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PDF ´ BOOK Real By Katy Evans FREE ê MONEYEXPRESSCARD Õ A fallen boxerA woman with a broken dreamA competitionHe even makes me forget my name One night was all it took and I forgot everything and anything except the sexy fighter in the ring who sets my mind ablaze and my body on fire with wantingRemington Tate is the A fallen boxerA woman with a broken dreamA competitionHe even makes me forget my name One night was all it took and I forgot everything and anything except the sexy fighter in the ring who sets my mind ablaze and my body on fire with wantingRemington Tate is the strongest most confusing man I'v Oh how I wish this book were an underground boxing match I've had so much fun thinking up names and special fighting techniues for Brooke and Remington Brooke The Washout Dumas Weighing in at an arguably lithe 120lbs Brooke's fighting style relies on flexibility and trickery than sheer brute force Having been denied her dream of Olympic gold thanks to an injury Brooke's had years to save up all her bitter rage and coil it into a tight ball of hate that she's stuffed in her core Now she's wound tight and ready for action Her hobbies are babbling incessantly about inane bullshit stretching and making stupid decisions Turn ons are tacky tattoos muscles sweat and mood swings Her special skills include an almost unrealistic ability to contort her body she can turn her head around and kiss a guy on the mouth while in the doggystyle position and an overabundance of vaginal fluid which she directs at unsuspecting opponents Seriously get that woman some Depends before she kills someoneRemington RageTurd Tate is just your typical musclebound gorilla Ragey's actual size is never stated but if my impressions are accurate he's roughly the size of a small barn Left to fend for himself in the loony bin at the tender age of 13 Ragey has learned how to fight fight fight his way to the top of the orgy pile His most valuable talent in the ring is his ability to throw out Super Pheromone which makes every straight female and gay male in a five mile radius stupid with lust Senses are dulled and inhibitions are destroyed His hobbies include fighting yelling raging table flipping lamp smashing marking his territory with his urine and sniffing every woman of mating age in his general vicinity His turn ons are pert butts honeyed whiskey eyes and women with vaginal fluid imbalances The book itself has its own killer instincts There are enough metaphors to sink a yacht and the staccato nearly reached Fifty Shades levels Between that and the term my sex I was suffering some serious bad erotica flashbacks Thankfully there was enough unintentional funny to keep me from completely losing the rest of my mind Some of it is funny because the bad grammar makes it weird Other parts are funny merely because someone not only thought them but thought they were good enough to put on paper For instance the first named opponent of Ragey is a guy by the name of Kirk Dirkwood Why that was so funny to me I couldn't tell ya but I did make a note in my Kindle Why didn't she just go with Clit DickwaterThe various story arcs are usually pretty ridiculous In one twist Brooke sees her younger sister Nora in the Underground This occurs during a match between Remington and his arch nemesis The Scorpion Last Brooke knew Nora was sending their parents postcards from Australia but alas there she is on The Scorpion's side of the ring looking strung out pale skinnyand with a scorpion tattoo on her faceYou know where that's going right Well Brooke has to rescue Nora from Snidely Whiplash and since Remington in a manic hissy fit bet all of his money that he'd beat Scorpion in the Underground Championshipwouldn't it just be so unbelievably sweet if he threw the match to ensure Nora's release from El Scorpio And now without further ado My legs wobble and I'm left with the distinct impression this man wants to pound me next With his cockHe's so close the scent of him tears through me like a shot of adrenalineI dip my head and murmur Thank you and uickly leave and I want to die because I swear to God he just ducked his head to smell meI'm still not recovered from seeing him up close and my blood stream already carries all kinds of strange bubbly hot little thingsThere is literally a ball of fire in my throatand I'm so crazy about this man I just want to eat him up with a spoonand an entire farm full of animals awaken in my stomach not just the butterfliesMy head is spinning inside my craniumI know For Sure One hundred percent to the tenth power At one point during their second sex scene Brooke reaches down and feels the slickness of his bloated crown There's a part where Brooke goes to see her