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Sams Story Book One Free read ¶ 8 à In this captivating saga Samantha Skylar experiences undying passion and endures one horrific act of brutality that sweeps her into the arms of the second most powerful man in the country Samantha’s journey takes her from the poverty and close minded attitudes of a tiny coal mining town in West Virginia to theOne opens in 1978 Sam is fourteen and living in Boone County West Virginia a place that isn't accepting of Roe v Wade or the Eual Rights Amendment Sam is different; she knows it and her doting grandmother knows it Neither of them is content with the idea of her ending up the way her sisters did married to a coal miner and raising another generation of miners and downtrodden women As the beneficiary of her grandma's love Sam absorbed h. Sam is a 14 year old girl who is lucky enough to find a good looking baseball loving boyfriend But Sam is young and naïve and she soon finds out that she is pregnant But Sam’s luck continues when her boyfriend Phil and her grandmother are supportive of her when she decides to keep the baby But the people that live in her small West Virginia town are not uite as supportive In fact they are downright hateful As the book unfolds the people of the town show just how hateful they can be and tragedy comes into Sam’s life Sam decides that the small town is no place to raise her baby and she decides to move to AtlantaAs she settles into her new life in Atlanta tragedy strikes again; Sam is devastated But she has one friend Bastian who helps her out Bastian is extremely wealthy and he acts as Sam’s big brother And slowly Sam begins to heal from her physical and emotional wounds This is one of the best books I’ve read in the past couple of months All of the characters in the book were interesting and they were easy to identify with Sam is a smart young girl who has a lot of inner strength She is an honest person who owns up to her mistakes and does her best to make better decisions She’s pretty mature for a 14 year old girl The situations in the story are realistic The story of a young girl who becomes sexually active due to pressure from her boyfriend is a common tale It is also fairly common for children to be raised by grandparents when their parents won’t This is a good book but the beginning of the book does have some sections that discuss the sexual activity of Sam and her boyfriend So if you are a parent of a teen and you are sensitive about issues of teen sexuality you may want to review the book before allowing your teen to read it But overall this is a great book

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Er progressive outlook and beliefs which caused her to uestion the status uoOf course being different isn't a good thing in a small conservative town both Sam and her grandmother discover that in the cruelest way possible Tragedy strikes and we're given a glimpse of the strength that lies within Samantha and how she deals with adversity The first book follows Sam to Atlanta and chronicles her first four turbulent months in her new cit. This book blew me away I wasn't sure what to expect when I first picked up Sam's Story but what I got was a genuine treat I was drawn into the story immediately The I read the I wanted I fell in love with the writing the characters the story All of it was great This book was fantastically written When I read a book from an author for the very first time I get a bit nervous when the book is this long over 500 pages I get worried that there's going to be lots of unnecessary details or lulls in the story This is without a doubt not a concern here Every word felt important to the story There weren't any useless details There were no lulls in the story Everything flowed together steadily and created a wonderful storyThe story line was much deeper than what I would have expected It starts out pretty mildly but things grow seriously throughout the book Sam takes you on a very emotional journey with some twists that I certainly couldn't see comingThe characters are all so wonderful You can't help but fall in love with them From Sam to Gram to Phil to Al Marie and beyond they're just wonderful They all could have been real people And even the not so wonderful people are done well Sam's Story Book One was one of the best books I've read in a long while I thoroughly enjoyed the story and characters I cannot wait until I have a chance to read book two This book was received from the author in exchange for an honest review

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Sams Story Book OneIn this captivating saga Samantha Skylar experiences undying passion and endures one horrific act of brutality that sweeps her into the arms of the second most powerful man in the country Samantha’s journey takes her from the poverty and close minded attitudes of a tiny coal mining town in West Virginia to the estate of one of Atlanta’s oldest and wealthiest families This epic trilogy follows Samantha from the age of 14 to 40Book. Samantha “Sammy” Skylar is a fourteen year old girl in West Virginia She lives with her beloved grandma because things aren't great at home Gram takes her to Atlanta Georgia where Samantha becomes a die hard Braves fan Gram is loving and supportive and also cares about helping others Her “strays” both human and animal take up residence at her home until they can get on their feet It is here that Samantha lives with a collie named Admiral and a horse named MannyAs much as this is a haven for her there is the sense that she needs to get away Her sisters are both married; one was pregnant before high school graduation Samantha doesn't want to fall into that same trap at an early ageThe boy next door Phil is a friend from childhood but when Samantha starts to develop he looks at her in a new way Sam is a bit naïve when it comes to sex and her sisters try to enlighten her She seems conflicted; she is a bit uncomfortable with the way Phil looks at her but at the same time she is enjoying this new powerThe night of the senior dance and Phil invites Sam One thing leads to another and Sam becomes pregnant She ponders getting an abortion but decides to keep the baby Phil steps up and Sam decides to drop out of school and start working at the feed store where Phil works The owners view Phil and Sam as part of the family and it looks as if things will work out all right after allUntil one fateful nightSam's Story Book One is a hefty read at than 500 pages but the plot never seems to lag Well paced one starts to think that Sam and Phil are on their way to a new life until vandals targeting Sam's progressive grandmother unleash a time of heartbreak in Sam's life Complicating matters is her move to Atlanta Georgia where she meets a handsome young man running a women's shelter He's Sebastian Deveraux of the Deveraux family The Skylars blame the Deveraux clan for a lot of things and Sam's presence at Sebastian's huge home starts Atlanta's tongue's a waggin' Fearful of bringing bad luck to Sebastian Sam is also conflicted at feeling safe and happy again and wanting for nothing—nothing except wanting to be with her grandmother and Phil and her baby againSam's Story is the first book in a trilogy and I'm looking forward to the next installment It shows how decisions can mean life and death and how life can be incredbily unfair and sad and wonderful all at the same timeWith the steamy sex scenes I would consider this an adult read even though Sam's young age and pregnancy might resonate with younger readers who have known girls in similar situations or who may be facing that situation themselves Cynics may shake their head at the way young Phil steps up and vows to love and provide for Sam and their child and of the benevolent couple who help them out with jobs but it was heartwarming to see that kind of love and support You can't help but root for Sam and ache for her as she faces tragedy But somehow you know she'll come through I am really looking forward to the next book Author Amy D Crusan Kramer paced the novel extremely well and I really felt as if I were there in West Virginia and Atlanta watching Sam's Story unfold—well the first part at leastReviewed by Gloria Diaz