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Twenty year old Brooklyn “Bee” Turner is no stranger to grief After witnessing her mother’s brutal murder at age six Brooklyn is guarded damaged and – by all accounts – a bitch And that’s just the way she likes it if it means keeping everyone at arm’s length When she stumbles uite literally into Finn Chambers – campus ladies’ 45 Gravitating StarsLove discovering a new book from a new authorI really loved this oneit was fairly typicalpredicable for the NAMA genre but did have a few twists It also had the suspense element that isn't often found I will say I figured most of the twists out but I still enjoyed the unfolding of the story just the same This was very well written for a first time author Brooklyn Turner was no stranger to grief After witnessing the murder of her mother at the age of six she closed herself off to her feelings to her friends to the worldresigning herself to a life of being alone Refusing to let anyone in and pushing away anyone who gets too close “Grief is a kick in the chest It steals your breath hits you so hard you think you’ll never stand back up again And it’s not just because you’re grieving death or heartbreak or loss – you’re grieving change You’re grieving the life that might have been if it hadn’t all gotten fucked up along the way” The prologue immediately sucks you in to the story Through a series of flashbacks we experience what happened to Brooke 14 years prior and the days leading up to current day My heart broke for what Brooklyn experienced with the death of her mom Current day takes place during Brooklyn's sopho year of college She's attending UVA with her BFF Lexi On the first day of her sopho year she stumbles upon literally Finn Chambers Finn is the campus ladies man lead singer of a band resident tattooed bad boy Finn and Brooklyn kind of had a love hate relationship within each other But bottomlineFinnAnd swoon worthy I had a mad crush on Finn I also loved that it wasn't insta love between Finn and Brooklyn Slowly Brooklyn begins to see that Finn is different Finn see's past all of Brooklyn's boundaries He fights past all of the walls Brooklyn has put up He makes Brooklyn feel againto want to move past the grief that's been weighing her down for the last 14 years There's something familiar and comforting about being with Finn And for the first time in fourteen years Brooklyn opens up her heart and allows herself to love Finn The last 20%the suspense level really picked upDamn I couldn't stop reading it It's like I saw it all coming from a mile awayI'm screaming NNNNOOOO and yet it's still all happening and I HAVE to know how it's going to end Overall this was a really touching heart warming read About over coming a tragedy and finding love in the process I laughed I loved and I cried

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Like GravityHer breaking point For the first time in fifteen years she will confront both her grief and her memories as she plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with an unforeseen enemy Because sometimes the demons we must confront aren’t only on the insideLike Gravity is a new full length standalone romantic suspense novel intended for audiences ages POSSIBLE SPOILERS PRESENT WITHIN REVIEWThis novel was amazing I was so disappointed when it was overit was that good But for once a stand alone that ends so perfectly I just loved the two main characters that Ms Johnson created along with their loyal and true friends There were so many profoundly exuisite thoughts and phrases referenced along with beautiful alluring songs mentioned that I found myself highlighting so many sentences within the text of this novel So many beautiful expressions conveyed Ms Johnson made this book so believable And romantic And heartaching And deeply intricate I can’t wait to see what her next effort will createBrooklyn Turner is a sopho in college Her life has been full of ups and downs And she was broken Defeated Damaged at the young age of six when a degranged pyschopath took away the only person that mattered to her – her mother Through a horrific act of violence “Bee” decides to withdraw into herself and not trust anyone With no family to speak of and an unidentified father that has been missing from her life she is now a ward of the state Foster homes are her residence until finally being settled in a home with numerous other kids She’s the mute dumb little girl that everyone makes fun of until a boy not much older than herself reaches out to her and helps her to reconnect into a world of fantasy and make believe He tells her fairytales and enlightens her knowledge of the constellations within the sky And she finds herself trusting the young boy with the sad blue eyes This is the start of their beautiful friendship right up until the boy is adopted by a family of his own But now fourteen years have gone by and Bee can barely remember anything that occurred around that time other than the harrowing ordeal that claimed the life of her beautiful mother As she tries to figure out things with the help of a caring therapist someone is wrecking havoc on her life Stalking her with gifts and phone calls Making their presence known within the apartment that she shares with best friend Lexie And trying to terrify her relentlessly But she won’t cave She’s strong She’s brave with her confident and often brazen attitude No one will ever break her again So enter Finn Chambers Hot male So arrogant and sure of himself But he’s beautiful with that confident swagger and sarcastic mindset Bee just can’t stand people with that smug persona But Lexie swoons when he’s around As Bee just rolls her eyes with that “please give me a break” response she knows that she would never want to be involved with a jerk like him because he’s probably had every girl on campus crawling in his sheets And she promises that she will never come in contact with him that is until a mishap on campus actually