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The Best of H.P. Lovecraft Read Ö 2 ✓ “HP Lovecraft has yet to be surpassed as the twentieth century’s greatest practitioner of the classic horror tale”—Stephen King“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown”—HP LovecraftThis is the collection that true faOr fiction must have sixteen of HP Lovecraft’s most horrifying visions includingThe Call of Cthulu The first story in the infamous Cthulhu mythos a creature spawned in the stars brings a menace of unimaginable evil to threaten all mankindThe Dunwich Horror An evil man’s desire to perform an unspeakable ritua. Well I don't watch a lot of horror films but now I see where they all rip off everything from LovecraftI didn't read EVERY one of these stories they got a bit repetitive after a while but the stories were chilling and seeing how influential the storytelling is on modern horror is really interesting Fascinating how much suspense can be put into a 10 page story Yes I had nightmares of tentacle things after I finished Don't make fun of me

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“HP Lovecraft has yet to be surpassed as the twentieth century’s greatest practitioner of the classic horror tale” Stephen King“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown” HP LovecraftThis is the collection that true fans of horr. “Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn” Try saying that backward or forward which is eually challengingHP Lovecraft is definitely the granddaddy of “Cosmic Horror” and Weird Fiction He is often mentioned in science fictionfantasy horror related websites and forums not to mention myriad other kinds of websites Reading fans raving about his works and seeing the numerous fan arts online make many of us genre fiction enthusiasts want to start getting into his fiction to see what the fuss is all about I suspect a lot of first time readers of Lovecraft are disappointed at what they find The way he goes about telling his stories is very idiosyncratic he has a tendency to overwrite and is often ridiculously verbose This can be very disappointing and off putting if you choose the wrong story to start with and you were expecting a uick thrilling read This is where the unwieldy titled The Best of HP Lovecraft Bloodcurdling Tales of Horror and the Macabre comes in This is a “greatest hits” type of anthology which is ideal for the uninitiated and of course fans who want their favorite stories all in one book It does not include the novellas At the Mountains of Madness and The Case of Charles Dexter Ward which is just as well as these are not so suitable starting places I think it is better to get used to and forgive the author’s verbiage and appreciate the otherwise awesomeness of his storiesA lot of the stories tend to be supernatural sci fi hybrids with witches and wizards summoning aliens from another planet or dimension by magic Here is my uick run through of the stories in this collection Introduction by Robert Bloch Best known for Psycho one of his protégés A good intro to Lovecraft the man and his fiction Don’t skip it The Rats in the Walls As your very first Lovecraft story his convoluted prose style may take a while to get used to The climax is spectacular but also a bit of a mess in the narrative department The story is great though worth a reread later on The Picture in the House The book that drips blood; where the useless protagonist runs away just when things are heating up to a critical point next time stay at home old chap Nice short and atmospheric though The Outsider A story of self discovery Great twist at the end Awesome in a most eldritch way Pickman’s Model You are in for a treat with this one Classic Lovecraft one of his most popular and enduring stories The collouial writing style is rather unusual for Lovecraft I think Possibly his most accessible story and a great starting point for new readers In the Vault Break a leg An amusing and rather inconseuential little story The Silver Key Time traveling shenanigan featuring some Lovecraft’s patented awful faux hillbilly dialog A Twilight Zone ish story The Music of Erich Zann Featuring a man who is attracted by weird music Next time just buy a Yoko Ono album Actually one of HPL’s most popular stories Doesn’t really do much for me unfortunately The bloody protagonist does a runner again just when things are getting interesting The Call of Cthulhu The narrative is a little fragmented and the story is rather incohesive but there is some tremendous world building going on in this story The creepy atmosphere is very well done and for once the monster actually shows up in all its glory HPL’s monsters generally prefer to lurk and mess with your head This story is also often cited as evidence of his racism According to Robert

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The Best of H P LovecraftL leads him in search of the fabled text of The NecronomiconThe Colour Out of Space A horror from the skies far worse than any nuclear fallout transforms a man into a monsterThe Shadow Over Innsmouth Rising from the depths of the sea an unspeakable horror engulfs a uiet New England townPlus twelve terrifying tal. It was only last year that I discovered the joy of short stories thanks to Anton Chekhov and Edgar Allan Poe although it seems longer since time is a great ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff Since then I have been interested in the great short story authors of all time as well as writing my own short stories among whom Lovecraft is often mentioned So I was very optimistic about this volume of stories when I started to read it particularly in regards to the 'infamous Cthulhu Mythos'This volume opened with a brilliant foreword by Robert Bloch which described why Lovecraft deserves to be among the greats of horror writing and short story writing When I read his stories I found them to have a similar effervescence and mellifluous beauty to Poe and in some parts the simplicity of Chekhov yet clearly the work was one hundred percent uniue What Lovecraft has done with his short stories is create a world that focuses on the unknown His terror is not simple blood and gore shock tactics to scare the audience it is the horror that reuires a deeper level of skill to creep the audience out by linking the narrators to mysterious and creepy terrors I found the supernatural and science fiction elements of his horror uniue to him as while his language may have been similar to other short story artists the themes were completely uniue and specific to his work Very few other short story writers have written short stories that constantly link while telling different storiesWhat are the themes of these short stories Well Lovecraft deals in a variety of themes such as dreams mirrors and hence the self the 'other' the unknown the danger of cults and occult powers corpses tombs old ruined houses cannibalism science vs religion the cosmos monsters vs men crawling and slimy creatures insanity and psychology It seemed to me that Lovecraft believed not in deities as such or had a personal religion but was a scientist who believed in the power of the cosmos His view seems that the universe is strange chaotic and hence unordered by the power of one supreme being but perhaps there may be old powers that exist in the black seas of infinity and will exist after people Of course while my beliefs are very different it was interesting to note this in his fiction He seemed to still hold a concept of black and white morality despite there being very much a greyness about his stance on human life and the powers in the universe CuriousThe thing I also loved about the stories was pointed out to me by the foreword Where most novels and short stories have either an unreliable or a reliable narrator Lovecraft wrote stories that had both at once in some strange way The way he did this was to write first person narratives with characters who had the information but also some kind of flaw to make you doubt where the reliability was or was not For instance this particularly occurs in the first story in this volume view spoilerWhere the narrator appears to describe everything reliably until right at the end we discover that he is in fact narrating from an asylum and he is being classed as insane However he claims he's not insane So which viewpoint do we take hide spoiler