she felt safe around and even though he knew he had to be careful around her he felt things for her that he'd never felt before and he wanted her to know how much she meant to him He'd tease and flirt but never push too far I loved their dynamicThere's just something about a guy with so much respect not only for women but for everyone around him and who can still manage to be a badass that is utterly heart melting I loved the way Pete was with her He'd been there at her worst moment and knew the nightmares she was facing But at the same time he wanted to bring back the real her that she'd hidden away I want you Raegan I want every piece of you Even the shattered pieces? she asks I pull her face up to mine I'll be the glue that puts you back together Raegan was pretty awesome too I loved that even though she'd been though such a horrible experience she was still strong and learned to defend herself Haha she even clocked Pete at one point kind of an accident don't worry he wasn't a jerk or anything but it was pretty funny What happened to your eye? Paul asks My eye is still a little blue from when she hit me Raegan hit me I admit Logan grins Marry her Logan says Marry her right away I also have to give a shout out to Raegan's parents They both knew what had happened to their daughter and wanted to keep her safe but were happy to see her find someone she could trust and love Her mother's understanding and her father's hatchet wielding protectiveness were totally awesome Have fun? my mom asks I nod in answer to her uestion We were roasting marshmallows She uirks an eyebrow at me That's what they're calling that now? He seems nice Even though Dad threatened to chop his nuts off Hey it works he says But he's grinning He was very nice And I promise not to get pregnant Good night It'd be hard for him to get you pregnant if I chop his nuts off Dad yells after me I'm positive that at least half my book is highlighted uotes on every page had me laughing swooning and even tearing up a little I genuinely loved it all from start to finish If you're looking for a series that is fun and sexy with a whole lot of heart and a group of heroes who will have you swooning you have to try this Rating 45 stars For of my reviews book news and updates✦ Main blog Aestas Book Blog✦ Facebook Blog Page✦ Twitter