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read Deviltry Afoot reader ´ Paperback µ carol pritt ☆ Seeking justice for her daughters murder Tina must seek answers in the supernatural realm Terror is spreading over Pendale Love is pitted against a dreadful forceTina’s daughter is savagely murdered Tina comes to know the police won’t be able to solve the crE police won’t be able to solve the crime because the answers are to be found in the supernatural realmShe sets out determined to find answers herself Donald chose evil when he was a living being Brought back to spirit h I thought that this book would be interesting to read It was pitched to me in an e mail blurb that I get from time to time from a company that is trying to help self published authors out That is what makes this review uite difficult to write because I really do enjoy helping others when I can especially aspiring authors The strongest thing about this book was the storyline behind it I thought that Pritt had a uniue plot that has not been written about in this way For anyone who is very religious and knows that the Devil is real this could be a very scary book to read at night It is interesting to see a serial killer who was killed several decades ago comes back from the dead to start killing again Add in a mourning mother looking for clues into who killed her daughter you have a really good tale to be spunHowever this book had uite a number of issues that would have been caught by a decent editor The plot while good was not executed well which brought the whole story down Nothing was ever really developed or fleshed out because the pacing was so uick Instead of having paragraphs many of the pages were filled with one sentence paragraphs which not only made it awkward but made it read like a list of ideas instead of a cohesive story There were many errors with grammar sentence structure punctuation etc that it was very hard to read and I almost could not finish it This is now becoming my pet peeve with respect to the whole publishing community Please get someone to edit your books appropriately Outside of all that it unfortunately read like a rough draft and not a polished pieceI do hope that Pritt continues writing and honing her skill set in the future With story ideas like this one she could become a mainstream author if she was able to successfully execute them on the pageRating 15 out of 5I was given a copy of this book by the author through Bostick Communications; I was not paid to give this reviewwwwthepensivechroniclerblogspotcom

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E continues spreading terror As Tina explores others come to know that something outside the norm is at work in Pendale Will the power of love bring light overcoming the spreading darkness Will Becky be able to rest in pea Review for Deviltry Afoot by Carol PrittThis story surprised me by throwing me directly into the action No build up you were simply and suddenly helplessly watching a murder unfold Lots of death and gore but done with a light hand a good thing since there was uite a fewA Mother agonizes over the death of her child A murderer who might have once been a sociopath but now is simply unstoppable A town fixed in fearLots of characters sometimes I forgot who was who Ms Pritt used a minimum of descriptive words Her writing style is uick short declarative sentences Still the characters and pain stick with you I read it in two sittings This is a thriller with heavy Satanic tones good versus evil So evil in fact you wonder how anything good can win If you don’t believe in the devil this story might leave you wondering if maybe you should I might not read this one alone in the darkPatricia Pellicane

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Deviltry AfootSeeking justice for her daughters murder Tina must seek answers in the supernatural realm Terror is spreading over Pendale Love is pitted against a dreadful forceTina’s daughter is savagely murdered Tina comes to know th The residents of the sleepy city of Pendale learn that a dark history can haunt a small town forever It all begins over 50 years ago when a bullied young boy takes revenge on his tormentor unleashing a taste for murder He commits unspeakable acts until his own death at the hands of a fellow inmate in prison His death does not bring peace to this town but instead a darkness far greaterHas PotentialStill Needs Work Will Stick With The Series to See Where It GoesDeviltry Afoot is the debut novel by Carol Pritt At times I felt the story was a bit choppy and would have been better told as a collection of short stories centered around the supernatural events in Pendale There are also uite a few writing errors but these can easily be cleaned up in the e book so those issues were not considered as part of this reviewThe author introduces a lot of characters and at times it was difficult to keep them all straight While some characters were central to the story others were introduced as victims of these paranormal events It did occur to me at the conclusion of the book that the number of characters introduced may have diminished the overall character developmentDevilrty Afoot is suspenseful However some of the ghostly occurrences seemed too apparent to be scary for example figures appearing and disappearing are overtly paranormal In this genre subtly tends to be terrifying because it seems these things could actually happen While the main antagonist's story of violence isn't unlikely there are serial killers than society cares to admit what happens with him after his death is little far fetched In the end the three star review stemmed from lack of character development and not for anything lacking in the storyline itself If this story should continue as a series I would anticipate a greater depth in characters and I look forward to seeing her evolve as a writerI received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review