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REVIEW º A Brand New Ending Ñ Phoenix Harper never imagined her life would come to this A life not worth living anyAfter a failed suicide attempt Phoenix is sent to be observed at a local psychiatric hospital There she meets Braeden Harris a hospital aide with his own haunting pastNot long after their first encounter they feel an unexplainable pull towaE observed at a local psychiatric hospital There she meets Braeden Harris a hospital aide with his own haunting pastNot long after their. I absolutely LOVED this book I finished this in about a day with about 10 pages left to read the day after This was so enjoyable to read The characters were so well written and the plot almost made me cry but I have the incapability to crysadly I wanted to hug Phoenix so badly for all that she had been through Nobody should have to face what she went through yet she and so many other people do in this world The only difference was that Phoenix is a fictional character but made people go through all this same stuff in their lives This really did bring tears to my eyesBraedenI wanted to give a hug for two reasons One because he went through so much for Phoenix It is so nice to see read about boys who are willing to go through anything to help the woman that they love I absolutely loved Braeden for that of course he could be a bit pig headed at times at which I wanted to hit him upside the head but all guys are idiots at some point The second reason that I wanted to hug him wasHE IS GORGEOUS Man I want a Braeden for myself He is so caring kind and HOT Yes who doesn't want a hot guy to themselves I found this plot to be so heart warming and at the same time extremely sad Both these characters have to go through so much pain sorrow and grief just to be with each other It really does bring tears to my eyes If two people love each other they shouldn't have to go through so much pain but as they say true love never comes easy or without pain Guys I highly recommend this book so everyone Just warning you now this is a New Adult Romance so yeah it is a bit mature for some audiences but if you don't mind that then go read thisNOW


Phoenix Harper never imagined her life would come to this A life not worth living anyAfter a failed suicide attempt Phoenix is sent to b. 35 STARS A Brand New Ending is very angsty story which I enjoyed reading however I did not love it But the ending was shocking unexpected and very originalMy Phoenix and Braeden19 years old Phoenix feels like there is nothing beside the pain for her in this world and since no one would really miss her she decides to commit suicide However her attempt to kill herself failed she finds herself in psychiatric hospital But for Phoenix everything is better than being home Life is a notion that now sickens me If I had wings I would fly free But since I don't I guess I will choose to jump instead of float Braeden works as an aide in psychiatric hospital During one of his night shifts they receive a new patient a suicidal Phoenix He is immediatelly drawn to her as she is to him Their attraction and connection seems to be like out of this world intense unbreakable and inexplicable I admired Braeden His work his effort to help others his determination to protect Phoenix and bring her some hapiness warmed my heart He was trying to save her from her despair and depression but does she want to be savedTalking about suicide and experience the feelings of suicidal person or looking at it through the eyes of those who are close to suicidal person is very difficult This book deals exactly with those kind of things My heart broke for Phoenix But while I liked the story I had some issues with style of writing It didn't flow easily and I couldn't believe the connection between Phoenix and Breaden I just didn't feel itOverall I liked this story I was curious to find out what would happend next and I read it in one sitting A Brand New Ending is worth of reading just be prepared for a lot of depressive feelings and plenty of angst Copy provided by author as an exchange for honest reviewMORE REVIEWS ON MY BLOG Reading Is My Breathing

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A Brand New EndingFirst encounter they feel an unexplainable pull towards one another Will fate bring them together or will outside forces tear them apar. A Brand New Ending was a masterpiece in the making SA Rolls has spun an incredible novel filled with suspense intrigue ambiguity and so much This novel is about Phoenix Harper and Braeden Harris Phoenix's father died when she was young and she is sent to live with her mother and step father Her mother gave her up many years before From the time she is living with her mother Elaina and her step father Carl she is beaten and abused and her mother turns a blind eye The book opens with the hopelessness of Phoenix as she stands on the Golden Gate Bridge ready to jump to her death All she can think about is all the cars passing and no one caring to stop or help her Life goes on She wakes up to realize that she is unfortunately still alive and in horrible pain not only the pain from her fall but also the excruciating pain and blinding fear she lives with everyday of her life Phoenix is a tortured soul and her body looks like a war zone from all of the beatings she has absorbed over the years She is moved to a Psych Hospital and there her parents come to see her On first glance Dr Harris and his son Braeden he's a hospital aide notice the rigid stance that Phoenix takes and the frozen fear in her eyes They tell Carl he will not be allowed to see her and he goes into a completely blind rage Carl gives Phoenix a look that holds a warning if she opens her mouth Braeden has carried the weight of the world on his shoulders since he was a young child when he walked into the shed and found his beloved mother hanging from the ceiling She committed suicide and when he meets Phoenix he feels an immediate connection with her The two of them start getting closer as time goes on but Braeden is very careful and slow with his attempts to bring her out of herself Eventually they begin a romance that comes with a lot of ups and downs twists and turns and sadness beyond comprehension There are many coincidences in this story that I found intriguing Everything that happens has a purposeThis book has so many life lessons and so many scary themes; child abuse victimization battery alcoholism compassion love loyalty and friendship The secondary characters in this book were great Phoenix has a roommate named Rain who is a lost soul just like herself Rain comes to her rescue several times in this book Donovan the roommate of Braeden who also works as an aide at the psych hospital befriends Phoenix Then there's Chelsea the nurse who is very smitten with Dr Harris and helps Phoenix when she needs it most and Bret another hospital aide and roommate of Braeden who is known as the Devil on the wardThis novel was done in dual narration The characters were well rounded and hauntingly real As the novel develops so do the characters and the occurrences that help each scene relate to the next one This book took my breath away The sadness and emptiness that can envelope a human being to the point of wanting to end their life and throw it all away is so devastating Especially for the family members and friends left behind This novel was relatable on so many levels that it broke my heart Phoenix becomes a full character from the broken human being she once was and relates herself to a character in a book Scarlet from Gone with the WindThroughout this novel Braeden tries to make Phoenix realize that she deserves to live and that she deserves to have happiness Every time something goes wrong Phoenix tries to hurt herself because the pain makes her feel good Until she realizes that she loves Braeden then she desperately fights to live after making a terrible decision Phoenix says I feel free for the first time in so long I feel like no one can touch me here Pg40 Her friend Rain tries to shed some light on all the pain that Phoenix has incurred and tries to make her see what life is all about Rain tells her Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass Phoenixit's about learning to dance in the rain I thought Rain's words were so poetic and at the same time Rain is lost in her own world of pain and loneliness Rain and Phoenix become each others family because neither have had one for a very long time What people need to remember is that once they make the decision to take their own life there may be no turning back It may be final I start to cry furiously begging God for one second chance The darkness and silence I longed for just moments ago is far from what I desire now I want to travel the world; I want to feel the sun beat on my face as I lay in the grass on a warm summer day I want to feel someone's love I want to love someone Pg315A Brand New Ending is a book of substance The life lessons of compassion forgiveness being able to walk away and begin anew learning to love again and learning to trust again are all lessons the world can learn from This book gets 5 dynamically fascinating full circle tough life lessons with love filled stars Please read this book that is so full of surprises and has something in it for everyone to learn from I'm definitely looking forward to reading books by this talented author SA Rolls