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CHARACTERS º Unsounded Volume 1 The Zombie The Brat Ô Daughter of the Lord of Thieves Sette Frummagem is on a mission and she'll lie cheat and steal to make sure it's a success she'll lie cheat and steal anyway Condemned to aid her in her rotten endeavours is a rotten corpse who seems oddly talented with the supernatural and oddlEal anyway Condemned to aid her in her rotten endeavours is a rotten corpse who seems oddly talented with the supernatural and oddly not laying mo. Although I'm not a total comic geek I occasionally venture into the world of graphic novels and often stay there longer than I intended to I was highly entertained by the Amulet series despite my countless issues with it and I admit that the Winx Club WITCH series practically took over my life at some point no regrets hahWhile I enjoyed being obsessed over both series Unsounded is a whole new level of amazing Ladies and gentlemen say hello to my favourite graphic novel ever yes I say that with 100% confidence Ashley Cope takes everything you ever love about a comic and skillfully merges them into one brilliant story Honestly I don't know how to review this book without sounding like a sales pitch so bear with me hereWHAT MAKES UNSOUNDED SO AWESOMENOT WRITTEN BY ASHLEY COPE• Unsounded boasts a world as expansive and well thought out as George RR Martin's Westeros in The Song of Ice and Fire Complete with its own set of deities races and histories that actually make sense• That being said the artwork of Unsounded is just beautiful Don't let its mundane cover fool you because it is far vibrant and detailed on the inside Bonus eye candies if you read the webcomic version as some of the pages are animated• It also makes you root for characters who aren't even supposed to be likable not by the laws of physics Take our main character for instance Sette Frummagem is a loud obnoxious know it all who does nothing but make life miserable for her companion in the first few chapters pages But you know what I'm still on her side because Ashley Cope is a master of creating characters who are beyond their assumed identities even though that's the one side they always show Almost all the characters are worth rooting for even the hateful antagonists I enjoy hating on• It promises witty and funny dialogue all the way Thanks to Unsounded I now know how to insult all kinds of people elouently• Unsounded does this thing where it makes you smile like a foolish person and feel all fuzzy on the inside Then it just kind of just rips out your heart and stomp on it And after that well rinse and repeat While Unsounded is funny for the most part it explores darker and twisted themes at the same time like ethics and politics To the people who read the webcomic I say view spoilerDuane Adelier Chapter seven Enough said hide spoiler


Tionless in the dirtThe road is long and no one is what they seem Never trust a thief and never trust anyone who won't let you look into their eye. What an amazingly good webcomic I started reading this years ago when I was in Cegep then lost all my bookmarks when my laptop crashed and for some reason didn't return to it until earlier this year when the memory of amazing artwork and delightful characters prompted me to google vague search terms in hope of finding this again Unsounded is the story of Sette a lion tailed thief girl reminescent of both Lyra Belaua His Dark Material and Storine Storine who is on a uest with her bodyguard Duane a gentleman zombie spellcaster But danger lurks On their way they encounter slavers soldiers scoundrels and all manner of strange and unusual wonders The world building in this webcomic is ah meh zing I was a bit sad not to have a map until I discovered the wiki and besides the sprawling world reveals itself to us piece by piece just enough to keep you hooked and never enough to overwhelm I bought the first book and then couldn't wait and read all the rest online I was pleasantly surprised because I had forgotten how Fun the website's layout was with some pages of the comic seamfully integrated with the background with characters and events sometimes spilling out of the pages This website makes reading unsounded even of a delight Seriously if you've only read it paper its worth checking out the digiral version Also did I mention that the art is glorious

CHARACTERS Unsounded Volume 1 The Zombie The Brat

Unsounded Volume 1 The Zombie The BratDaughter of the Lord of Thieves Sette Frummagem is on a mission and she'll lie cheat and steal to make sure it's a success she'll lie cheat and st. I really cannot recommend Unsounded enough It's all free and legal to read over at wwwunsoundedcomiccomThe art is amazing the characters are diverse and well thought out and the world is fascinating The plot starts off simple but uickly develops into a complex senario The basic premise is that Sette Frummagem has been sent by her father the thief lord of Sharteshane to find out why her cousin Stockyard has not paid his debt Accompanying her is the reluctant wright Duane Adelier who also happens to be dead Various problems complicate their journey and they find themselves caught in a tangle between the Peaceguard and the notorious Red Berry Boys The story mixes light and humours elements with dark and serious matters something I can't help but loveThis book contains the first three chapters of the story in print along with a bonus written story with illustrations and earlier concept art for some of the characters To my knowledge there are still a few books available on the website so if you enjoy Unsounded I fully recommend you buy uicklyIt was worth every penny I spent and I absolutely intend to buy the next volume ifwhen it is put into print