sister and has to kiss Scorpion's tattoo to get permission to speak to her Well of course his goons take photos and of course those photos get sent to Remington while he's eating breakfast in a hotel restaurant My Favorite Scene in the Entire Book in 321 I can't read his profile but he has gone utterly still Then it all happens in a blink of an eye Yes He flipsa table And here's me after being introduced to a new euphemism for 'clitoris' and at the first scrape of my nubbin against the rock hard uad muscle of his thigh I'll be serious for a minute I don't understand how anyone can enjoy writing like this I struggled to get through The writing was simplistic repetitive and amateur the dialogue was silly and the corn and cheese uotient went well beyond what anyone would count as acceptable There were moments when Ms Evans just abandoned any pretense at actual storytelling There are at least four instances where the story almost completely self destructs and the book left me with uestions than it answered1 Did Brooke tear her ACL twice or break her ankle 2 Is Pete's name Pete or Pedro 3 Was the tension between Melanie and Riley because they hadn't slept together yet or because they had 4 Did Melanie go home without us being told One minute she's there the next she's not 5 Why did Remington after an entire books' worth of silence about his feelings go off for five fucking pages at the end about how much he lurves Brooke 6 If a scorpion is an insect why does Brooke refer to The Scorpion as the reptile man 7 What the hell happened with Remington's parents They showed up to see him but he refused and we never revisited that messy topic 8 How did Nora manage to get rid of her tattoo and beat a cocaine addiction in a mere four weeks 9 How is it possible for one man to spend a few million dollars a year What is he spending all that money on 10 He told Brooke he wants to be her REAL Her real what Real vagey boyfriend If so mission accomplished11 Why was there so much poetic waxing about how utterly perfect and god like and sexy and male and sweet and vulnerable and damaged and FUCK WHY uestions uestions uestions The most burning uestion however is how in the name of Blackbeard's glory hole has this gotten so many high ratingsWordPhrase Count My sex 35Sex 35Sexy 60Wet 37Hot 80Eyes 384Scent 18Lust 26Gaze 50Heart 103Love 177Hair 90Beautiful 47My core 11Erection 20Fuck 36Fucks 6Fucking 75Delicious 13Mouth 144Clench 28Clenches 33Clenching 8Naked 26Liuid 16Heat 21Between my legs 16Hard 95Tight 25Sweat 13Male 25Inside me 58Muscle 21Muscles 52Nipples 21NUBBIN 2

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E ever met in my lifeHe’s the star of the dangerous underground fighting circuit and I’m drawn to him as I've never been drawn to anything in my life I forget who I am what I want with just one look from him When he’s near I need to remind myself that I am strong but he is stronger And no Please don't lynch meI'm a little scared to say this given all the passionate fans of this book but if I'm going to be honest I just wasn't feeling it I mean I get it I totally get why so many readers loved it It had a hot Alpha somewhat damaged hero boat loads of steam and all plus he was a fighter gotta love the bad boys right but I just honestly barely felt anything while reading I also had several issues with some of the content and then found the ending absolutely predictable Nothing ever surprised me or make my heart race so I just don't think this story was for meI know a LOT of readers loved it though it's been getting so many 5 star ratings so I know that in many people's eyes it's got something special and I fully respect that I guess I just personally couldn't connect to itREAL follows the story of Brooke and Remy Remy was the champion boxer who every woman just lost their heads over He was hot dangerous and unbeatable in the ring When Brooke's friend drags her to one of his fights they have a chance encounter and from that moment on are hooked on each otherBut when she was called to his hotel room after the fight the last thing she expected was to be offered a job to tour with them Brooke specialized in athlete rehab therapy and Remy wanted her there to help him with his training and after his fights Or so he says What he was really looking for is something real A real connection Not to Remington Riptide Tate but to him Remy She agreed and their story beganI had several issues with the story but I'm just going to just list a few of the main ones then leave it at that so that you can get a feel for what bothered meMy first issue was their connection or lack of For me it was too much too soon The entire story was told from Brooke's perspective and I just felt there was SO much focus right from like