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Download Hope (Choices, #3) Book ¹ 280 pages ✓ Moneyexpresscard ã She's the high school softball star He's the fraternity chaplainHe's the good guy She's the wild childEliza Nichols has a secret After one night one mistake she throws away her softball career walking away from everything she loves BroShe's the high school softball star He's the fraternity chaplainHe's the good guy She's the wild childEliza Nichols has a secret After one night one mistake she throws away her softball career walking away from everything she loves Broken and damaged the last thing she needs is someone making her uestion everything she kno When someone you love someone you’d lay your life down for gets lost in the dark you follow them Maybe you can’t be the light they need Maybe you don’t even need the light And maybe just maybe it’s enough to just be there in the darkness Together” ILovedThisBook Sydney Lane has life wisdom that comes shining through in her writing it just speaks to me I highlighted so many wonderful passages in this book I am not a huge fan of New Adult Romance but this author does it right and does it well Bravo This is book #3 in this series Declan's story It can be read as a stand alone but you will understand Declan's story better if you read book one Choices Choices was one of my top favorite reads last year so I highly recommend starting there Somehow I missed book two of this series the author said it was okay to go ahead with this one even though I hadn't read book two and she was right I will be stepping back to read the second book though I love the way this lady writes Hope is such a perfect title for this book both Eliza and Declan have been hurt betrayed and damaged What they find in each other is that little spark of hope that gives them strength and courage to face their past demons embrace change and look towards the future This book took me back to my college years and reminded me of those horrible feelings of rejection experienced when the one person you want most doesn't want you back Anyone remember that??This series focuses heavily on the emotions felt when we have to face the conseuences of our choices Sometimes we make bad choices and are forced to learn from them so we can make better ones in the future I love the message and it's feelings that I think all of us have and will experience at some point in our lives But bad choices do not have do define us forever and as long as we have hope change and a better future awaits us A few of my favorite passages from the book It's in feeling pain that we truly learn to move forward When we learn to use that pain we learn and grow and succeed We use the pain of the past to pave the way for a better future And in that we learn to let go The one thing I'm learning is that if you hate something only you can change it Sometimes happiness is about choosing it Doesn't mean I can erase the past just that I can close the door on things that cannot be changed If you love to read books that are laced with words of wisdom then this is such a good series to pick up I just can't say enough about it and it is also uite steamy I love the nice boy with the naughty side that entailed Declan I really did fall in love with his character Can I order one just like him for one of my daughters?? Yes I'd like thatThanks to the author for the complimentary copy of this book It was such a pleasure to read I want wwwktbookreviewscom

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WsNo one has ever made her want to be so goodDeclan White is the stereotypical nice guy When his fraternity brother betrays him with the girl of his dreams he struggles to be the man he wants to be without losing the man he is Eliza may be exactly what he needsNo one has ever made him want to be so badWhen these two come t Yay a good romance “Forgiving isn't always something you do for the other person Sometimes forgiving is something you do for yourself Forgiveness sets you free” Declan White is the fraternity chaplain and a hot one at that He's a 'nice guy' but he's had his heart broken and we first meet him going through grief at the betrayal of his best friend He can't get over the love for the girl he thought he once had but he must accept that perhaps it was never meant to be “Emotionless I drift into darkness I'm not sure I like this new place I'm in Not the darkness we became friends a long time ago It's the total and utter lack of feeling I thought I would like it but I don't” Eliza Nichols left her perfect life behind her when she moved to college She lost everything she ever loved in one night of foolishness and hasn't forgiven herself since She uses meaningless sex as an escape looking for something even though her pain is a reminder that she's still alive getting byBut it wasn't until meeting Declan that she finally realised that being alive wasn't the same as living “The voices in my head hushed to a whisper still there still painful but bearable That's the closest I've been to happiness in a long damn time” “If I've learned anything it's that you can't make someone feel the way you do It's meant to be or it isn't” Both of them have their issues but when Declan offers to be Eliza's escape they find much than just that Declan realises that unlike uincy he's willing to fight for Eliza But she's the one holding back and to move forward she must face her past and the demons that haunt her “When someone you love someone you'd lay your life down for gets lost in the dark you follow them Maybe you can't be the light they need Maybe you don't even need the light And maybe just maybe it's enough to just be there in the darkness Together” I won't go on and on but I loved the characters It was like 'bad girl' with the 'nice guy' and it was sweet for a change Even though the book had its darkness I found it a really easy read that still held a great uality to it “Life is a battlefield a constant struggle between darkness and light”

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Hope Choices #3 Ogether their lives collide in a battle of wills One moment can change the rest of your life You can accept it or you may find hope where there appears to be nothing at all Author's Note Hope is the third installment in the Choices series All novels can be read stand alone with no cliffhanger Intended for mature audiences In stories like these we usually find the guy the high school star and the girl being the sweet member of her group of girlfriends However this time the girl Eliza Nicholas is carefree overly enthusiastic star of her high school’s softball team; and the slightly older guy Declan White is the sweet innocent one being the chaplain of his college fraternityDisgruntled due to a single blunder she made one night Eliza feels so downhearted and marred that the only viable solution she sees left to her is to simply chuck her love of softball and a possible career in the sport as well as turning her back on the whole shebang of everything she holds close to her heart; keeping all this a secret she must keep to herselfI found it refreshing to see a young nice guy like Declan reacts losing his first chance at having a possible HEA when one of his so called brothers in the fraternity they belong to steals the girl of his dreams One thing he can’t do is to get exceedingly emotional about it and now has to put forth an effort in trying to be a man about this calamity in his lifeNobody has ever planned for the lives of these to individuals to be turning out the way they are Perhaps each of these individuals might be the answer to what the other one needs in their livesWith the strong wills both Eliza and Declan have to order to have survive as long as they have it was no wonder there was turmoil between these two lovers when they first met with neither one willing to give in to the other Will each of these two individuals become a Phoenix rising out of the ashes of their despair to find the HEA they desire to have in their lives? The only possible solution for them is to find it to be willing to find a common ground they both can agree upon; but are these two willing to do this to attain this goal?For having given her readers a refreshing reversal of character roles and a story of hope I’ve given Ms Lane 5 STARS for her wonderful endeavor here