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FREE EPUB Ê MOBI Torn By K.A. Robinson ☆ Û K.A. ROBINSON ï Chloe hasn't had the best life With a mother who is gone often than not she has had to raise herself After graduating high school she leaves to start a new life away at West Virginia University with her best friends Amber and Logan determineChloe hasn't had the best life With a mother who is gone often than not she has had to raise herself After graduating high school she leaves to start a new life away at West Virginia University with her best friends Amber and Logan determined to leave her demons in the past On her first day she meets a stranger who takes her At one point Chloe is having a conversation with Drake about her mum and says under the influence she would kill me as soon as she'd look at me While reading it I was thinking oh please please do it End my miseryI didn't even need the Mr Maddox reference to know the author had read Beautiful disaster I could imagine her re reading it while writing this book and trying to recreate that magic but she failed miserably The book is written from Chloe's POV She and her 2 friends Logan and Amber are first year students in the university and have been friends forever First day first class and she meets Drake by chance when she sits in class next to him bad boy pierced tattooed yes I Knowfamiliar isn't it? She falls in love with Drake but being a bad boy she is scared and he doesn't seem to want to change so she decides to give a chance to her obviously whipped best friend The problem is that to make this kind of story work you have to have interesting likable characters with plenty of chemistry and then be able to manage between dramatic and sweet moments The characters in this book where so annoying that I went from wanting to kill them to not giving a sh# about themChloe is boring immature and the kind of person you wouldn't want as a friend or partner She doesn't know what she wants she is an awful girlfriend and friend cheating lying being a b# and she spends most of her time crying for the awful things she does instead of trying to make amendsDrake is described as a bad boy but besides his looks and being a man w## there is nothing about him that makes him a bad boy or even interesting Didn't fall in love with him not even missed him when he was ignored The thing is that I didn't even root for him when it came to who Chloe was ending with although maybe is not his fault as I believe she should have ended alone playing the i love him or maybe him or maybe on her ownThis is a trilogy count me out for the second book

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Has never cared about anyone else but himself and his band But when Chloe takes the empty seat next to him in class things start to change Instantly drawn to her he begins to wonder if one girl can take a cold hearted womanizer and change every part of him?Long hidden feelings are revealed and friendships tested to the brin Such a shame I had way too much hope for this book I loved the Drake and hated ChloeDrake a hot pierced and tattooed guy in rock band what could go wrong? Nothing he was perfect Expect he is kinda damaged and is the worst kind of man whore I have seen Seriously who keeps left over knickers and bra in his closet still even for a man whore? Drake is so sex on legs You know baby if you wanted to get on top of me all you had to do was askStick that tongue out at me again and see what happens Chloe was a sweet heroine the beginning and kinda got me towards the middle The plot took a turn and gave me headache And there's Logan her best friend whom she decided to give him a chance as boyfriend He was nothing sweet and darling But she couldn't have string him along I felt it was better for her just to stay single Ain't like she was desperate to have boyfriend either? Will I Recommend? NOPED xoxo

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Torn By K.A. RobinsBreath away at first sight Until she met Drake no one had ever sparked her interest Now this tattooed and pierced bad boy is all she can think about no matter how hard she fights itFalling for Drake was never part of her plans but when it happens things seem to do anything but fall into placeDealing with a tragic past Drake If you thought you'd pick up this book because it sounded as good as Abbi Glines's books or Beautiful Disaster by Jamie Maguire or perhaps Rule by Jay Crownover well let me say this DON'T You'd be left disappointedThe book lacks any sort of plot Like completely Besides the girl Chloe falling instantly for a boyDrake who she just saw and then going back and forth from sleeping with him to sleeping with her best friendLogan there's absolutely nothing I thought there would at least be something going on with the abusive mother But nothing She didn't even come in the picture until the very last page I completely wasted my time with this one and I just regret it The 300 pages were wasted on flat characters who left no impression other that they had no idea who they were and what they wantedI'm absolutely tired of reading about characters who fall for each other because they're beautiful I mean is that all there is to falling in love? The person being beautiful? Then heck I must fall in love every five seconds And what's with the same exact after sex comment? Why does the guy whoever he may be always tell her Chloe you're so amazing And that's it Not that she even did anything anyway Ugh so disgustingThe lines in the dialogues were total cliches and I constantly rolled my eyes I can't believe how unrealistic everyone sounded It was like they were just pasted on there for a lack of better thing to sayI can't think of another book that sounded so stupid although a certain Fade comes to mindI love a good new adult book but this one just sucked Sorry dearest author but you need to do better