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Inspire 18 year old Paige Rice an exuisite beauty from East Hampton NY has just celebrated her high school graduation and is expecting to spend her summer living it up with all her socialite friends But her parents have a different idea – she is being hauled away literally to the mountains of Vermont fo Actual Rating 25This book had a ton of potential The actual writing is good from a technical perspective and the flow is pretty steady without many bumps What failed for me are the story arcs and some pretty hefty character flaws which I will break downThe synopsis for this book is pretty spot on so I won't waste any time recapping and instead get right to the meat of the story Paige is the protag for this book and when we meet her she's just graduated from high school and against her will is heading off into the wild blue yonder of Vermont with her parents whose marriage seems to be on the verge of failing The reader is offered this information almost as an afterthought and the particular story arc is never fully fleshed out though it should have been because it would have added a layer of depth that was altogether missing from this storyUpon arrival to their campsite Paige encounters Travis the owner's son and soon becomes smitten And this my friends is where things get wonky You see Travis feels the same way Cool huh? Hot guy lots of empty woods to explore a gorgeous lake hmmm sexy set up here Only Travis wants to keep their budding relationship on the DL from his tight group of friends who also summer at this campsite So what that immediately says to me is A he's either ashamed of you Paige; or B he's got a girlfriend you dumbass Huge red flag Only after just a smidge of suspicion Paige goes along with the clandestine relationship and the two begin to fall in love way too uickly BTW In addition to the secret relationship aspect of things Travis allows his friends the nasty girls of course to belittle and torment Paige without defending her There's always some BS excuse as to why he can't get involved Yet he has no trouble cornering her in a laundry room to kiss her senselessThere are signs aplenty popping up all over the place Things that come up which would have sent me running For instance there's a scene at the lake fairly early on Paige is there on the beach relaxing when the Travis and his friends show up He doesn't acknowledge her presence won't even make eye contact and again after a brief hint of irritation on Paige's part he sweet talks his way back into her good graces Huh? This is where I lose all respect for our protagThe supposed mystery only deepens over time as Paige is slowly ingratiated into the group All the clues are there vital pieces of information are revealed and yet Paige our resident idiot doesn't have the intellect to ask the burning uestions It's at this point I totally check out I mean this chick got into Columbia University which denotes a certain level of intellect on her part yet her deductive reasoning skills suck ass Travis is lying you dipshit and even I knew that at about the 20% markEventually the truth comes out in dramatic fashionview spoileryes in fact Travis has a girlfriend who conveniently shows up in the eleventh hour and sends everything into a tailspin Okay so maybe he's wanted to breakup with her for a year and there are reasons he felt he couldn't but come on hide spoiler

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FREE READER ↠ DOC Inspire ☆ MONEYEXPRESSCARD Ç 18 year old Paige Rice an exuisite beauty from East Hampton NY has just celebrated her high school graduation and is expecting to spend her summer living it up with all her socialite friends But her parents have a different idea – she is being hauled away literally to the R the entire summer in an RV Assuming she will be an outcast amongst the other teens at the campground still does not prepare her for the treatment she receives which is far worse than she imagined She also isn’t prepared for Travis the campground owner’s son and the “Sexiest” guy she has Actual Rating 35 StarsInspire was a sweet romantic story of young love and a summer romance to last a lifetime It was a uick easy read and the plot flowed really well The characters were likable and I uite enjoyed reading itPaige is on her way to college in the fall so her parents decide to drag her to the mountains of Vermont for a summer RV trip She is less than thrilled to spend her summer away from her friends and in the middle of nowhere However her first day there she meets Travis the son of the campground owners and there is an instant connection The time they spend getting to know eachother the harder they fall However there’s a secret hanging between them and when it comes out it may be impossible to get overI liked Paige and the fact that she wasn’t a spoiled rich girl which she had the potential to be She was very charitable and not judgemental at all Even though Travis was from money like she was it isn’t evident by looking at him and she never thought twice about getting to know or fall for him She