has her literally falling at his feet And of course the pompous attitude of the asshat comes out and she is mortified beyond belief So much for keeping a low profile around the idiot And thus begins a romance like none other The pair try to keep their distance but it’s undeniable how they are intimately attracted to each other whether as just friends or lovers Finn is such a great guy Compassionate Fun Protective Tender But he’s keeping a stunning secret One that could threaten to terminate their relationship totally He tries to tell Bee numerous times but she ultimately finds out in a surreal manner and it devastates her to her core Will she ever be able to trust him again? Will they find their way back to each other? And will Bee ever find happiness within herself when a deranged stalker standing in the shadows is just waiting for the right time to strike? The novel full of intrigue intensity romance and friendship was outstanding I loved Bee and Finn Bee was such a powerful woman She was just trying to pull herself out of that dark and gloomy hole that had consumed her entire existence Always trying to keep that low profile Never letting one into her personal space But when her friend Lexie tells her that she as her best friend for years really doesn’t even know the real “Bee” she decides to work on those impenetrable issues She also knows that if she ever wants to have a relationship with Finn she has to deal with the ramifications of the past that she has so explicitly kept hiddenSo many heartfelt uotations within the text of this novel “I was tired so tired of fighting my shadow every miute of the day My grief had become a living entity personified by years of self blame and incarnated by my refusal to confront it Like Peter I’d chased my specter for years and repeatedly forced it into submission in a never ending battle of wills Too often though the grief broke free – and I broke down” Chap 8 Bee describing her dragging her“wrath of misery”around for fourteen years “There’s a song for every feeling Bee Every tear every smile every heartbreak and every victory Music ignites the soul and strips us bare It’s our very essence Even if you have no one else to turn to and you feel all alone remember that you can always find comfort in ballads and melodies serenades and love songs” Chap 8 Bee’s mother’s voice in her head “Channeling Scarlett O’Hara my all time literary lady and clearly a formative influence on my development I decided I couldn’t think about the Finn situation right now – I’d think about it tomorrow After alltomorrow is another day” Chap 8 Bee trying to sort out the “Finn” situationone of my most favorite books ever “Gone with the Wind” “Grief is a kick in the chest It steals your breath hits you so hard you think you’ll never stand back up again And it’s just not because you’re grieving death or heartbreak or loss – you’re grieving change You’re grieving the life that might have been if it hadn’t all gotten fked up along the way” Chap 10 Finn’s definition of grief “You could spend forever thinking about the things you’ll never experience with your mom – infinity contemplating the memories she won’t ever be a part of But at some point you have to let the life you should’ve had go and start living the one you’ve got” Finn whispered Chap 10 Finn telling Bee to start living her life the way it is now “Bee a very smart man named John Lennon once said ‘Everything will be okay in the end If it’s not okay it’s not the end’” Chap 11 Bee reflecting on something her mother often told her as she contemplates telling the boy with the sad blue eyes everything will work out eventually even without mommies or daddies to take care of them “Home It’s wherever I’m with youIt was a strong statement to make to anyone but it was especially powerful for me – a girl who hadn’t had a true home for most of her life His choice hadn’t been accidental; he knew better than anyone what my life growing up had been like The bits and pieces I’d revealed had painted him a pretty good picture of my childhood even if he was still missing some of the vital detailsIt was a declaration It was an assurance I’d never before been offered It was a promise that even though I didn’t have a traditional home with two loving parents a white picket fence and golden retriever in the front yard it didn’t matterHe would be my homeIt was in that instant I fell in love with him” Chap 13 Bee falling in love “Of course possessing the will to live is important – vital even It can make the difference between life and death between taking one breath or succumbing to a uick end” Chap 14 Bee deciding whether or not to fight her stalker at Styx “It happened so fastSometimes you see change coming You might not want it might not be ready to embrace the new course your life is about to set out on but at the very least you can prepare for it Adjust your expectations Formulate a new planOther times change is so sudden so unexpected it knocks you right on your ass and leaves you wondering how you got to this place – blindsided with your expectations and hopes and dreams as unsalvageable as an ice cream cone dropped to the ground at the carnival melting slowly into the dirt road” Chap 16 The truth comes out “It seemed a distant memory now superficial and fleeting; disappearing with the wind on gossamer wings so uickly it was as if it had never been real at allThe truth was though a part of me had suspected all along that this that he couldn’t possibly be meant for me Deep down I’d known I wasn’t meant for good things – for lightness and love It just wasn’t in the cards for me and what a fool I’d been if only for a brief span of time to think otherwise” Chap 17 Bee realizing that she’s just not meant to be happy “Humans are flawed creatures – selfish and cowardly most of the time We lie cheat and steal better than we do almost anything else We hurt each other with words actions and omissions There is a one hundred percent guarantee that the