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Waiting for You doc à 292 pages × Bailey Gray is tired of her perfectly planned life Everything about her life has been organized and lived out to the expectations set of her parents She is the class valedictorian has perfect grades the perfect friends a perfect boyfriend basically perfect lifeor so everyone thought That's when she realizes the paThe path chosen On graduation day she makes a decision One that changes everything she thought she knew about her intended futureOn a whim she runs away with the town rebel Dylan Wade in search of the unknownDylan Wade isn't looking to run away from anythingHe knows what he wants as he's been waiting on it for yearsOn a journey to find t “I believe that people come into your life and then some goI also think there's a purpose as to why they were in your life at allEach one takes a piece of you when they goSome leave pieces of themselves with youSometimes its's wisdom or maybeit's a lesson” What would you do for a piece of forever What would you do to love feel and live What happens when you living your life but you don't feel alive A feeling of numbness takes over you tired of being mundane You will get to a point where you want to let it go To be YourselfAnd this is exactly what happened to BaileyFor her whole life Bailey did what her parents expected of her the perfect daughter the perfect innocent virgin with the perfect grades On the day of her graduation Bailey decides for once in her life she wants to be herself She tells everyone at her graduation about her Not So Perfect life When she walks out of her school with her father screaming at her and her boyfriend and friends running after her demanding to know what's wrong with her She sees him Her childhood friend Dylan arguing with his father whose about to hit him She screams for him not to and in that moment something happensInstead I saw us playing as kids I saw us making mud pies getting dirty swimming at Black Lake and my first kiss on the train tracks with him and the taste of his watermelon gum I saw us the way we should have been when nothing else mattered but a dirt road that led to nowhereIn that moment we were two kids looking for an escape Two kids wanting that unpredictable sunriseBailey and Dylan leave on a journey A journey to no whereA journey of lost friendship to loose themselves but find themselves at the same timeSomewhere along that journey They find their lost friendship They make memoriesMake memoriesexperience the best things in life“Be alive be wide awake be anything but boring” I loved the fact that Dylan didn't take advantage of Bailey He was so sweet in a bad boy kind of way He could have taken her innocence but he respected her too much I guess that happens when you love someone since you 7 years old He wants her to feel for him as he does for her before anything happensThey laugh they dance in the rain get drunk go clubbing watch the stars They experience true happiness Contentment Friendship turns into love and love which starts with friendship will last forever Simple glances and friendly gestures turn into innocent touches then some not so innocent touchesDylan makes Bailey feelDeep secrets come out“Tell me a secret Dylan something you've never told anyone else I said keeping my eyes on the starsHe don't say anything his breathing light body relaxedSighing his breath tickling my shin when he whispered in my earI love you” They fall madly in loveAs life has a way of crashing down the dream Bailey finds out something about Dylan Secrets which can destroy themShe has to let Dylan go and walk away I had a desire inside of me something dark and unpredictable The problem was that I forgot about me that summerThere was a reason why I got in the car that day And there was a reason why he asked me to comeBut there was a reason why I left tooWhen I looked back at him it was harder than I thought it would beDylan once asked me if I was the same person when others weren’t looking as I was when they were I didn

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He unknown they discover a friendship they once knew along the open highway and have not a care in the world Between the yellow and white lines of the heated summer asphalt a spark draws them together as Dylan's past and Bailey future try to rip them apartCould it be that Dylan and his GTO are exactly what her perfectly planned life need “It was a summer of tears laughter colors that bled lies and denied the truth It was the kind of love that knew no bounds tangled emotions that were strong”“Dylan wasn’t a rebound or distraction No He couldn’t be Not Dylan Like I said you don’t just fall for someone like Dylan Wade You bleed for someone like Dylan Wade”“You didn’t just randomly show up here It was fate You once asked me if I was in the right place at the right time what I would do This is me in the right place at the right time”“To me love was like the colors of the sun bleeding and spilling over to the best parts of you and him together and highlighting what needed to be Love doesn’t necessarily mean anything It’s a word a phrase given to someone that bleeds the same colors you bleed feels those same lines”“Some say a sunset can be too beautiful for words I’d agree with that There are a lot of things too beautiful for words for me To me it was the earth’s way of saving the best for last”“Sometimes I feel like we’re pulling a rope but neither one of us are pulling