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epub ✓ Heart Song ¶ Biker Rockstar ✓ moneyexpresscard ☆ Alternate cover Edition asinB00B6RC270Two years have passed since the pain and heart ache Violet felt when her loved ones betrayed her since she ran Now she is heading back home Travis has been on her mind for two years and she wants to put hTaken over and without them he doesn’t know how to cope He lost the love of his life and his ex won’t let him see his daughter How will he deal with everything happening at once?This is Erotica it contains sexual content It is about bikers rockstars and everything in between It is drama filled heart wrenching and beautiful If this isn't your thing please don't purchase it I was lucky enough honored to be chosen by Bec to read Heart Song before it's released give her my honest opinion so here it isI loved it I like how this Author is not all about hearts flowersI like to see couples have to work for a HEA don't mind seeing things get a little bit gritty ; I believe Travis Vi fans will enjoy this roller coaster ride cheer right along for this Rockstar couple

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Away Then there is the crazy stalker that is less than impressed with her return and the biker who is still after her Did she make a mistake coming home?Travis lied; he knows he made a mistake He wanted to make it better but she just upped and left Mischief was his life line and now she is back and testing everything he ever felt for her but his life is darker now Drugs have I was lucky enough to get picked by the author to read it before it came out and I freaking loved it I was dying to read it as book one left you with such a cliffhanger but lucky I didn't take long for book two to come out I read it in one sitting I could not put it down no matter how much my kids were yelling I was in a Heart Song Coma lol Bec has become one of my favorite authors I know I will love anything she writes Cus I loved loved this book Travis and Mischiefs violet relationship was such a roller coaster ride of emotions together they have been to hell and back I loved that we got to hear Travis POV it was hot I also loved how Mandy and chief story came to play I can't wait to read their story This book had passion heat romance bikers drugs violence stalkers it had everything but mostly it had a bond between two people that was so hot and intense that I got very hot and bothered lol can't wait to see what Bec writes next especially can't wait to read Mandy and Chiefs story I recommended this book to everyone but you have to read Phoenix Rockstar I suggest you do because you will love it ;

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Heart Song Biker Rockstar #2 Alternate cover Edition asinB00B6RC270Two years have passed since the pain and heart ache Violet felt when her loved ones betrayed her since she ran Now she is heading back home Travis has been on her mind for two years and she wants to put her past to bed but what happens when she comes back only to find he has changed? He is dangerous for her now yet she can’t seem to stay What a long way to go to get a HEA for Violet and Travis Attention readers We need an editor here STAT Violet has returned from 2 years in hell caring for a dying grandmother a recovering rape victim mom and healing her own personal tragedy filled with overwhelming grief Violet is a mess and here is a sample of what she is dealing with1 Horrific nightmares caused by witnessing the suicidegunshot to the head after shooting her first in the shoulder of the unstable twin brother of her dead best frienddecapitated by lightning while Violet bullied her into swimming during a storm 2 Jealousy anger and frustration related to her father having an illegitimate daughter raised by the gangster that has been trying to kill her This secret daughter is also the reason her parents broke up years before3 Heartbreak when Travis her soul mate and one true love has a secret daughter and ex girlfriend he left Violet for 6 years ago Apparently he was so in love with Violet he had a drunken one night stand with his high school girl knocked her up and took her with him to NYC so he wouldn't hurt Violet? So not 10 minutes before Violet is shot she finds this secret out when they show up at his front door trying to figure out why Travis left them months ago in NYCThis hot mess does not prevent Violet from returning home to start over and heal She is so gifted at the power of healing she cures Travis' 2 year drug addiction to meth and pills in 10 days I know right?I would have upped this to 3 stars and overlooked the crazy plot twists bad decisions and emotional immaturity of these characters for a sexy rockstar wedding The wedding we got was sweet but not what I needed Following those crazy plot twists including a baby Travis was not that psyched about I felt I had earned a pledge your love moment beyond a proposal Nothing says I've loved you all my life despite the crap I have put you through and thanks for getting me off the drugs better than a spectacular over the top rockstar wedding Am I right? UGH Here is a sample of the crazy I mentioned Travis leaves Violet in the hospital alone following another attempt on her life to care for a lunatic ex lover He threatened to kill a guy for having coffee with Violet however it is OK for Travis to help out a former lover that has begged him back for the last two years? When Violet finally gets her big girl pants on and asks him NOT to do this he says he's not up for her jealous act? WTF? I wasn't invested enough in the outcome here to be anything than confused at this point in the book I read to the end mostly to see what else this author throws at these poor people How about a kidnapping and stabbing to go with that 'I told you so?'