page 2 on how hot she was for him every time she even saw him that I felt there was no time spent on actually building a real connection between themMy second issues was the repetitiveness of both the scenes and certain words There was a lot of clenching muscle bulging drenching etc I'm not usually one to nit pick but the word 'clench' was used over 70 times in the book That's a lot of clenching And it began on page 3 Another term that I began to tire of was 'speedy' Now the hero was bi polar And I'll address my issues regarding that next but whenever he had an episode they called it him going 'speedy' and I just got tired of the word And just in general a lot of the wording really made me mentally 'trip' while reading Here's an example of the kind of thing that just didn't work for me Tonight we’re both naked and deliciously entangled and my sexy blue eyed lion now seems content to have petted me for a long while until I feel groomed down to my bones Ok next about him being bi polar I won't give the details because I don't want to spoil them but basically everything regarding the way his medical condition was a bit of a stretch to the point that it wasn't even remotely believable I felt that if the author was going to use that plot element she should have use it accurately I normally try to look past this sort of thing but it really bothered me here because it was referenced several time and there was just no way it was remotely plausible His condition was described as some sort of gene switch that flicked back and forth and could also be determined by looking at his eyes which switched from blue to black if he had an 'episode' His eye color chance was also linked to this gene switch In a paranormal story sure I'd buy it In a real life story no wayAnd finally I predicted the ending from about a half way into the story To a tee So there was no adrenaline rush or anything because I just knew exactly what was going to happenI thought this book had great potential I liked Remy a lot as a character and I even think that in a different book I could have maybe fully fallen in love with him His back story made my heart ache and it set him up wonderfully as a damagedtortured hero and I totally understood where he was coming from in terms of wanting to find something 'real' in a relationship “Why’d you want to have sex with me To have a fucking adventure What was I supposed to be Your one night fucking stand I’m every woman’s adventure damn you and I don’t want to be yours I want to be your fucking REAL You get that“I want this Very badly” He nuzzles my nose with his “I’m trying not to fuck it up all right” See Now that stuff is swoony And the way I look at it is this I liked Remy I really did What I didn't like was everything surrounding him including the heroine which sucked because the story was told from her perspective But the result was that it made it harder for me to connect to the book as a whole including RemyI mean there were a few awwww moments a few really gorgeous lines and a few moments where I felt the hint of a 'spark' in their connection but those moments were brief and didn't last long enough to sway me into fully liking the bookI fully respect that many people loved this book it just really wasn't for me 35 4 stars for Remy's character 2 stars for the rest of the book

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Real By Katy EvaW it’s my job to keep his body working like a perfect machine his taut muscles primed and ready to break the bones of his next opponentsBut the one he’s most threatening to now is meI want him I want him without fear Without reservationsIf only I knew for sure what it is that he wants from WARNING THIS IS A SWOONTASTIC RAVING FANATICAL REVIEW READ AT YOUR OWN RISK5 STARS NO WAY THIS BOOK IS A MILLION STAR BOOK FAN FREAKING TASTC When I take you you'll be mine he says a soft promise in my ear He slides his thumb along my jaw then gently kisses my earlobe You need to be certain His eyes are so hot that I'm on fire with the lust in them and the word mine makes the empty place between my legs swell with longing I want you to know me first and then I want you to let me know if you still want me to take you Remy AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH REMYREMYREMYREMY be still my beating heartHOLY SHIT This book has me feeling consumed from the inside out Remy and Brooke have taken over every part of my heart I can’t even begin to explain the emotional amazingness that it is How do I describe a book that's indescribable How do I put into words just what this book has created stirred and induced within me It’s without a doubt THE BEST book I have read this year It’s made me want to go back and re rate all the other books that I’ve