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Sumer Lovin Review ´ 2 õ Divorced middle aged Rachel Brinkerhoff a Jewish matchmaker from New York who hopes to remarry moved to Toronto for a fresh new start with her business and her love life But no one told her that female aversive Toronto was BYOB Bring Your Own Boy She partners with an Indian and a Muslim lady who want to help Canadians arrange marriagAns arrange marriages for their often recalcitrant children and who secretly wonder over the beautiful matchmaker's datelessness But then an earthuake shakes up Toronto in ways than one and the next thing you know a public fountain turns into the Fountain of Youth an army of misfits turn up to stake the world's wei. Twists and turns in a rollicking taleI can’t remember the last time I had so much fun reading fiction Sumer Lovin’ is a play on words and like the title the book titillates and amuses in eual measure And it’s set in Toronto Canada where I now liveToronto is the city everyone loves to hate except if you’re living here of course but familiar landmarks will ground readers to the story What happens however is unimaginable for the conservative “center of the universe” Ms Chardenet a former American probably knows Canadian trivia better than most people living in Canada She certainly knows her Yiddish terms and has fully immersed herself in the cultures of multi cultural Toronto No one escapes her acid tongue—Jews Chinese Muslims virgins and of course those of her former homeland—the Americans all get a fair amount of ribbing The narrative is fast paced and intelligent because you can only mess around with history if you KNOW your history and Ms Chardenet takes some interesting liberties in a tale that is a fantasy She touches on race relations the treatment of the First Nations Jews vs Palestinians and even Adam from the Bible Gd forbid Sumer Lovin’ is a whirling dervish of crazy characters and you won’t soon forget any of them Strap on your seat belt before you go on this crazy ride It’s fun than a day at the EX

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Divorced middle aged Rachel Brinkerhoff a Jewish matchmaker from New York who hopes to remarry moved to Toronto for a fresh new start with her business and her love life But no one told her that female aversive Toronto was BYOB Bring Your Own Boy She partners with an Indian and a Muslim lady who want to help Canadi. 35 stars actually but since I like to round things up rather than down hence 4 stars In a nutshell I liked the story It revolves around this girl Rachel a divorced Jewish 40 something who moves from New York to Toronto to escape her crazy militant husband She forms a partnership with the two ladies from “Love comes after” an arranged marriage agency as their matchmaker But the truth is she couldn't land a man herself and finds Toronto guys to be computer geeks and not really interested in women OK I'll give her that much to find an eligible bachelor in Toronto a girl must dig and deep And lower her expectations like really low What worked for me was the fact that Toronto males are depicted I’d say pretty accurately They are either afraid to approach women or they are just ignorant to women Many moons ago I too was on a dating scene and thought it must be just me now I see I was right And the scary part in all these years nothing has changed Many still live with their parents or they move back with their parents after their relationships turn sour And parents are desperate to dump their middle aged sons on women out there who'd take them off their hands It's like that joke goes marriage is adopting an overgrown male whose parents are no longer willing to put up with They are liabilities really So when a gorgeous goddess appears through the crack in the fountain caused by an earthuake and is prowling the streets of Toronto barely dressed always on a lookout for male virgins guys are ready to flee the city rather than fall her pray The fact that she’s killing them in a gruesome way has a bit to do with it Her appearance causes the waters in the fountain to make people and animals young again So the whole world rushes to bathe in the fountain But as we learn the effects are only temporary And yes seems many IT guys are named Dave I can vouch for that There are a few things that bothered me in this book First one and the biggest is the constant head hopping and going into every characters POV even into spider’s This needs to be addressed and since the POV changes in this book like Toronto’s weather in a few occasion in the middle of the paragraph it would reuire a major revision if not a rewrite This was very distracting and I found myself having to go back to find out where and when did we switch to this character’s POV In any case there should be no than two POVs per book That of a protagonist and antagonist unless writing romance then you’re allowed to show heroheroine and occasionally the villain’s POV You can’t go into every character’s head no matter how briefly they appear in the book Their emotions should be shown through actionreaction tags Especially those of the throw away characters they should not even be named let alone shown their POV This also leads to long paragraphs of telling and info dumping It's the author's need to break the flow of the story to fill us in on the bits of info and details instead let this come naturally in action or dialogue This may sound as unattainable and yes it is challenging but today’s publishing industry demands it Every submission page lists in their submission guidelines to clean out POV before submitting There are numerous web pages blogs and books on self editing I missed the connection between all the Daves that are appearing in the book One of them I think it was the Beowulf guy didn't seem to have any connection to the Dave the Virgin guy though he had a brief working connection to the Dave the tarantula guy In a few instances there are multiple punctuation which screams a novice and if this book was submitted to an editor this alone would earn an immediate rejection Also in many instances the dialogue is in ALL CAPS indicating that the character is yelling or is speaking in an overpowering voice It is author’s job to show us this not to pu

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Sumer LovinRdest Native land claim and worst of all a beautiful sensuous woman is stalking Toronto's virgin males and seducing them with horrifying conseuences Can a drop dead gorgeous highly neurotic American and her friends save Toronto from certain destruction or will they have to call in a cure that's worse than the curse. Totally inappropriate Nah just a littleIf you have a problem with satire that pokes fun at society religion sexuality and men this might not be the book for you Over the line Some might think so but it's also laugh out loud funny in places Yeah the author takes some pretty good jabs at the United States but she doesn't cut Toronto much slack either Canadians might get of the insider jokes but even as an outsider I appreciated the absurdity of this clever and sometimes frantic story Was I offended A couple times to tell the truth but not enough to make me put the book down This author knows a LOT of words for a certain male appendageThis is a wild zany tale with imagination out the wazoo You know how a good bowler has the skill to end his delivery with his toe right up to the edge of the foul line without going over That's what this writer does And she knocks down enough societal pins to make it than interesting And what a cool title