the rope at the same time Sometimes I think that loving someone is doing what’s right Loving like there’s nothing else Feeling and believing there’s nothing else” “Tell me a secret Dylan something you’ve never told anyone else” Sighing his breath tickled my skin when he whispered in my ear “I love you”“I’m just a guy Deep down I was still a boy A boy with a broken fucking heart who missed cold toes freckles and tangled ginger locks That’s my deal”Brown eyes Guitar Whiskey Flannels Ripped jean shorts“This was love Fucking blinding soul type shit” So I’ve been complaining a lot lately about the played out clichés and tropes in YANA novels You know those predictable stories where the bad boy jerk meets the virginal sweet and innocent heroine Then they make passionate love to each other and BAM It’s all consuming soul sucking gut wrenching I can’t breathe without you love Puh leaseNot to mention the guy probably looks like a CK model with tats and a “classic” car or motorcycle And sometimes those kinds of stories make me want to puke and roll my eyes up to heaven But other times you realize why that formula has become so cliché Because when done right your knees go weak you have trouble breathing and you just know – it’s gonna be good That basically sums up my experience with this story Basically Bailey is the miss goody two shoed Valedictorian Dylan is the rebel from the wrong side of the tracks They used to be childhood friends until his mom died when he was 10 Since then he started acting out and was labeled the “bad” boy Naturally Bailey Dylan went their separate ways Until graduation when Bailey basically runs away with her childhood buddy and first kiss Usually I would stray from this stereotypical construction of bad boy v virgin cliche but I REALLY REALLY REALLY LIKED Dylan And there were some extremely hot steamy scenesThat I Loved I highly recommend this for lovers of the NAroad trip genre; this book reminded me a TINY BIT of The Edge of Never45 STARS

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Waiting for YouBailey Gray is tired of her perfectly planned life Everything about her life has been organized and lived out to the expectations set of her parents She is the class valedictorian has perfect grades the perfect friends a perfect boyfriend basically perfect lifeor so everyone thought That's when she realizes the path planned isn't always This review was posted at Angie's Dreamy Reads 5 DANGEROUSLY INTENSE STARS AHHHHHHHHwhat a book Holy crap I literally just finished and I'm still gasping for air and trying to come up with words to tell you about it GRIPPINGINTENSEHEART STOPPINGSWEETTENDERMOVINGAre just a couple of the words that I would use to describe the book Dylan is over being home with his drunken father He’s tired of being beaten down and taking crap for a life he never chose and choices he’s not responsible for He’s sick of being alone and feeling abandonedBailey is sick of having her life planned out Of being told what to do or how to dress She wants freedom Freedom from her overwhelming seemingly perfect family her annoying boyfriend who brings nothing to her life and the meaningless friendships she has She wants to go out live her life be reckless and enjoy every moment I wanted to feel the freedom he felt unpredictable freedom I wanted to be out of control and I wanted to be a rebel I wanted a sunrise an opal sun dripping from the sky with a new day where anything was possible and the sunset was unknown Bailey It all comes to a head at Dylan and Bailey’s graduation where Bailey has a moment of SCREW THIS and throws caution to the wind letting the world know how she feels After Dylan has a confrontation with his father and Baileys pulls her little stunt they take off together Both ready to LIVE LOVE and FEEL; to let loose and enjoy the moment They hit the open road for a summer road trip that will make your heart stop and dance and your palms sweat It will give you tingles make you smile It will make you cry tear you apart and then put you back together It will take you on an amazing journey; a journey of young addictive love huge secrets and heartbreak One where you’ll see two people grow change learn and mature You don't just fall for someone like Dylan Wade You bleed for someone like Dylan Wade Bailey Love can be a dangerous thing An addicting thing and for Bailey and Dylan their love is not only dangerously toxic but undeniably real Their chemistry and need for each other is consuming BUT the past that Dylan holds and the secrets that unravel can destroy even the most intense and true of loves Don't have regrets or second thoughts Love love with all your heart every piece if it Love anything as much as you can Reading this you will fall head over heels in love with Dylan; the sweet soft and tender musician whose heart is also and angry mess of sadness and disappointment You'll fall in love with Bailey who's innocent fun sweet and craves freedom to live her life like any normal young girl does These characters will breathe life into you They'll become a part of your heart You will be enad and captivated by their spirits and intensity I think every good romance has to have a bit of angst and this one had A LOT It's not a smooth ride but it’s worth every agonizing moment Overall I'd say this was a brilliant story a sweet romance and an angsty affair I would MORE than recommend it It was absolutely fantastic I received this book from the author for an honest review