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Ancillary Justice Read & download µ 102 · On a remote icy planet the soldier known as Bre is drawing closer to completing her uestOnce she was the Justice of Toren a colossal starship with an artificial intelligence linking thousands of soldiers in the service of the Radch the empire that conuered the galaxyNow an act of treachery has rippedOn a remote icy planet the soldier known as Bre is drawing closer to completing her uestOnce she was the Justice of Toren a colossal sta. Most of my friends are married now and have 1 or 2 kids I like kids but once in a while you meet one of those kids that everyone adores and that is very clever and friendly but for some reason I simply don't get along with that particular kid Unfortunately for me Ancillary Justice is that kidIn Ancillary Justice we're following 2 plot lines for most of the novel In the present storyline we follow Bre the last physical manifestation of the ship Justice of Toren's complex AI In the Radch empire ships are sentient and control a multitude of physical bodies called ancillaries After the destruction of her ship Bre is on a uest to get justice for said destructionThis storyline alternates with a second narrative set 19 years in the past and explains what led to the destruction of the shipWhat makes the novel uniue and is in my opinion the main reason for its huge success among critics are 3 stylistic elementsThe one most talked about is an element of the language of the Radch cause their language only knows one grammatical gender The Radch and therefore Bre refer to everyone as she So one of the main novelties of the book is that for some characters you'll have to figure out and decide on your own if a character is male or femaleThe second uniue element is the ship's ability to communicate with multiple persons in various places at the same time due to her omnipresence onboard and use of an army of ancillaries on the groundSo there are some discussions where the ship speaks with multiple persons at the same time and the conversations overlap But this is done without being too messy mostly only two conversations happen at the same time and the effect is not overusedThe third uniue element is of course Bre herself cause she is not human To emphasize this effect the prose feels very cold and distancedFrom my point of view the success of the novel for each reader depends on how much you are personally fascinated by the uniueness of those elements cause frankly the novel doesn't offer much beyond these elementsDue to the cold and distanced prose I was never really engaged in the novel It's like having someone show you an abstract painting of 5 triangles and explaining that those triangles represent something really clever My head may appreciate the explanation but all I really see are 5 rather boring triangles As you might see I'm not a very artsy personAnd as a former philosophy student who did a few courses of philosophy of language the idea of the singular grammatical gender was one I could wrap my head around pretty uickly cause we did some very similar experiments with language and so the effect on me was not as fascinating as I hoped it would beSo to bring a little Freud into the discussion my Super Ego was able to appreciate Anne Leckie's efforts in creating a uniue experience but my Id was frankly bored to death by the novelIt's major weakness in my opinion is the lack of an engaging plot The main narrative stands still for most of the novel and has to wait until the past storyline catches upThere are multiple chapters in an abandoned hut where the characters do a lot of sitting eating and sleeping and the narrative only painfully crawls forward The second storyline in the past is far interesting in my opinion and especially the last chapters set onboard the Justice of Toren were my personal highlightUnfortunately the last third of the novel then just stays with the first narrative and comes to a conclusion I wasn't interested in and felt highly constructedThe second thing that didn't work for me at all were the characters Beside maybe from Lt Awn in the second storyline I wasn't able to connect with a single character least of all with the main character Bre and her constant inconsistencies in character In one chapter she's very cold and distanced in the next she shows a lot of human emotion that seemed uncalled for I don't know if Leckie wanted to achieve the feeling of a character torn between humanity and rationality but this conflict is a rather over used trope of SF and many other authors did it better in my opinionAnother character that drove me mad is Seivarden a Radch Bre takes care of in the main plotline His integration is a borderline offence to my intelligence as a readerHe is a mere plot device for Bre to achive something at the end of the book and it feels that this is his only purpose To make him not that obvious a deus ex machina element Leckie just lets Bre literally stumble over him in the first chapter Then of course he has no use for 250 pages so the author decides to let him sleep for most of the time or be unconscious To create the illusion of depth she attaches a random drug issue for him of all the boring standard flaws the most unimaginative of them all that is never really addressed or taken seriously cause we all know that he's a plot device so why botherA thing I liked better was the world building The whole culture of the aggressive Radch with their devotion to religion and formality is really fascinating and some of the alien elements peaked my interestI personally would have enjoyed a bit in depth information because when Leckie does world building it was very interesting but most of the time we just get the information that we absolutely need to understand what's going onSo to make an already long review not even longer I'm not blind to the intellectual merits of the novel and can understand why people praise the book for itBut for me personally the basics of the book especially plot and character didn't work out so unfortunately I can only say that this book was okay for me but nothing I really enjoyed

