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Free Battlescars Battlescars #1 kindle ´ eBook ✓ Sophie Monroe » Aubrey Thompson is a twenty three year old flight attendant for her dad’s small commercial fleet She’s a sarcastic smartass that has no problem telling you where to go She also despises rock starsbut that’s all part of the story HePany afloat they will have to learn to play nice When Jake first meets Aubrey she refuses to even acknowledge his existence He sees her as refreshing and a challenge Both of them have some pretty heavy scars from their pasts holding them back Can Jake get Aubrey to let him in Or will she shoot him down based on his outlandish reputation Will her fear of getting hurt again keep him out for good Are the two of them a match in heaven or hel Boring I tried I really did The characters were flat and not believable The book felt rushed and told instead of showed I only read up to 37% and had to put it down I couldn't stand the main chick She had her claws out when she first met him didn't retract those talons until almost 30% And of course a bad boy rocker even though he really wasn't a bad boy rocker fell in love with her instantly After day 2 Say what SPOILER ALERTAt 24% I was bored Main character was winy and not all witty like the synopsis said or like the book tried to make her out to be I thought she was just winy She wore a tutu which I've only seen little emo 14 year old girls wear ballerinas Not full grown women While she's wearing a tutu both the Hh ignore each other at a club for no reason he kisses another chick tutu gets mad and runs down the sidewalk plants her ass down on it folds her legs like a pouting toddler Why Dunno I didn't understand their major attraction After day two they're totally head over heels He buys her a 50K ring WTF She FLYS home to get a break from him After one day she gets back on her daddy's plane Ummm Do you know how much money it costs in jet fuel to fly back forth Tons Plus her dads business wasn't doing that well so how can she fly around for free on a whim At 37% I couldn't take the insanity any I tried I love musician stories I've mostly dated musicians Have lived with one for 9 years now so I totally dig the rocker bad boy shit but this book didn't deliver for me

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Wall” in everything that he does Two days after returning home from a month long tour across Europe he gets a visit from Bruce an executive from the record label He informs Jake that Battlescars is going back on tour for three months What everyone doesn’t know is that Jake is worn down and sick of the same old shit His record label hires Aubrey’s dads company to fly him around for the last minute tour In order to keep her dad's com 25 stars Wow what can I say I'm a sucker for a rock star book and I swear one day I'm going to learn There were some really cutefunny lines in the book which for me saved it from being a complete skim fest I just found myself rolling my eyes or thinking you've got to be kidding me for most if the book It's one of the worse cases if insta love ever I liked Jake but honestly I just couldn't see him as this rock star hottie He acted like a silly middle schooler most if the time And if something could happen it did and it happened in a OTT way view spoiler love in the first hour buying fiffy thousand dollar rings to ask her to be his girlfriend medically induced comas engaged within a month get pregnant with twins kidnaped by crazy stalker ex boyfriendand on and on and on hide spoiler

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Battlescars Battlescars #1Aubrey Thompson is a twenty three year old flight attendant for her dad’s small commercial fleet She’s a sarcastic smartass that has no problem telling you where to go She also despises rock starsbut that’s all part of the story Her Granny Jean is spy and will have you laughing out loud In comes Jake Parker the twenty five year old lead singer of Battlescars His reputation is the untamable bad boy He’s completely “balls to the 4 stars ”The key to finding lasting love is to find someone who loves you battlescars and all” If you’re not a fan of love at first sight or you find yourself rolling your eyes at how fast two people fall in love than this may not be the book for you BUT if you could look past that and accept it as it is then you will find yourself getting lost in Aubrey and Jake’s story However fast it may have been there was a lot that happened in that short period that it seemed much longer ”It really was some sort of kismet that brought us together We were like two lost souls wandering the world and then bam” Aubrey Thomas hid behind a mask using her smart ass mouth her ink and piercings to keep everyone away She works as a stewardess for her Dad’s small private air charter service and she finds herself unable to say no when her dad assigns her on another job; so for the next three months or so she has to try and restrain herself from trying to kill the bad boy rocker Jake Parker She doesn’t do rockstars or anyone for that matter but her body betrays her making herself feel things that she hasn’t felt in a long timeJake knew what he wanted from the very first time he saw her Jake is the complete opposite of what you think of a lead singer of a big rock band he isn’t the asshole man whore the tabloids made him out to be and he is determined to not stop until he proved it to her ”that I’m an asshole who doesn’t deserve you I figured that out the moment I laid eyes on you Doesn’t mean that I haven’t made it my life’s mission to prove you wrong” Aubrey is powerless against Jake everything he does he goes all out ”When I do things I do it right the first time Balls to the wall baby Balls to the motherfucking wall” Aubrey holds her own she doesn’t care about the fame she doesn’t care about the money all she cares about is the man who surprises her every step of the way She kept her smart ass mouth which I loved but loosened and finally let him in ”So you took something tragic and turned it into something beautiful With the tattoos I mean“I guess that’s how I see it I did it so that I could see beauty instead of the pain” Aubrey and Jake deal with issues of her past that causes harm to Aubrey and Jake is trying to be the man she needs him to be Jake knows things are moving too fast but why delay what’s meant to be and as they thought life couldn’t get any better they’re wrong everything falls into place ”I’m ready to fall if you’re the one I fall into” Some of my Fav uotes from the book Aubrey ”Where has this been all my life” She sueaked excitedly “Whoever thought of making bacon flavored lip gloss is my hero” She hugged it tightly” Granny ”you’re gonna pull your big boy pants up and act like a man My granddaughter needs a strapping boyfriend to be strong not act like a pussy” The banter between the rest of the band Blake Derek and Kevin ”My favorite position is called WOW It’s where I flip your mom over” The banter between Jake and Tim Aubrey’s dad ”Jake did you remember your skirt this morning My dad teased and rolled his eyes” “Shut up old man We all know that Aubrey wears the pants in his relationship” Jake grinned Battlescars was a cute love story that dealt with some struggle of a broken past It is different from the other rock star romance books I’ve read and when I stopped comparing it I really liked it Jake is on the sweeter side of the hero scale to what I’m used to and I did fall for him it just took me a bit longer Their story is told over a span of less than a year with the majority of it being in the first 4 months There were times I found it hard to pinpoint where we were at as the time span minutes days weeks sometimes jumps from paragraph to paragraphThis was another impulse buy and read for me I tried out the sample and immediately fell in love with Aubrey and her Granny I didn’t even finish the sample before I decided to buy the book Overall I enjoyed their story I wonder if we get like of Blake and