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It to the stage via the same journey each has made his or her own path to success And that's one of the strengths of this book The reader is afforded the luxury of discovering various approaches and then is allowed to choose what works best for him or herFeaturing essays and interviews withNeil GaimanOrson Scott CardUrsula K Le GuinAlan Dean FosterJames GunnTim PowersHarry TurtledoveLarry NivenJoe HaldemanKevin J AndersonElizabeth BearJay. I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest reviewWhat if you could ask Neil Gaiman where he gets his ideas from What if Orson Scott Card gave you his insights on developing voice and style Imagine picking Elizabeth Bear's brain on the joys and intricacies of world buildingThe only thing an author can always depend upon is craft Craft doesn't always enable the author to scale mountains That depends on the author's talent and inspiration and dedication But craft is like the mountaineer's tools and experience They help when the going gets toughJames GunnThe Writers Workshop of Science Fiction and Fantasy is full of entertaining and informative short essays by some of the most respected writers in the genresThe difficulty with books of this kind is that it can be a retread of other writing guides that do it in detail but this one while it does present some material you've probably read before skirts the problem by being something much Sometimes it's good for writers to understand the genres they are writing for and how it got there Sometimes reinventing the wheel isn't necessary and sometimes maybe it isStarting with the inception of the idea with Neil Gaiman's essay 'Where Do You Get Your Ideas' through to the tough middle and the endings authors have their own ways of dealing with each area but reading how successful authors do it is instructive and their voices of experience shines through each workshop These writers love their craft and it shows whether they are writing their next novel or sharing their most important lessons about being a writer that people will want to readMiddles that justify the openings and earn the endings are the hardest to developGeorge ZebrowskiParticularly good are the ones on 'Middles' by George Zebrowski 'On Rhetoric and Style' by Orson Scott Card and a thought provoking one on 'Unbending Gender' by Nisi Shawl that includes a link to a fun and gorgeously detailed chart on the pathways to stereotyped female charactersThis book is the collected wisdom of those who not only have been there but have done it amazingly well Each essay is chock full of experience examples and anecdotes that reminds us why we love these writers It's not only a writers' guide it's a fans' guide into the minds of our favourite authorsEntertaining illuminating and challenging this book is for readers and writers alike I give it a 45 out of 5 starsA good instinctive style that is a pleasure to read cannot be taught or learned directly Is there nothing you can do then to enhance your own style to improve it Why of course there is But paradoxically you don't do it by working on your styleOrson Scott Card

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Writers Workshop of Science Fiction FantasyLakeNancy KressGeorge ZebrowskiPamela SargentMike ResnickEllen DatlowJames Patrick KellyJo FletcherStanley SchmidtGordon Van GelderLou AndersPeter CrowtherAnn VanderMeerJohn Joseph AdamsNick MamatasLucy A SnyderAlethea KontisNisi ShawlJude Marie GreenNayad A MonroeG Cameron FullerJackie GamberAmanda DeBordMax MillerJason SizeThis edition also includes several full page illustrations from award winning artists Matthew Perry and Bonnie Wasson. Featuring several articles and interviews from various authors I was interested in reading Writers Workshop of Science Fiction and Fantasy because I thought it would be neat to see what the authors had to say about their writing habits and techniues I don’t typically read a lot in the science fiction genre but I do enjoy the occasional fantasy book but I figured that the advice these authors were trying to give would apply to other genres as well and indeed they didWhere do authors get their ideas from What exactly is science fiction fantasy and the sub genres within What is style What are the tactics of world building What exactly is ‘weird fiction’ What are the most common reasons manuscripts are rejected These are just a few of the uestions that are answered within this collectionIf you are an author even if it is in a genre other than science fiction or fantasy I suggest you pick up a copy of this collection I know that personally I learned several tips and techniues that I will try applying to my own writingIf you are a reader you can still benefit from reading this collection You’ll be able to get an inside glimpse at the minds of some of your favorite authors and see what the life of a writer is like

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Download ↠ Writers Workshop of Science Fiction Fantasy Æ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ç Writers Workshop of Science Fiction and Fantasy is a collection of essays and interviews by and with many of the movers and shakers in the industry Each contributor covers tWriters Workshop of Science Fiction and Fantasy is a collection of essays and interviews by and with many of the movers and shakers in the industry Each contributor covers the specific element of craft he or she excels in Expect to find varying perspectives and viewpoints which is why you many find differing opinions on any particular subjectThis is after all a collection of advice from professional storytellers And no two writers have made. I loved this book It was fascinating to get a peek into the minds of some of the big names in the genre I wasn't familiar with many of the authors because I haven't done extensive reading in the sci fifantasy genre but every one of the essays was impressive and easy to become engaged in Michael Knost obviously knows what he is doing Don't let the title fool you this book is for writers and readers of any genre I am not a writer so I can't tell you how useful this book would be for one but as a reviewer and avid reader I found all the essays informative It will also give you a new appreciation for what it takes to be a writer I have never really toyed with the idea of writing a story and after reading this there is no way in hell I would try One of the big lessons you will take away from this is writing is work and you have to write and read outside your genre too every dayI really liked how Editor Michael Knost put the book together Each author took a different aspecttechniue of writing Starting with Neil Gaiman's essay on where ideas come from to Orson Scott Card's on rhetoric and style to Elizabeth Bear's tactics on world building The last two chapters are a A with editors about what they look for in short stories and novels If you are a novice at the whole publishing thing then you might be surprised by the process for picking storiesSeventh Star Press has two amazing artists that do commissioned work for their titles You can go to the SSP website to see some of it The paperback version of The Writers Workshop that I have contains three beautiful black and white illustrations but unfortunately some uality is lost in the printing If you purchase the special editions from the SSP website I think the pictures are a better uality I can't forget to mention the amazing cover art by Mathew Perry He captured the essence of the book perfectlyIf you are a lover of speculative fiction or just curious about the process of writing then definitely pick this book uphttpwwwismellsheepcom201305bo5 weird Sheep