people we love most will let us down That’s the risk you take when you open up your heartBut at some point you have to decide which ones matter than the pain and forgive them for their mistakes So if you love him I guess the only real uestion you have to ask yourself the only uestion that matters is at the end of the day is he worth the suffering?” Chap 18 Dr Angelini asking Bee if Finn is worth fighting for “When you love someone truly love them – than your pride than yourself even – you can forgive them anything no matter how much they’ve hurt you And maybe I’m an idiot but I still love you I’ve loved you since I was six years old” Chap 18 Bee tells Finn about “love”The epilogue was just beautiful Magical Surreal Bee reminscing about “life” How we know it What we expect from it What you see yourself as How the people you come intact with during your life affect the way your life evolves Who matters Who doesn’t Where you think you should be When you should be there And I loved how the author said that the story was a “love story” Not just a love story between a boy and girl but a love story between the girl and herself “It was about me learning to accept the woman I’d become flaws and all Because everybody’s a little bit fked up – that’s life And maybe there aren’t any happily ever afters or white knights who ride in on valiant steeds to save the day Maybe in real life Prince Charming isn’t always perfect – he’s just as flawed as everyone else in the taleAnd that princess alone in her tower? She’s not perfect either Birds don’t braid her hair every morning she can’t serenade wild forest creatures into servidude and she doesn’t even own a ball gown But she’s also smart enough to know not to accept poisoned apples from strangers or prick her finger on deadly spindlesShe doesn’t wait around for a prince to charge in and slay the dragon Maybe she saves herself and in the end rides off into her own goddamned sunsetI don’t know it’s just a theoryAnd thankfully I don’t have to have it all figured out yet; I’ve got my whole life ahead of me to do that” Epilogue Bee summing up her idea of how “life” just might not turn out the way we think it will Me smilingsimply mesmerizing This was just the most alluring and capitivating story ever I kind of had an idea of what the biggest bomb shell was going to be but I didn’t see the huge explosive climax that was revealed The author did an exceptional job of hiding it This was just such a riveting rollercoaster ride filled with intensity and despair Wow I was so surprised that this amazing author was so young Her words just jumped off the page with artistry and curiosity She definitely has a promising career ahead of her if she keeps writing novels like that Can’t wait to see what Ms Johnson has next up her sleeve to deliver to her readers

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eBook ☆ Like Gravity Ý Kindle Edition Read ✓ moneyexpresscard ß Twenty year old Brooklyn “Bee” Turner is no stranger to grief After witnessing her mother’s brutal murder at age six Brooklyn is guarded damaged and – by all accounts – a bitch And that’s just the way she likes it if Man and the lead singer of a local band she’s unprepared for his persistence in befriending her and for the dangerous attraction she begins to feel for him Because with Finn she knows it would be than just sex More than just friendship And maybe even than just love When a sinister presence from her past reemerges Brooklyn will be pushed to Like Gravity is one of this stories that pull you into the plot and never let you go You are prisoned by amazingly well written story and sweet romance every girl dreams of I was really enjoying myself while reading Julie Johnson’s debut novel and I can’t wait for what she’ll come up with in the future I laughed and I swooned while my heart was breaking for BrooklynThe story starts with 6 year old Brooklyn who was shopping with her mother Unfortunately this usual trip to grocery store became terrible mistake Bad time and bad place made them victims Brooklyn’s mother was murdered while she was sitting in the carNow Brooklyn is twenty and she can’t get pass her grief and nightmares Every day is a struggle and fight with herself Day after day of pretending to be normal made her bitter and bitchy Broken and damged she doesn’t let people close to her prefering to keep them away where they can’t hurt her On the first day of her second year in college Brooklyn has an accident invoving red hydrant and the sexiest man on campus How bad her handsome hero isn’t Prince Charming or Knight in Shining Armor but total jerkFinn is everything a girl want to have in her bed Hot funny and lead singer of a band Finn is definite heartbreaker and he’s than fond of Brooklyn From one accidental meeting to every day visit Finn is almost to hard to avoid Now Brooklyn has to fight of Finn and his charm because she can't fall for anyone in fear of losing again This book is full of romance suspense and surviving from grief In Like Gravity past is really close to present and Brooklyn has a hard time of letting go I immensely enjoyed reading Like Gravity because it tugs on your emotions and the amazing love story make this book a great read It’s fantastic novel that will leave your heart swollen and extremaly satisfied This book will leave you with a wicked fuzzy emotions all over your body I just regret that for the millionth time I’ve read a book with similar male character Another sexy lead singer with lot of groupies and all that jazz Fortunately Finn has his own uniue moments and I collected them like crazy Nowadays I’m just looking for some uniueness in romance interests ;Despite the fact this book sounds like other New Adult reads I was surprised by some twist and turns and this make me give this novel solid four star rating I hope another novel by Julie Johnson will be as well written as Like Gravity and I also wish she’ll be able to come up with interesting and refeshing characters