was so trusting and maybe a little naïve Even though the other girls at the camp shunned her at first she was still kind to them and helped them when they needed herTravis is down to earth sweet and seems like a total package He comes from money like Paige but you would never know by his attitude and his hard work ethic He went through a rebel stage and is all tattooed up so he is definitely the type to be judged even though he shouldn’t be I really liked Travis and I could tell his feelings for Paige were real and genuine That is what made his betrayal so much harder to take I never expected this from Travis and I was honestly surprised I actually really enjoyed the plot of Inspire and the way the story flowed smoothly It was a light fun read about young romance and I was able to get into it easily Travis and Paige definitely had chemistry and I really liked them together However Travis wanted to keep it a secret and at first it didn’t seem like a big deal since some of the girls were less than friendly with Paige However as the girls softened to Paige and became friendly with her it was clear that Travis was hiding something because he didn’t want to go public with Paige When the truth came out my heart broke for Paige She was so in love with Travis and she felt betrayed I was definitely disappointed in Travis myself but in the end he did prove himself to Paige and me as wellWhile I really enjoyed this book and it was easy to get into and read I did have a few issues I am not a big fan of insta love and this book definitely had it Travis and Paige were saying “I love you” and declaring love for each other after 2 dates and that was way too fast for me While they spent a lot of time getting to know each other and connecting in those few days they still moved way too uickly in my opinion Also I thought that the uick turnaround of the other girls in camp was a little unrealistic One minute they are being snotty bitches to Paige and the next minute they are spilling their secrets to her like best friends I felt like it would take a little time to change their attitudes Despite these small issues I really enjoyed Inspire and I look forward to reading Britney’s story in Forgiveness

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Ever laid eyes on Travis is the only one who shows any interest in getting to know Paige The only problem is that they have to explore what lies between them in secret But once all the secrets are stripped away the truth may be crushingIntended for mature audiences due to language and sexual conte Paige oh Paige Girlfriend I have some advice for you Don't let any guy no matter how hot or how inked he is let him treat you the way Travis did You are a rich girl from the Hamptons and don't need a relationship with a guy who is nice to you when you're alone but when he's with his friends acts cold Unless his name is Jekyll or Hyde keep those eyes open Okay got that out Inspire is a new New Adult title by Heather Buchine featuring the typical NA couple of hot girl and hot guy Paige has graduated high school and instead of spending her last summer enjoying the time with her friends she's stuck in a RV with her parents at a Vermont campsite It's great to reconnect with her usually busy parents but there's not much of a social scene Paige meets Travis the gorgeous son of the camp's owner and the attraction is immediate and reciprocated Travis' circle of friends particularly the girls don't care for Paige with her blond hair and great bod When Travis shows interest he's really nice but yes there seems to a freuent but in these situations he wants to keep their relationship 'secret'If that was me I would have told my dad thanks for the great attempt at family bonding but I'm taking the car and driving back to the Hamptons Then there wouldn't be a story In Heather's defense she did find his behavior strange And then she continued to meet with him and have some sexy make out scenes too Paige is portrayed as a 'good girl' with a keen sense of intimacy I did wonder about the conflict The story seemed to be light in this department We get a good sense of who Paige is and her interactions with her parents The mean girls at the camp do some things but nothing major It's the way Travis acts and treats Paige which is front and center in this story I couldn't believe a girl like Paige would that naive about a guy despite the chemical attraction She found out from her best friend that the guy she's been crushing on for two years asked about her back home and then she gets ticked off at this guy named Corey at the water rafting place when he literally eyefks her both when she arrives and when she departs The girl is not stupid so I couldn't really wrap my mind around her actually condoning Travis This is the main reason I couldn't rate the story higher than I didAs the summer passes by and Paige spends time with Travis alone she does wonder about Travis' motives There is conflict an aggressive act and we figure out why Travis has acted in a certain way I enjoyed reading Inspire and NA fans may want to add this to their TBR list