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Ὀρέστεια review Å eBook or Kindle ePUB à Het verhaal van Orestes de enige bewaarde Griekse toneeltrilogie toont in een groots lyrisch drama hoe de wet van vergelding plaatsmaakt voor de heerschappij van het recht Koning Agamemnon die zijn dochter offerde voor de Trojaanse oorlog wordt bij zijn triomfantelijke terugkeer door Het verhaal van Orestes de enige bewaarde Griekse toneeltrilogie toont in een groots lyrisch drama hoe de wet van vergelding plaatsmaakt voor de heerschappij van het recht Koning Agamemnon die zijn dochter offerde voor de Trojaanse oorlog. This is pretty fantastic I'm surprised I think I like this old Greek trilogy of plays better than all the others that I've read That's including Oedipus PThe translation is pretty awesome the tragedy is beautiful and the underlying theme of justice and the balance of power between men and women is stark and heavyBut isn't it about murder and eye for an eye taken to extremes Yeah but it's still than thatIt's mainly about honoring your children and honoring your parents It's not as twisted as some of the other Greek plays but it is pretty horrific Agamemnon kills his daughter his wife kills him Her son kills her But wait Apollo sanctions his killing Alas the Furies do not So now we have the older gods versus the new Parents and children at each other's throats againTotally beautifulAnd here we all thought that Zeus only caused chaos too To think that he'd welcome the Furies into his court as honored eualsPersonally I think it was just a political move I'm pretty sure that the Furies scared him shitless too Great stuff

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Wordt bij zijn triomfantelijke terugkeer door zijn vrouw Klytaimestra vermoord Hun zoon Orestes doodt zijn moeder om zijn vader te wreken Door haar wrekende geesten achtervolgd vlucht hij naar Athene waar een nieuwe rechtbank de keten va. Murder betrayal revenge torment you might wonder “Why would I bother reading three Greek plays when I could see the same sort of lurid problems on an episode of Jerry Springer And fold laundry at the same time” Two possible answers First you’re not going to get patricide matricide human sacrifice and unintentional cannibalism on daytime TV because we still draw the line somewhere and you have to admit those are pretty dramatic More importantly though along with the dysfunction in the House of Atreus comes a searing examination of guilt retribution and justice It’s a lot of philosophical bang for your buckThe first play in the trilogy Agamemnon sets up the conflict for the remaining two Agamemnon returns home from the Trojan War to his wife Clytemnestra who has spent the last ten years plotting revenge because he sacrificed their daughter to appease a god at the outset of the journey The verbal interplay at their reunion is the stuff of English majors’ dreams Clytaemnestra’s subseuent murder of Agamemnon with the help of a lover who has his own history with Agamemnon is the stuff of Mafia dreams – though actually I’m only guessing on that one However Clytaemnestra’s revenge creates the conflict that drives the other two plays and generates the ethical conundrum Aeschylus ultimately wants to solve For now Clytaemnestra’s son Orestes needs to avenge his father’s death but what happens if you kill your own mother And how is the cycle of revenge ever supposed to end The Libation Bearers has Orestes debating what he should do sort of like Hamlet until the advice of his sister and the chorus women wins the day and that’s when the excitement kicks up a notch Clytaemnestra’s death at the hand of her son calls forth the avenging Furies — ancient goddesses of chthonic tradition who appear here as gorgon like horrors swathed in black heads writhing with snakes It’s so dramatic Also it’s fitting for Clytaemnestra is like a Fury herself in avenging her daughter’s death she acts within the old paradigm of blood ties that the Furies champion wherein maternal claims are stronger than marital So even though Orestes does his duty to avenge his father in accordance with the current ethos he’s pursed by snaky haired horrors for killing his mother Like his father Orestes appears to be both an agent and a victim of fate for in following the gods’ direction to avenge his father’s death he both aligns himself with the Furies’ spirit of vengeance and becomes subject to it Perhaps Orestes’ contradictory relationship with the Furies is Aeschylus’s commentary on a theology rife with snares and contradictions In The Eumenides Aeschylus resolves the problem but his “solution” to the blood feud tradition is hardly unproblematic itself — read it and lose sleep But you’ll know for sure why this is a masterpiece

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ὈρέστειαN de bloedwraak doorbreektDe Athener Aischylos 525 456 vChr vocht in 490 mee in de beroemde slag van Marathon De zeeslag bij Salamis 480 is het onderwerp van Perzen de oudste van zijn zeven bewaarde tragedies Twee jaar na de opvoering van. And the blood that Mother Earth consumesclots hard it won’t seep through it breeds revenge and frenzy goes through the guiltyseething like infection swarming through the brain I’d give this ten stars The trilogy creates an arc a link from blood sacrifice and burnt offerings to the nascent construct of something resembling jurisprudence Superstition giving way begrudgingly to law While the final trial isn’t exactly one by peers it is amazing to contemplate This trilogy is simply wicked in all senses of the term The sacrifices made for good fortune in the Trojan War are a bit too close to home and an elouent vengeance awaits the conuering hero when he returns from the trenches to rebuke accolades and be greeted instead with just desserts I was astonished As I noted I’ve felt my entire life like Cassandra