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Book ´ Buried Castles Broken Fairytales #2 ↠ 317 pages Download × Monica alexander Ï Emily Cole thought she was going to have the best summer of her life when she met Zack Easton the dark mysterious gorgeous guitar playing guy who captured her heart at first glance He encouHad to let her go His life was too complicated for a relationship he needed to focus on his mom and he knew he couldn’t give Emily what she wanted in the long run He just wasn’t the right guy for her But than that he hadn’t been honest with her and he knew if she ever found out that he’d kept something so big from her she’d never forgive him It was better to just cut ties and move forward But Zack soon realizes that it’s hard to move forward when your heart is stuck in the past with someone else I am writing a review of this book but I think this review could really apply to all the books Monica Alexander has released so far I kind of went on a Monica Alexander reading binge the past few days There isn't a single book of hers that I didn't enjoy I do wish that I would have read them all in publication order I love that she intertwines characters from her other books into each other My only problem was that a few times the endings got spoiled for me bc I read about it in another book However I am realistic in that I know how these books usually end anyways Her characters are always engaging and interesting There is also a ton of story in each book They seem longer than most indie published books which I love However they aren't long in the sense that they drag on I highly recommend this book and all other books she has published PS It would be great to see a guide of all the characters that exist in the Monica Alexander universe and what books they appear in

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G in her life feels right Without Zack everything just feels empty but Zack left and now she has no choice but to pick up the pieces of her broken heart and move forward But what she doesn’t realize is that when she met Zack her life changed forever and without him her heart might not go back together as easily as she hopesZack Easton’s life is falling apart His mother is dying of cancer he’s in a dead end job and he let go of the first girl to make him happy in years But he didn’t have a choice He I finished this book this morning and honestly I took my time reading it because I just didn't want it to end This was a great follow up in which lots of time was devoted to the main chaeracters coping with their issues from the previous book I do wish that we could have gotten some Zack and Emily together time However I know that as characters they had some unresolved issues that they had to resolve Again Monica Alexander's characters are completely believable and will easily have you engrossed just like the last book It kind of seems like there might be a third book fingers crossed? Alexander is an amazing author if you have not read her other books don't worry they are as good as this one Thanks Monica

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Buried Castles Broken Fairytales #2Emily Cole thought she was going to have the best summer of her life when she met Zack Easton the dark mysterious gorgeous guitar playing guy who captured her heart at first glance He encouraged her to take risks and act without thinking but than that he taught her what it was like to fall head over heels in love with someone Then right when she thought he was falling for her too Zack broke her heart and walked away without an explanation Now Emily is back at school for her senior year of college and nothin In Buried Castles we get to continue our journey with Emily and Zack The summer has come to a close and Emily and Zack must deal with the fallout of everything that happened at the conclusion of Broken FairytalesThat had been an all consuming love that had swept me up in a torrent of emotion that had been unimaginable until I'd experienced itLuckily in this one we get to see Zack's perspective Through Zack's eyes we learn so many secrets that led to many of his decisions With this came uite a bit of emotions that left my stomach sinking Further we experience the devastation that Zack feels as he loses his mother to cancer All of this came together to make Buried Castles a bit emotionally charged With everything going on his life Zack never meant fall for someone and he is so conflicted about how to have everything that he wantsShe was supposed to be a fun distraction like all the other nameless and faceless girls I'd hooked up with over the yearsI literally couldn't put this one down Broken Fairytale's ending had me so hooked and Monica Alexander did not let up as Buried Castles began I felt a variety of emotions when it came to Emily and Zack pity anger excitement love etc Besides reality is so much better than any fairytaleI would absolutely recommend Buried Castles It was a perfect seuel to Broken Fairytales The obstacles that Emily and Zack's love faced only multiplied making the ending that much sweeter I really did love this series and would have to give Buried Castles 45 stars