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The Killing Kind Book ☆ 436 pages Download Ò Moneyexpresscard Ì When the discovery of a mass grave in northern Maine reveals the grim truth behind the disappearance of a religious community private detective Charlie Parker is drawn into a violent conflict with a group of zealots intent on tracking down a rRlie Parker is drawn into a violent conflict with a group of zealots intent on tracking down a relic that could link them to the slaughter Haunted The best of the series so farHoly smokes there's all kinds of evil in this one I feel like I need to go to church after reading this one Ha John Connolly you amaze me with your characters your writing and how you write real evil in books I always think I can handle just about anything with my love of horror and thrillers Connolly's writing and characters have given me nightmares then anyoneUh bravo sirThe Killing Kind from start to finish is all sorts of fucked up Evil characters objects that gave me the shivers and bugs that caused me to itch and suirmFrom religious cults to an VERY evil man named Mr Pudd to what happens to a religious community from the 1960sIt's all brilliant in this plot along with twists turns and an intense ending that just had me flipping the pagesI love Charlie Parker Louis Angel and Rachel I love the dialogue they all have with each other The sarcasm the honesty and the love that this group feels for each other makes the book so much better and heartfeltI’ve never been happier to start this series because it’s becoming one of my all time favorite series EVEROh yeah if you have a fear of spidersUhYeahabout thatGood luck

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When the discovery of a mass grave in northern Maine reveals the grim truth behind the disappearance of a religious community private detective Cha Once you decide to layer supernatural elements into your hardboiled detective novels there comes a point where there’s no going back When we first met Charlie Parker in 1999’s Every Dead Thing a hardcore introduction seemed impossible Drinking himself blind in a bar after the latest argument with his wife he stumbles home to find her and their young daughter brutally tortured and murdered Due to the resulting grief guilt and frustration he was a NYPD detective and there’s absolutely no progress in the investigation he uits his job alienates his friends and settles into a tormented existence There was nothing remotely supernatural about it It was only after tracking the killer to the swamps of Louisiana that Charlie gains his “power” It is presented in a “you can believe it if you so choose” manner This applies to characters and readers alike The dying woman who transferred her abilities to Charlie obviously believed in such things Charlie maintains that his mind was susceptible to suggestion; his life has been nothing but anguish since the day he lost his family and nightmares were nothing new to him As for the reader there is nothing otherworldly in how the case is solved and the book is concluded You can believe either interpretation and the novel still worksWhen we come across Charlie Parker again a year later in Dark Hollow John Connolly still has him seeing dead people The difference now is that Charlie is starting to believe The reader is not uite there with him yet a tricky balancing act for the author as these stories are told in the first person Because Charlie didn’t escape the first book without further damage it is possible that he is reacting to the hallucinations of a fractured mind a position supported in part by these “ghosts” not telling him anything of use And again the book is concluded with a real world solution and confrontation The Killing Kind immediately eliminates any ambiguity The novel opens with a pinch of geology and a dab of biology bathed in a dark philosophy with perhaps a touch of Something Else This mixture which reads like the perfect opening to a horror novel is immediately applied to an earlier murder that sets up the story This part of the structure is not completely new Connolly’s prologues to date have chronicled events preceding Charlie’s involvement although Connolly has done this for clarity than in an effort to maintain a consistent of point of view Connolly has been playing with POV all along primarily by slipping into the third person perspective when needed He makes use of the conceit that Charlie is telling the story from some point in the future Connolly will describe features or attributes of a character that Charlie could not possibly know at that particular time but later Charlie will stand face to face with that person Or he will relay unattended events but each will invariably have witnesses or written accounts to which Charlie presumably gained access later At least until now With The Killing Kind Charlie sees “ghosts” of people he never knew existedCharlie enters the case in the traditional hardboiled manner As a working PI in the state of Maine a rich client asked him to look into the death of his ex partner’s daughter Where Jack Mercier’s fortune has multiplied Curtis Peltier’s has dwindled He can no long afford the engaging of a private detective Mercier easily can and neither man believes Grace Pelter to

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The Killing KindBy the ghost of a small boy and tormented by the demonic killer known as Mr Pudd Parker is forced to fight for his lover his friendsand his very so A good beginning wasted on a story that could have been much better This story runs out of steam 2 of 10 stars