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Read & Download ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ù Christopher S. Stewart Armed with the personal notebooks of the mysterious World War II spy Theodore Morde an adventurer who attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler journalist Christopher S Stewart sets out in search of the lost White City buried somewhere deep in the Mosuito Coast of. Just finished the book still waiting for something to happen The subtitle suggests espionage death and adventure and it's just not in here I got the feeling that Stewart expected an epic trip filled with danger and adventure He hyped the trip and all along he knew he would return to write a book about his adventure Probably had the book deal already lined up I'm guessing Stewart had to exaggerate a bit and build up near interesting events to make this book happen The death in the sub title is some random motorcyclist who gets hit by a bus then they arrive scene after the fact Stewart sets you up with the anticipation of Bandits hijacking their car they end up being two kids He pays some pirates for a ride up the river and talks about how sketchy and dangerous it is nothing happens He forgets to bring leg protection against snakes and how he's really taking a chance without them no snake bites He brings up Jaguars he ends up seeing some paw prints His white city ends up being in everyone's own personal imagination Stewart no doubt had the trip of a lifetime for himself I'm sure the hike was grueling and all the dangers that come with traveling in 3rd world countries and remote areas were present I'm sure he found himself out there in the forest and it was life changing for him I'm sure he missed his family and had his priorities altered But nothing remarkable happens and this trip does not warrant a book The sub title is really misleading fortunately it was a uick read

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Download Ç Jungleland 109 Ó Armed with the personal notebooks of the mysterious World War II spy Theodore Morde an adventurer who attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler journalist Christopher S Stewart sets out in search of the lost White City buried somewhere deep in the Mosuito Coast of Honduras Stewart pieces together the whirlwind life and peculiar dea Honduras Stewart pieces together the whirlwind life and peculiar death of Morde who sailed around the world five times before turning thirty as he tries to verify Morde's claim of having discovered the Lost City of the Monkey GodIn the tradition of The Lost Cit. The bits about Morde were interesting the author's midlife crisis in the jungle not so much He was such a whiny baby good lord Most of his problems could have been avoided if he'd bothered to break in his hiking boots before setting off He spends a lot of time worrying about being killed by snakes or jaguars or bandits whereas I was impressed none of his traveling companions strangled him after the third straight day of bitching about his blisters non stop I wanted to strangle him and I wasn't stuck in a jungle with him

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JunglelandY of Z and Lost in Shangri La Jungleland is in part a classic tale of man versus wild as well as a story of young fatherhood and a meditation on the timeless call of adventure an epic search for answers in a place where nothing is guaranteed least of all surviv. Following Colonel Percy Fawcett’s ian Saga the Rain Forests of South America intoxicated me A couple of years back I saw the book “JUNGLELAND” by Christopher Stewart an adventurer and free lance journalist describing his trip through the Jungles of Mosuitio Coast of Honduras trying locate the mysterious lost city Theodore Morde was supposed to have discovered in 1940 which was known as the Lost City of Monkey God – also famous in myths as “Ciudad Blanca” or White CityIn India we have what is called “Subh Muhurat” or Auspicious Time and it was only in February 2020 that the Subh Muhurat to read “Jungleland” cameThe narrative starts with Chris Stewart obsession to locate the mysterious White City After detailed and painstaking research and follow up with the relatives of Theodore Morde Chris Stewart in the company of archaeologist Chris Bigley retraces the steps of Morde and his companions ultimately locating the city Morde most likely located by the descriptions available in Morde’s journals Las Crucitas – was it actually the legendary lost city also known as Ciudad BlancaThe travellers’ arrive in Honduras within a few days of a coup – the country is in turmoil – always a lawless place at this time dangerous Trying to locate the Lost City of Z in ian forest David Grann found none of the dense jungles described by Fawcett in his journals In a matter of eighty years the forest cover had greatly reduced The savage naked Amerinds lived in a symbiotic relationship with the ian rain forests for many millennia And then the conuistadors the civilized white barbarians out to bring the savages to Christ while robbing them of their wealth and destroying their health came Within half a millennium the forest cover reduced rainfall pattern changed and hundreds of species of fauna along with thousands of species of flora became extinct As someone commented – Nature is bountiful and there is sufficient and for needs of everyone but not enough for even one person’s greed The forests of the