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eBook í ePub Falling Into Us ç Free  moneyexpresscard ↠ THE STORY YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEWWhen Kyle Calloway died he took a part of Nell with him She wasn’t the only one left to pick up the pieces however; Kyle’s death left a gaping hole in the hearts and lives of his parents and his older brother ColNever happened Instead he ended up going out with Nell’s best friend Becca He had no way of knowing then how that one date would send him on a life long journey with Becca He had no way of knowing the tragedies and triumphs he would experience or that in Becca he might find the love of a lifetimeTHE HEARTACHE YOU’LL NEVER FORG God Becca Kissing you isit's seriously the best thing everI touched my lips knowing they were swollen It's dangerous I thinkWhat is? Jason askedYou and me kissingWhy?I met his eyes let him see all my rolling emotions Because I never want to stop I could kiss you until I suffocate I loved every moment I spent reading this book Becca and Jason may be my favorite book couple yet It's so incredibly rare to find a woman as sure of herself and what she wants as Becca And what she wants is some serious higher learning and Jason Jason could've been written so many different ways but he never strayed from being a kind considerate and faithful boyfriend with a little bit of badass thrown in for good luck Together these two were magic for me through the good times and the devastatingly bad times Regardless of what Becca and Jason were going through they were always a pleasure to read about and I'm so glad I got to share a little bit of their journey

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THE STORY YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEWWhen Kyle Calloway died he took a part of Nell with him She wasn’t the only one left to pick up the pieces however; Kyle’s death left a gaping hole in the hearts and lives of his parents and his older brother Colton and ultimately broke the will of the girl he lovedTHE STORY YOU NEVER IMAGINEDBecc Jason and Becca’s first date is unconventional In fact Jason was supposed to be going out with Becca’s best friend Nell Nell and Jason’s best friend Kyle realized they had feelings for each other right before Jason’s date Just his luck Nell lets it slip that Becca has had a crush on Jason for a while and he should take her out instead So he does Jason feels a little awkward He doesn’t want Becca to feel bad like she is his second choice He does like her Becca can’t believe Jason would want to go out with her at all He’s a popular football player and although she’s a beautiful girl she is shy into her studies and has a stutter I’d been in love with Jason Dorsey since forever but he didn’t even know I existed except as Nell’s awkward friend Jason and Becca start dating at sixteen Jason has a far from ideal home life His father is a police officer and an abusive asshole and his mother is kind of in her own world No one knows about his life except Kyle He intends to keep it that way Just two years left and he won’t have to deal with it any It made me tough he said It was for my own good he said He was right in a way though; it did make me toughNo tackle would ever hurt as much as his fists 
Becca’s home life isn’t perfect either but its much different from Jason’s Her parents are very strict She has to perform in school perfectly has a curfew with ‘check ins’ and dating is off limits Becca has spent her life trying to be perfect She is already taking college classes She has a speech impediment she has been dealing with her whole life Becca has a brother named Ben who is pretty opposite of her He has some mental issues and occasionally uses drugs He is a wild child Becca tries to overcompensate for her brother and his issues She loves Ben but his relationship with their parents is even difficult Becca and Jason eventually get her parents used to the idea of them dating Jason doesn’t try to involve his parents In fact he tries to stay as far away as possible Becca knows whats going on and she wants to know to be there for Jason but he has trouble letting her “Who you are is who you are because of what you go through I like who you are i want to help you I want you to tell me things I want you to trust me” Becca and Jason are there for each other through high school Their relationship is sweet sexy new They are each others first loves and figuring everything out together Becca and Jason’s story spans from sixteen until they are in their early twenties There are some MAJOR MAJOR things that happen in that gap Things you have to read for your self Be prepared for tears All I’m going to say is ‘the letter’ at 73% I was a hot sobbing mess Seeing all the things this couple went through the milestones love laughter heartache devastation pain triumph what a journey it was It is so rare that I read a book and neither one of the main characters do anything to annoy me or piss me off Jason and Becca were those characters I absolutely adored the both of them Neither was perfect they both had struggles individually and as a couple but their relationship only grew stronger with those struggles All the conflict was from the outside I loved the lack of relationship drama Becca goes through something devastating Jason never leaves her side He never will All he wants to do is help her to live again Jason Dorsey He was almost too perfect The most caring patient and kind guy ever Becca and Jason have something real It’s true Jason knew it