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Rship with an artificial intelligence linking thousands of soldiers in the service of the Radch the empire that conuered the galaxyNow a. Unexpected When I started this book I thought I was looking at a 3 to 4 star book Even by halfway I was still thinking 4 stars at the most But really it was always going to be a five star book and it took me to the 80% mark to grudgingly acknowledge this deserves a five star I say grudgingly because this book is not my usual cup of tea Call me shallow and infantile but generally speaking I like my space operas to have lots of space battles lots of fightingbattle scenes with a plethora of pew pew and viscera with smoldering slag in the aftermath I like my protagonists to have a sense of self assured cool about them Instead of cool I got ethereal and still a bit of cool – Instead of the hero that shoots from the hip while watching a multitude of alien heads go pop pop pop – this protagonist sings WHA How does singing dancing Broadway wannabe beat scary but cool tough guy with big gun that makes pew pew noises Well for a start there’s no dancing – but importantly our protagonist is a spaceship AI Further not only does our protagonist inhabit a warship but it also inhabits thousands of “corpse soldiers” or “ancillaries” –human bodies that are reanimated and incorporated into the single consciousness of the ship THATS FREAKING INSANE And when this machine intelligence thousands of years old sings through her multiple human voices everybody listens That’s the ethereal part – and it’s pretty cool as well That’s not to say there is no violence – but Leckie uses it sparingly – and though it may not be as gratuitous and visceral as I generally like it really didn’t need to be When Ann Leckie does violence she times it for maximum punch and impactLeckie also does a good job of communicating what a multi bodied intelligence would feel like from a first person perspective The story is told from the POV of the ship “Justice of Toren” mostly from the perspective of her human bodies So you have a first person POV that is not limited to a single perspective and often does the job of an omniscient perspective and in a single coherent passage we can get multiple conversations and activity through bodies that are separated by distance – all alongside the perspective of an intelligent warship operating and monitoring from orbit We also get those instances where one body will be doing something from the first person POV while a separate body is watching from a distance also still within the same first person POVThe other mind bending concept in this book is that the Radchaai the culture our ship AI belongs to don’t emphasize gender and they use gender neutral pronouns Leckie opted to use “She” as the English proxy for the Radchaai gender neutral pronoun so as a conseuence the protagonist’s narrative voice always uses “she” regardless of whether referring to male or female Also the ship AI has trouble identifying gender and is constantly misgendering characters who are non Radchaai and often uses the wrong pronoun still usually “she” until corrected This left me with a few Oh moments when discovering characters I thought were female were actually male There are still some characters in the book that I’m not sure about – not that it matters But I found that fun rather than confusing I also like how Leckie gradually opens up what turns out to be a complex universe with complex cultures and concepts without info dump or spoon feeding This means there is a little disorientation at the beginning but the process of discovery as the book progresses makes it all worthwhile and very cool Plenty of “Aha” momentsMind spinning concepts aside this is very much a space opera set in a universe which features galaxy spanning Empires in a Universe where Earth is long lost to memory The story was interesting the pacing perfect and the concepts were well executed with plenty of meat for contemplating the nature of consciousness freewill and what it means to be humanThis is the first book in what is to be a series It can be read standalone but it has definitely wet my appetite for the next installment All of my various segments with one mind and voice rate this5 stars

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Ancillary JusticeN act of treachery has ripped it all away leaving her with one fragile human body unanswered uestions and a burning desire for vengeance. “If you’re going to make a desperate hopeless act of defiance you should make it a good one” Lots of fun Before reading Ancillary Sword the 2nd book in the Imperial Radch Series I decided to re read Ancillary Justice a thoroughly compelling space opera and debut novel from Ann Leckie I enjoyed Leckie’s depiction of One Esk whose story is told over three different time periods spanning a thousand years There are also different versions of One Esk who is both the consciousnesssentience of the Radchaai spaceship Justice of Toren and ancillary versions of this ‘self’ These points of view take some getting used to but there’s a big payoff as the intersecting stories unfold Parts of the book seem like a detective story What motivates One Esk Is there a single event in the intersecting stories which reveals One Esk’s new purpose or is it complicated than that Ancillary Justice is an exploration of identity and cultural imperialism depicted during Radchaai annexations of planets Ancillary Justice than held up to a re read Changing my rating from 4 to 45 and rounding up