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Forgiving Lies kindle Ö Kindle Edition read ã A matter of secretsUndercover cop Logan Kash Ryan can't afford a distraction like his new neighbor Rachel Masters even if she's the most beautiful woman he's ever seen To catch a serial killer he needs to stay focused yet all he can think about is the feisty long legged coed whose guarded nA matter of secretsUndercover cop Logan Kash Ryan can't afford a distraction like his new neighbor Rachel Masters even if she's the most beautiful woman he's ever seen To catch a serial killer he needs to stay focused yet all he can think about is the feisty long legged coed whose guarded nature intrigue This is so different from Molly's previous books and in my opinion the BEST so far Forgiving Lies is a sexy hold onto the edge of your seat thriller and hot romance Now I have a thing for guys with lip rings KASH

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Her own A matter of loveAs much as they try to keep it platonic the friction between them sparks an irresistible heat that soon consumes them Can Kash keep Rachel's heart and her life safe even as he risks his own? Will she be able to forgive his lies or will she run when she discovers the dangerous trut PJV uickie I’ve read and enjoyed other books by Molly McAdams and I really wanted to like Forgiving Lies Unfortunately I found the story to be formulaic and the characters unlikable At about the halfway point I started getting into the story but then the epilogue ruined it for me againReview Rachel Masters is finishing up her third year of college Rachel’s parents died at the beginning of her senior year of high school and her BFF Candice’s family took her in for her senior year Rachel followed Candice from their home in California to the University of Texas in Austin Candice’s cousin Blake whom Rachel had a crush on as a child has also started working at UT as a personal trainer in the athletics department Candice has been incessantly bugging Rachel to go out with Blake and when Rachel finally agrees to get Candice to stop whining about it the date goes okay but after they go out twice Blake gets weird and Rachel doesn’t want to see him any which is difficult because he’s Candice’s cousin and works in the department Rachel’s studies are inLogan “Kash” Ryan is an undercover cop in Tampa Bay Florida and after a violent gang puts out a hit on Kash and his partner Mason they are sent undercover to find a serial killer in Austin They move in to the apartment across the walkway from Rachel and Candice and a friendship develops Kash knows Rachel is hiding secrets but he can’t tell Rachel he’s got secrets of his own When things get serious will Rachel be able to forgive Kash his ‘necessary lies’ or will he lose the best thing that’s ever happened to him?Warning – this book has a detailed rape scene in it which can be an issue for some readersAs I said in my PJV uickie I wanted to like Forgiving Lies I’ve read and enjoyed other books by this author and the blurb looked good That being said I had so many eyerolls reading Forgiving Lies that I may need to go see an optometrist It’s like she took a checklist of things needed in a NA and ticked them off to be sure everything was includedrape;dead parents;self centered bff;tattooed hero piercing optional;hero also rides a motorcycle andor plays guitar in this case both;hero feels the need to keep the heroine “safe”;cliffhanger endingI think by this point it’s obvious I had issues with Forgiving Lies At first the writing read as awkward but I just put it off to getting used to the tone of a new book Then in the first few chapters Blake is acting weird and Rachel is all “oh maybe I forgot my car died after I was already at the coffee shop and I also forgot I called my BFF and told her to send Blake to come get me” Blake comes off as a mustache twirling villian and the whole setup in the first few chapters felt forced and obviousKash came off as a pretty good hero even with the swoon overkill tattooed pierced motorcycle riding undercover cop who also plays guitar and sings and I genuinely liked his character He had a few issues of his own and without getting into spoilers I can’t go into specifics but sufficeth to say the whole book I kept thinking “He does remember that in real life he lives in Tampa Bay yes?”Now on to Rachel’s BFF Candice Seriously one of the worst BFFs everShe ignores Rachel’s repeated “no” and bullies her into accepting a date with Blake;She continuously locks Rachel out of the apartment without warning when she’s having sex instead of say locking her own bedroom door so Rachel can use the rest of the apartment; andShe doesn’t believe Rachel when she tells her she’s been raped and gets annoyed when Rachel wants to avoid her rapistAll in all I felt like for much of the story the characters were written to fit the plot many of Rachel’s reactions to Kash didn’t ring true in light of the events at the beginning of the book and I felt like the story still would have worked and would have been believable if said events hadn’t happenedNow the epilogue Even though I got off to a rocky start Kash kind of carried the story for me and I was enjoying it to the endit was a good ending and this particular reader was satisfied Then the author pulls an out of the blue cliffhanger out of her pocket that I guess is supposed to grab readers and leave them wanting the next book but for me it just read like a blatant “buy my next book” ploy Instead of being left satisfied I was left annoyed by the whole thingRecommendationsBased on goodreads reviews I think am in the minority in not liking Forgiving Lies so I think it will appeal to readers who like New Adult Fans of tattooed cop heroes and angsty heroines will devour Forgiving Lies

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Forgiving LiesS him A matter of liesDeceived and hurt before Rachel would rather be a single crazy cat lady than trust another guy especially a gorgeous tattooed bad boy with a Harley like Kash But when his liuid steel eyes meet hers it takes all of Rachel's will power to stop herself from exploring his hot body with Forgiving Lies was such a wonderful sensual surprise I was very nervous about picking it up because previous Molly McAdams’ books were in my opinion a complete disaster Her love for love triangles and drama than necessary was a little bit over the edge for me but the incredibly good synopis of her new novel piued my interest and I just needed to get my hands on Forgiving Lies I was sold the moment I read the words ‘undercover cop’ tattoos lip ring’ Can you blame me? Sexy cop is like a dream come true But sexy cop with tattoos and a piercing? It’s like the world’s sexiest fantasy that rolls in my sheets Swoon So when I found out there is no love triangle in this book I jumped and sueed as a crazy woman on a mission only could and started to read And I completely utterly fell in love with this edition of Molly McAdams She’s done a nice U Turn with Forgiving Lies and gave me exactly what I needed I was almost sure I would give Rachel and Kash’s story a golden and glittery five stars till I reached the last few pages view spoilerI really hoped it’s standalone and Rachel and Kash will get their HEA right this moment but the cliffhanger just popped from nothing I wasn’t expecting that hide spoiler