from the beginning and he wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize his relationship with Becca He loves her so much All he wants in life is to be the man she deserves You will swoon for Jason Dorsey It’s a fact “I wouldn’t give you up for anything” My motivation in life was to be a good enough man for her worthy of her awesomeness“It’s my highest duty in life to take care of you protect you” Jasinda’s writing is seriously magical This woman can write Everything I have read by her has been nothing short of amazing Falling Into You was an incredible read but I have to say I enjoyed this even than Falling Into You There was just something about this book It took me on an emotional journey that I won’t be forgetting Becca and Jason’s story will evoke all sorts of feelings I was happy devastated smiling giggling sobbing pretty much all over the place But then again isn’t that the best kind of book? When reading takes you somewhere else entirely and brings out those types of emotions It was fantastic to see into Nell and Colt’s future I loved that they played a pretty big part in the last 25% or so of the book One of my favorites this year I want to give this MORE than 5 stars An incredible read

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Falling Into UsA de Rosa is Nell’s best friend When Kyle died Nell was so devastated that no one could reach her not even her best friend Becca As she tries to help Nell through her grief Becca’s own life is thrust into turmoil and everything she knows is changedJason Dorsey asked Nell out the week after her sixteenth birthday but that date Woahhhh I`m Fully Dosed With Jam Packed Emotions That was Earth Shatteringly Mindbogglingly Another Master Blaster From Jasinda Wilder “I love you” he whispered “I love you so much” Reading Falling Into Us was an extra ordinary roller coaster emotional experience I`d Cried Cursed Smile OGLE DROOLED and God's know what because it is indeed a Heart wrecking story that dragged me back to FIY I was kinda surprised to find Jason Becca as powerful and life altering characters as Nell Kyle Colt were in Falling Into You and how completely different is Jason and Becca's life's were that it's hard to imagine all the things happening at the same time My Jason He's every girl's Living Breathing Dream every guy's Look Upto Idol just like his best buddy Kyle Smart Funny Sexy Remarkable an A student and wide receiver in the state A picture perfect material of Charming Successful Youth but what lays under all these perfect layers is hidden from the entire world except from Kyle Jason's dad is loser abusive cop who drunk himself down until he beat the snot out of him Jason can't report on his father because he's an authority His father was pro back back in college until the career stopping injury took place in his life Jason tries so hard to prove his father that he can be the pro in football field he pushes himself to the heights of perfection that`d made him an amazing player but Jason knew that it'll never be enough to satisfy his father My Becca She's Beautiful Sweet Shy Likes to keep herself closed and far away from the peering world She to smart for her own good and she's been playing Piano since she was four and she's like to write poetry though no one knows about her poetic abilities as she kept it a secret she likes to express her feelings through the poetry whenever she gets upset nervous or just want to get away from the life she's forced to be livedBecca is that kind of girl who'll end in puddles if a guy just even looks her way She can't get angry can't hurt anyone It' like a NO GO AREA for her I can’t even shout my anger Can’t even scream my frustration Can’t even curse It would only come out a jumble “Fu— fu fu fuck you” Fu fu fu fu Bu bu bu bu Duh duh duh Childish stumbling words Tripping syllables and slippery syntactic screw ups That’s me The silent girl The stutterer The prisoner The smart girl The valedictorian scribbling maledictions to no one The only best friend she has is Nell because she has no social life outside her 247 study routine her parents are one of those who pushes schoolwork at their kids like there's no life outside the books and if you don't show up with straight A's in your grades you'll be in deep ShitJason Becca's story started back in Falling Into You when Jason's friends dared him to ask Nell out on a date because back than he had a thing for her Anyway the date never stood a chance to take place as we all know that Kyle Nell ended up together in So when Kyle poured his heart out in Nell's hand while Jason was waiting for her at her door she called him and told him to ask Becca out instead and she kind of set`em both up by tipping him with a slip about Becca having a long time crush on him That was enough to trigger the chemistry between Jason and BeccaWe get to see what was happening in Nell and Colt lives from their perspectives How Becca trying to reach Nell when that horrible incident happened and they lost Kyle Nell made her promised to never tell anyone about her cutting and the things happening between her and Colt but Most Amazing part was Nell Colt getting married OKAY Time for Group Swooning Sueeing I think I can share a little Spoiler here ;view spoiler Colton flipped up the lid of the ring box with his thumb holding it uptoward Nell Light caught the facets of a diamond glinting bright in the dim bar Nell slid off the stooland knelt with Colt“You’re supposed to stay up there until I say the words babe” Colt said laughing hide spoiler