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Shaggy Maggie Shaggy Maggie Band #1 Harvey Young rock star lead of the Scottish band Shaggy Maggie has dreamed his whole life about the red haired girl from the school bus that he bullied until she ran away He's resigned himself to groupie fill ins There's no way he'll ever see her again Why torture himself pining for his lost youth?M This book just didn't work for me it was just impossible for me to get into it I've been thinking about it and I think the reason why is that there's nearly no internal monolougue You don't get to spend much time inside the characters heads learning about their thoughts and emotions There is some but it just doesn't give you much depth and therefore I felt disconnected to the characters and the entire story I felt as if the whole book was simply a recital of eventsThen there is the scottish brogue which was just annoying I don't mind the use of local words or phrases to a natural degree or even if an accent is emphasized like using darlin' instead of darling But this was all the time nearly every word they spoke had to be scottified ad nauseum All it did was make them sound like bad parodies of themselves and it really hindered the whole flow of the book having to slow down everytime they spoke and try to decipher it It doesn't matter where you're from sorry is still spelled sorry however you pronounce it Really she could have just written the whole dialogue phoneticallyAnother thing I dislike in books in general is when a woman falls in love with a man who mistreats her Like here it was her childhood tormentor And I don't mean she falls for him after he's redeemed himself but while he's still treating her like crap There is absolutely no explanation for loving a guy like that personality wise since he's horrible The only reason is because he's attractive which isn't just pathetic but also shallow I just can't get over how amazingly little self respect a woman must have if she pines after a guy who treats her like shit not to mention it's self destructive I find it extremely difficult to like a character like thatAlso view spoilerHow were they not informed the police didn't catch the guy??? That seems to be a pretty important detail to divulge to the people in danger of him There should have been an investigation some offered protection something dammit hide spoiler

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READER Ù DOC Shaggy Maggie ↠ Shaggy Maggie Band #1 ´ TYFFANI CLARK KEMP ´ Harvey Young rock star lead of the Scottish band Shaggy Maggie has dreamed his whole life about the red haired girl from the school bus that he bullied until she ran away He's resigned himself to groupie fill inAgda Canady may be on the unlucky side but her life is starting to work itself out She's an editor for a New York Publishing company and her long time lawyer boyfriend is taking her home to Scotland to meet the parents and his younger brother But the trip holds danger than she could have imagined Be GENRE Second Chances; CheatingLENGTH 250 pagesMAIN CHARACTERS Magda Canady Red headed editor who goes to Scotland to visit her boyfriend Beckman's family She soon finds out his twin is the same guy who tortured her in high school Beckman Young Magda's boyfriend who loves her dearly Harvey Young Beckman's twin who has loved MagdaMaggie since he was a young boy and is now trying to hold back from loving her nowCaitalyn Magda's sluty best friend who is also her wedding plannerMerida Harvey's girlfriend who looks like MagdaIrvin Ward Magda's creepy stalker who is delusional and thinks he loves MagdaLIKES Beckman; he's such a good guyDISLIKESAll the Scottish slang; it took me forever to understand what the Scottish characters were saying because the spelling of each words was so different and somethings I just completely didn't getHow much of a bitch Magda was to Beckman for absolutely no reasonThe Terrible EpilogueOVERALL THOUGHTS ABOUT BOOKS This is the third book that I have read from this author and I'm glad I read the first 2 books before reading this one because if I had read this one before the other series I would have seriously hated the Without Rules series This book was just so much better than those 2 Granted it wasn't an amazing book but it was decent I just wish it was written properly and I understood I usually love slang and the dialect from other countries but this was a bit much When it takes me forever to try to understand what's going on then we have a problem I love that Harvey was still pinning for Maggie several years later but I still felt bad for Beckman He just seemed like a great guy I hated the back and forth between Maggie and the twins but I guess she was just too torn I did really enjoy the story but really hated the ending It just left if so unfinished This book would definitely have gotten a higher rating from me had it had a happily ever after for those two The epilogue was just plain terrible How could you leave it with the man getting into a car accident??? Anyways I liked this book but it definitely could have been better I would like to see everything tied up in the next book STEAM LEVEL it had some steam but it wasn't very hot because it was just way too shortDOES IT END IN A CLIFFHANGER? YupFAVORITE UOTES none reallyFINAL RATING 325 starsWOULD I RECOMMEND? Eh I have a feeling it wouldn't be that popular among my Goodreads friends

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Tween a psycho stalker and the boy who tortured her through high school she might lose her mind and her life before it's all said and doneWhen a chance encounter brings them together once it's the past the present and a little psychosis that may get in the way of the future that was always meant to I read this book in one sitting I could not put it down I love how Tyffani Clark Kemp describes what's going on it keeps you on your toes and immersed in the story I loved meeting Magda the things that happen to her are so real to life that you can just see them happening possibly to you The deeper in the book you get the real she becomes Maggie is going to Scotland with her fiancé to meet the family for Christmas Little did she know that her Christmas surprise leads her back to the bully that made her run way back in high school Harvey named his band Shaggy Maggie He never forgot that red haired girl that stole his heart in high school then disappeared His life is filled with groupies that want to be with him because he is a rock star The story of what happens is a roller coaster of emotions funny sad silly scary you name it you will find it in this book