read because next to the feelings that this has produced they can’t even compare If you’re thinking about reading this book DO IT NOW I know you have an epic TBR and I know the choice of books out there is HUGE but THIS BOOK THIS MASTERPIECE that’s packed with sexual tension palpable emotion sweat inducing sizzle and a love story that will stick with you will become your new favorite book without a doubtWhen I fall in love with a book everything in me wants to scream it from the mountain top Everything in me wants to share the way it made me feel I want to share this feeling with YOU because it’s euphoric The high it’s created in me is immense and intense You know that feeling of being on cloud nine That feeling of not being able to think about anything else That feeling of being IN the book When you experience something SO SO SO special That’s the way this book will make you feelI’m COMPLETELY obsessed with these characters What the books about Here’s the blurb A fallen boxerA woman with a broken dreamA competitionHe even makes me forget my name One night was all it took and I forgot everything and anything except the sexy fighter in the ring who sets my mind ablaze and my body on fire with wantingRemington Tate is the strongest most confusing man I’ve ever met in my lifeHe’s the star of the dangerous underground fighting circuit and I’m drawn to him as I’ve never been drawn to anything in my life I forget who I am what I want with just one look from him When he’s near I need to remind myself that I am strong–but he is stronger And now it’s my job to keep his body working like a perfect machine his taut muscles primed and ready to break the bones of his next opponents But the one he’s most threatening to now is meI want him I want him without fear Without reservationsIf only I knew for sure what it is that he wants from me Remy is F#NG hot I swear his name alone cause panties to combust dampen and melt He’s hotladies HOT HOT HOT HOT I can’t even rate the hotness Think Travis Maddox times 1 million Yeah yeah I know that’s a huge comparison but Remy is all MAN He’s alpha primal sex on a stick intense sweet possessive He’s EVERYTHING EVERYTHING you could ever want But you wanna know the best part about him His tender heart He has a heart of gold OHMYGODI can't even tell you He's so freaking incredible with Brooke The love he has for that woman is UNIMAGINABLE It's the BEST thing ever Ughhere I go swooning again I can't stop myself I LOVE HIM I LOVELOVELOVELOVEHIM He smells my neck and then buzzes the back of my ear and whispers into me You're my mate and I've claimed you Remy Brooke see's Remy and it’s LUST and something even deeper at first sight I swear the connection is INSTANT Now I know we aren't all a fan of insta love right Well this my fellow readers is a case of insta love done right It's PERFECT Brooke see's Remy the spark is there and then she's offered a job with him takes it and the sexy steamy anticipation of them connecting and falling in love has you sitting on the edge of your seat It's so freaking good My heart pounds when I reach out my hand uaking as a touch the top of his head Have you ever been anyone's I ask a feathery whisper in the bedroom He lists his head to mine and I want him so bad I feel consumed inside like he's already possessed my soul and now my soul aches for him to possess my body Brooke Brooke is one of the best chicks in a book I've read EVERYTHING she thought felt or saw I experienced I loved her never got annoyed with her and completely ADORED every moment of reading about her Her feelings for Remy where the same feelings that I felt I fell in love with him in the exact same way she did She's the girl that we want to be Independent but real How many times do we read books and HATE or get annoyed at the female lead Too many but Brooke is a girl in her own league You will LOVE her Together Remy and Brooke DEFINE sexual anticipation God they are a walking talking ball of hotness They are so fantastic together Think Kellan and Kiera Abbi and Travis Ana and Christian amazing They’re just brilliant as a couple They complement each other were made for each otherswoon swoon swoon The relationship is so sexual BUT it’s than that They don’t just want each other they NEED LIVE and BREATHeach other It’s the love we dream about AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHIt’s what every girl wants I want it Damnwhat a book Seriously WHATANAMAZINGBOOK It’s so flipping good It's a love story on crack It's going to be addictive the moment you pick it up TRUST ME this book is going to be all you'll think about It's all consuming So what are you waiting forGO GO GO BUY THE BOOK I'll even put the links at the end of this review It's going to ROCK YOUR WORLD