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Swing Sisters characters ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ In 1909 Dr Laurence Clifton Jones opened a special home for African American orphans in Mississippi called Piney Woods Country Life School There students worked hard on their studies and no one worked harder than the young musicians who played in the Sweethearts the schIn 1909 Dr Laurence Clifton Jones opened a special home for African American orphans in Mississippi called Piney Woods Country Life School There students worked hard on their studies and no one worked harder than the young musicians who played in the Swee. It's Women's History Month and this year's theme is Weaving the Stories of Women's Lives so I thought I would begin the month with a new picture book for older readers that introduces them to the remarkable International Sweethearts of RhythmShortly after I began this blog I reviewed a wonderful middle grade book by Marilyn Nelson called Sweethearts of Rhythm The Story of the Greatest All Girl Swing Band in the World But where Nelson's book covers the kind of music and the places where the Sweethearts played Swing Sisters begins at the beginning In 1909 near Jackson Mississippi a schoolorphanage called Piney Woods Country Life School was started by Dr Laurence Clifton Jones for African American girlsThe girls were educated housed clothed and fed and in return they all did chores to help keep things running smoothly and well In 1939 Dr Jones started a band that he called the Sweethearts with some musically talented girls to help raise money for the school The music they played was called swing or big band music by either name it was Jazz and people couldn't get enough of it Dean describes how the girls stayed together after leaving Piney Woods hoping to make a living as musicians They would live sleep eat and play music traveling around from gig to gig in a bus they called Big Bertha Band members came and went and before long the band was no longer made up of only African American women but included many races and nationalities As a result they decided to call themselves the International Sweethearts of Rhythm But while the band hit the big time they still didn't get paid as much as their male counterparts nor were they taken as seriously no matter how good they were Not only that Dean points out but in the Jim Crow south because they were interracial now traveling and performing became risky and she includes some of those scary dangerous incidents they facedIn 1945 as World War II was winding down the Sweethearts found themselves on a USO tour thanks to a letter writing campaign by African American soldiers But sadly the Sweethearts disbanded after the war and the members went their separate waysDean does an excellent job of introducing the Sweethearts to her young readers and the difficulties an all women's interracial band faced back in the 1940s balancing it with positive events and the strong bonds of friendship among all the membersCepeda's colorful acrylic and oil painted illustrations match the energy of the music the Sweethearts played with a bright rainbow palette of greens pinks purples yellows blues and orangeSo many wonderful books are coming out now introducing young readers to some of the greatest artists and musicians of the 20th century and this book is such a welcome addition This book is recommended for readers age 7This book was bought for my personal libraryThis review was originally posted on The Children's War

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Thearts the schools all girl swing band Their music had rhythms and melodies that got people dancing When the Sweethearts left Piney Woods they moved to Washington DC to try to make it to the big time It wasnt always easy and it wasnt always safe but the. Piney Woods Country Life School near Jackson Mississippi provided a home for orphaned African American girls during the early part of the twentieth century Not only did the girls learn trades and work hard while also becoming educated but some of them even learned to play music thanks to the love for music displayed by their founder Dr Laurence Clifton Jones The Sweethearts the name he christened them with began playing together in 1939 specializing in swing music As the girls grew up they banded together based in Washington DC and traveled the country something unheard of for females not to mention African American women Although at first all the members were black eventually the band embraced women of all colors The only reuirement was being able to play swing the way the rest of them did and a passion for music Eventually they even played their music overseas during WWII The text and illustrations highlight some of their triumphant moments but also describe how they faced down segregation and sexism Although I enjoyed the story well enough I wish that the author had given some information about the personalities of the members of this groundbreaking band Although I could appreciate how they broke down barriers these women surely had uniue personalities and stories and I would have loved to have heard some of their voices if not in the narrative then in the back matter The oil and acrylic illustrations capture the flavor of the times and seem to show some very happy musicians and orphans I can't imagine that it was always the case but perhaps music gave them the perfect means of self expression and outlet for their emotions Pair this one with the sophisticated Sweethearts of Rhythm by Marilyn Nelson

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Swing SistersTalented Sweethearts of Rhythm ultimately became an international sensation Joe Cepedas exuberant illustrations celebrate these brave musicians who chipped away at racist and sexist barriers and whose music reminded audiences how great it feels to be aliv. This book was very interesting I loved watching the transformation of the band from grade school to adulthood throughout the book I felt almost as if I was taking this journey with the characters This book has the ability to teach young children that you can do anything you want if you set your mind to it no matter your age race or gender Even though some people did not accept this music group of African American women they still worked hard to pursue their dreams Overall I really enjoyed this book