Mosuitia jungles have similarly been denuded by the timber mafia Chris Stewart writes in his book Jungleland “Soon there was no one but cattle and cut down trees dozens and dozens of blackened stumps in a wide open space the size of probably six football fields I was stunned and a little terrified The impenetrable supernatural seeming mass of green that I had imagined had been completely and utterly slashed and burned “So this is the jungle” I said sarcastically It didn’t exactly feel like Morde’s dense malarial wilderness“It used to be” said Chris “It was different in Morde’s day”Now the area looked like a giant lawn of ashes Settlers loggers and ranchers had been clearing the jungle for years illegally in many cases “This is the colonization front” Chris said Jungle clearing was a problem all over Honduras The colonizers took the land for houses or pasture or just for the wood Many times they didn’t replant anything”In the first decade of the twenty first century the country had lost about 7 million acres about 10000 suare miles of forestland — an area the size of the combined Hawaiian Islands Some of the timber ended up in products sold in the United States The US embassy has reported that the clearing continues at a rate of about 3 percent a year further shrinking Central America’s largest rain forest and everything — birds beasts bugs and all manner of flora that double as herbal medicine for the local people — within Yes the blatant selfishness and greed of the white man – money and money – let the rain forest biosphere ecosystem and environment be damned He never realizes that all this lucre will be left behind and all the land he reuires will be 30 35 suare feet for his body to be interred He leaves behind a ravaged raped environment which will takes centuries if not millennia to once again become pristine To retain the pristine glory of the forests – for every tree cut 10 new saplings have to be planted since only one or maybe two of these ten will continue growing to maturity and then contribute to the biosphereAt the cost of repeating myself within half a millennium of the white savage stepping on the shores of the New World and exploring the interiors of the Americas and the Dark Continent the forest cover reduced rainfall pattern changed and hundreds of species of fauna some exotic like Dodo Great Auk Tasmanian Tiger and others along with thousands of species of flora became extinct as did tribes of American Indians Australian Aborigines and dark AfricansReturning to the journey of Chris Stewart and Chris Bigley along with their local guides Pancho and Angel Like Theodore Morde and Brown his companion they started by staying at Paris Hotel in Le Ceiba where 70 years before the explorers had checked in Tracing Morde’s route they travelled through the cleared jungles the swamplands and some remaining jungles to Catacamas an eight hour drive that took eleven hours From Catacamas they took a bus to near Patuca and head upstream to Rio Blanco and tried to trace Morde’s Camp Ulak They met with the Amerindians to get feedback on Ciudad Blanca Tracing the route of Morde and his companions they ultimately reach a site where there are many a mounds – the indicators of buildings buried underneath This was the area where Chris Bigley made his first discovery of ruins in the jungles of Mosuitia coast As he explains to Chris Stewart ‘“That assumption that there was little in the Mosuitia that this was always pristine rain forest uninhabited” Chris said now “you can see how that’s just wrong” He seemed to take particular pleasure in the evidence undermining all the people who had challenged him over the years those who had warned him he was wasting his time in the Mosuitia Those people and their tired old arguments against a city ever existing in this rain forest “Just look at this place” he exclaimedOn locating the ruins of Las Crucitas amid the verdant green forests with towering peaks in the backdrop and howler monkeys providing the background cacophony as described by Morde in his journal one could conclude this was the Lost City of the Monkey God – was this then the Lost White City Ciudad BlancaThe night before they set out for the ruins of Las Cruicitas an old Pech chieftain explains that to locate the Lost City one has to know all the Indian dialects and if the person is lucky enough to locate the place – the guardians of the city would welcome he traveller but once inside the guardians would prevent the return of the traveller They do not like people casually coming and going from their city This was Ciudad Blanca the Lost White CityExplaining this concept further Chris Bigley says finding numerous ruins initially he had concluded that there was not one but many Ciudad Blancas Later he understood the Lost City was a metaphor for what the Indians had lost once they came in contact with the outsiders – their wealth culture and even their lives Ciudad Blanca was in their minds and memory and could not be located in the physical realm Ciudad Blanca – the White City – would remain lost and could not be located in AmericasThe journey described in the book occurred in 2009 but four five years later the journalist Douglas Preston using the latest laser aerial photography located the ruins of the Lost City of the Monkey God – and we can be sure that this is not the mythical Lost White City – the Ciudad BlancaThe book is well written the story line gripping and it is a page turner